SMX East 2012: Theater Penguin recovery 08-31-2012


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A review of what you need to do to recover from link penalties.

SMX East 2012: Theater Penguin recovery 08-31-2012

  1. Penguin Unnatural Links Recovery
  2. First Off... Who Am I? Co-author: The Art of SEO President: Stone Temple Consulting 25+ person SEO and PPC firm Trainer: Instant E-Training Founder: Web Site Publishing Companies Publish web sites, grow them, then sell them 2 significant exits so far Twitter: @stonetemple Google Plus: +Eric Enge @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  3. Penguin Drove Traffic Drops @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  4. @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  5. Unnatural Links Version 1 No immediate traffic drop Likely to result in a traffic drop if not addressed How quickly is NOT known My personal belief is that it is likely to be 30 days YOUR RESULTS MAY VARY @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  6. @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  7. Unnatural Links Version 2 No immediate traffic drop Some links were discounted by Google Further action not impending (according to Google) For most sites, no need to act panic May be a good time to consider some link cleanup as a precaution YOUR RESULTS MAY VARY @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  8. Panda/Penguin Algorithm Structure Questionable SEO / Link Building Tactic Ranking Identified Adjustment ScoreNo Can we Write an Penguin/Panda Algo to Algo Scheduler Flag it? Yes Master Create the Algo Google Run the Algo Index @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  9. Article Directories@stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  10. Directories, forum posts, bookmarks, … @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  11. Guest Post Spam@stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  12. Does Your Anchor Text Look Like This? 6% 12% 10% 11%11% 13% 23% 14% @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  13. Or, Like This?Domain Brand Name @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  14. Sample Link Profile Links: 1,273,452 Linking Domains: 11,897 How do I get started? @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  15. Start by Categorizing For example:  Blogs  Pages with multiple links  Sites with more than one linking page  Rich anchor text links  Links from comments  Links from the same “C” block  NoFollow’ed Links Speeds analysis and clean up  Example: 1M links vs. 10,000 linking domains @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  16. Open Site Bing Explorer WMT Analyze : Analysis TeamGoogle Can SpecializeWMT Identify Bad Build List Linking Pages By Link Type Of LinksMajesticSEO Get Contact Email, Phone Info Twitter, Snail Mail Categorize: •Blogs •Multi Link Pages •Rich Anchor Text •Comment Links Request •Multi Link Sites Removal Reconsideration (Multiple Request Times if Necessary) @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  17. Reconsideration Guidelines Be very thorough in your cleanup first!  Don’t waste their time Be respectful! Don’t whine or talk about what you lost Be short and to the point  Nature of problem (stats are good)  What you did to clean it up Clearly state that you intend to abide by Webmaster Guidelines going forward @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  18. Unnatural Links Messages (V1) Worth filing a request here too Same general guidelines If you can’t get totally cleaned up quickly:  Consider sending a reconsideration request in to buy time  Show significant progress  Show commitment to totally clean it up May give you more time before they act YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  19.  How STC Can Help SpamLink Detective automates categorization Experienced resources to lead the effort  We can do 100% of the work …  … or coordinate your internal resources Extensive link clean up experience  4 recent projects with sites with over 1M links  3 had actual penalties  1 had the unnatural links (V1) message  100% recovery success rate @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  20. Thank You!Eric Enge @stonetemple + Eric Enge (508) 485-7751