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The Future of Mobile - Presented at SMX Munich


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A look at many of the important aspects of the future of mobile, including: mobile vs. desktop usage, AMP, Page Speed, Google's Mobile First initiative, Progressive Web Apps, and the continuing rise of Voice

Published in: Marketing
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The Future of Mobile - Presented at SMX Munich

  2. 2. EXECUTIVE TEAM ERIC ENGE, CEO NOTABLE SPEAKER, BOOK AUTHOR & ENTREPRENEUR 2016 US Search Awards Search Personality of the Year 2016 Landy’s Search Marketer of the Year
  3. 3. STATE OF THE WEB Desktop Vs. Mobile Eric Enge @stonetemple
  4. 4. Desktop vs. Mobile Visits Eric Enge @stonetemple
  5. 5. Desktop vs. Mobile Page Views Per Visitor Eric Enge @stonetemple
  6. 6. Desktop vs. Mobile Bounce Rate Eric Enge @stonetemple
  7. 7. Desktop vs. Mobile Total Time Spent Eric Enge @stonetemple
  8. 8. Your Prospects Screen Looks a Bit Like This … Eric Enge @stonetemple
  9. 9. Your Normal Desktop Page Looks Like This, and… Eric Enge @stonetemple
  10. 10. Does it Make Sense to Shove 10 LBS of *** Into a 5 LB Bag? Eric Enge @stonetemple
  11. 11. Consider Deferred Conversions Eric Enge @stonetemple
  12. 12. Problems with the Mobile Web Proliferation of devices Crawl bloat Programming complexity Eric Enge @stonetemple
  13. 13. From Google’s Mobile First Announcement Eric Enge @stonetemple
  14. 14. Mobile Subdomain or Dynamic Serving Responsive Web Design Different HTML, Based On Device Same HTML to Each Device Eric Enge @stonetemple
  15. 15. Dynamic Serving – Responsive Design Comparison Eric Enge @stonetemple • Content Served on the Same URL as Desktop • Web Server Relies on User Agent Detection • Different Page Code Served to Each Device Type • Easy to Serve a Significantly Different Experience to Desktop and Smartphone Users • Content Served on the Same URL as Desktop • Same Page Code Served to Each Device Type • Up to the Device to Use Media Queries to Select the Right Style Sheet to Render Page • More Difficult to Serve a Significantly Different Experience to Desktop and Smartphone Users
  16. 16. Eric Enge @stonetemple Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
  17. 17. Eric Enge @stonetemple Why AMP? m
  18. 18. Eric Enge @stonetemple Why AMP – case study
  19. 19. Open System Participants Include: • Google • Twitter • Pinterest • Wordpress • The Guardian
  20. 20. Limited HTML/JS Elements Allowed Limited HTML Elements • Limited JavaScript • Can Only Use AMP Provided JS Library • All Content is Pre-rendered
  21. 21. Eric Enge @stonetemple AMP Image Tags
  22. 22. Eric Enge @stonetemple AMP Animated GIFs
  23. 23. Eric Enge @stonetemple AMP Video Tags
  24. 24. Eric Enge @stonetemple AMP Audio Tags
  25. 25. Eric Enge @stonetemple AMP Switchboard Tags
  26. 26. Eric Enge @stonetemple Normal Version of Page
  27. 27. Eric Enge @stonetemple Smartphon e Version (AMP) Tablet Version (AMP)
  28. 28. Eric Enge @stonetemple 71% Reduction in Page Size Source: AMP Impact on Page Size
  29. 29. Eric Enge @stonetemple This Will Speed Up the Page Even Further AMP Partners Can Cache the Page
  30. 30. Eric Enge @stonetemple How Caching Works
  31. 31. Eric Enge @stonetemple AMP Impact With Caching Included
  32. 32. Amp Plugins Eric Enge @stonetemple Wordpress • • Drupal •
  33. 33. Importance of Speed Eric Enge @stonetemple Faster Pages ARE a big deal Continuing Rise of Mobile Devices Only Drives More Demand Your Competitor Will Do it, Whether or Not You Do Can’t Ignore the Importance of Mobile Performance
  34. 34. Mobile First Indexing & Crawling Eric Enge @stonetemple
  35. 35. Short Summary of Mobile First Impact Your Crawl Path May Be Broken Key Content May Be Missing From Your Pages You Should Implement Structured Markup on Your Mobile Pages Shows which pages are getting the most emphasis in your link structure
  36. 36. Summary of a Crawl of a Travel Site Eric Enge @stonetemple
  37. 37. Length of Crawl Path on the Travel Site Eric Enge @stonetemple
  38. 38. Travel Site Crawl – Other Site Issues Eric Enge @stonetemple No category Navigation – this is why click depth is 217 clicks Most mobile pages have 2 canonicals Blog comments each have their own URLs No structured markup on the mobile pages
  39. 39. Transportation Site Crawl – Basic Data Eric Enge @stonetemple
  40. 40. Transportation Site Problems Mobile site is all forms No crawl path to critical content Info on pricing missing from mobile site Missing information includes all their services info!
  41. 41. Game Retail Site Crawl – Basic Data Eric Enge @stonetemple
  42. 42. Game Retail Site Crawl – Page Data Eric Enge @stonetemple
  43. 43. Small Retail Site Crawl – Critical Issues Eric Enge @stonetemple No Category Pages Lots of Thin Content Pages No Basic Navigation
  44. 44. Large Retail Site – Basic Data Eric Enge @stonetemple
  45. 45. Most Installed iPhone Apps in Germany (SimilarWe b) Eric Enge @stonetemple
  46. 46. Most Installed Android Apps in Germany (SimilarWe b) Eric Enge @stonetemple
  47. 47. 44% of ALL Digital Media Time (US Data) Eric Enge @stonetemple
  48. 48. Progressive Web Apps Enable Site Designers to Access Phone Hardware Eric Enge @stonetemple
  49. 49. Air Berlin Demonstrated PWA at Google I/O 2016 en/pwa Eric Enge @stonetemple
  50. 50. Eric Enge @stonetemple How Air Berlin Built Their PWA
  51. 51. Advantages of Progressive Web Apps Eric Enge @stonetemple • Access to entire web ecosystem • No need to maintain backwards compatibility • Easier to deploy and maintain • Discoverable in search engines
  52. 52. Progressive Web Apps Still Can’t … Eric Enge @stonetemple • Perform Inter-app communication • Trigger on user proximity • Access the address book • Access Bluetooth API • Detect network type / speed • Detect ambient light intensity
  53. 53. Gary Illyes - 2016 the number of mobile voice searches have more than doubled than the year before we get 30 times as many action queries by voice as by typing Eric Enge @stonetemple
  54. 54. 13% of People are Likely or Very Likely to Speak Commands to Their Phone in a Public Restroom Eric Enge @stonetemple
  55. 55. Men More Likely to Speak Commands 13% of Men are Likely or Very Likely to Speak Commands to Their Phone in a Theatre Eric Enge @stonetemple
  56. 56. 23% of People With 100K+ Income are Likely or Very Likely to Speak Commands to Their Phone in a Public Restroom Eric Enge @stonetemple
  57. 57. High income are more likely to get annoyed by other using voice commands (50.8% vs. 41.8% for all responses), Eric Enge @stonetemple
  58. 58. FUTURE’S COMING FAST Eric Enge @stonetemple
  59. 59. Eric Enge @stonetemple
  60. 60. 75% of the Devices Will be Something OTHER than a Smartphone, Tablet, or PC Eric Enge @stonetemple
  61. 61. Eric Enge @stonetemple
  62. 62. Death of the Search Box Eric Enge @stonetemple
  63. 63. Death of the Browser Too! Eric Enge @stonetemple
  64. 64. Google Assistant Answers the Most Questions Correctly Eric Enge @stonetemple
  65. 65. Cortana Pushing Featured Snippets Aggressively Eric Enge @stonetemple
  66. 66. Siri Strong on Direct Answers Eric Enge @stonetemple
  67. 67. Thank You! THANK YOU! Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge (508) 962-8474