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SMX East 2012: Pandas and Penguins 09-15-2012


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Illustration of why Panda and Penguin are platforms for implementing new webspam algos. The initial releases are just the start, and there is a lot more to come!

Published in: Technology
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SMX East 2012: Pandas and Penguins 09-15-2012

  1. 1. The True Significance of Panda and Penguin You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet
  2. 2. First Off... Who Am I? Co-author: The Art of SEO President: Stone Temple Consulting 25+ person SEO and PPC firm Trainer: Instant E-Training Founder: Web Site Publishing Companies Publish web sites, grow them, then sell them 2 significant exits so far Twitter: @stonetemple Google Plus: +Eric Enge @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  3. 3. SEOs Created Garbage Content @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  4. 4. SEOs Focused on Tricks@stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  5. 5. But What About Users?@stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  6. 6. The User is Central to the Google Algo “that is a part of what our algorithm does: work to find quality diverse results that help solve problems for users.”Google’s Matt Cutts @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  7. 7. Bad Link Building Practices @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  8. 8. Bought Links@stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  9. 9. Matt Cutts on “Link Building” “It segments you into a mindset, and people get focused on the wrong things” @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  10. 10. First Panda  Feb 23, 2011  Attacked poor content sites  Many updates since then (on version 3.9)@stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  11. 11. Then Penguin  April 24, 2012  Speculation is that this targeted:  Bad anchor text mix  Comment spam  Paid guest posts  Article marketing sites@stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  12. 12. Panda/Penguin Algorithm Structure Questionable SEO / Link Building Tactic Ranking Identified Adjustment ScoreNo Can we Write an Penguin/Panda Algo to Algo Scheduler Flag it? Yes Master Create the Algo Google Run the Algo Index @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  13. 13. Why is This Important? Many potential spam detection algorithms are very compute intensive  Too much computing time to include in the main algo Key component is the ability plug in a ranking adjustment score from an external database @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  14. 14. Matt Cutts on Panda/Penguin “… you are right that these algorithms do represent new types of capabilities for us.” @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  15. 15. Article Directory Example (My Theory) Extract List of Calculate Sites Quality Participating Adjustment Put in DB Build List of Sites For Main With Large % of Algo Link Juice from Art. Dirs. @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  16. 16. Article Directory Example Extract List of Calculate Sites Quality Participating Adjustment Put in DB Build List of Sites For Main With Large % of Algo Link Juice from Art. Dirs.@stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  17. 17. So What’s Next? (Speculation Ahead!)@stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  18. 18. Thin Content Pages with Too Many Links @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  19. 19. Bad PR BalanceQuantity PageRank @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  20. 20. Bad PR BalanceQuantity No Trusted Links PageRank @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  21. 21. Matt Cutts on Panda/Penguin - Infographics “I would not be surprised if at some point in the future we did not start to discount these infographic-type links to a degree.” @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  22. 22. Low Relevance Infographic Links @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  23. 23. Low Relevance Blog Posts Travel to New ZealandNew Zealand is a wonderful place tovisit. There are many different types ofcustoms used. Cars can be rented if youwant to create your own travelitinerary.
  24. 24. Still Low Relevance How to Make Cotton CandyCotton Candy is a treat beloved bymany children. You can make at home,and you do not need to do remodelyour kitchen to do so. All you need todo is get yourself a $4,327.45 device …
  25. 25. Try to Cover Your Tracks?Wikipedia page All About Mortgages Your shameless money page Mortgages are the biggest financial commitment most people make. You can get the best mortgage rates by page getting multiple quotes. Some great information is available from the Federal Housing Financial Agency.
  26. 26. Does Your Anchor Text Look Like This? 6% 12% 10% 11%11% 13% 23% 14% @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  27. 27. Or, Like This?Domain Brand Name @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  28. 28. Highly Commercial Term Results Manual Review Take the Top 500 Commercial Spaces Review Results by Hand @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  29. 29. Thin Geographic Pages Seattle Pizza Boston PizzaWe offer the best We offer the bestpizza in Seattle. pizza in Boston.Using only local Using only localSeattle ingredients, Boston ingredients,we help create jobs we help create jobs
  30. 30. Matt Cutts on Thin Geographic Pages “Where people get into trouble here is that they fill these pages with the exact same content on each page. ‘Our handcrafted pizza is lovingly made with the same methods we have been using for more than 50 years …’ ” @stonetemple / + Eric Enge
  31. 31. Thank You!Eric Enge @stonetemple + Eric Enge (508) 485-7751