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Hummingbird and Semantic Search - State of Search Dallas


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Hummingbird and Semantic Search - State of Search Dallas

  1. 1. Hummingbird and Semantic Search Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  2. 2. Who is Eric Enge?  Lead Co-author: The Art of SEO  CEO: Stone Temple Consulting, 50 person Digital Marketing agency  Columnist:  Interviewer: Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  3. 3. What’s It All About? Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  4. 4. Three Parts to Google’s Product 1 2 3 Search Engine Spider/Crawler/Robot Index Hummingbird was a rewrite of the Search Engine Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  5. 5. Four Parts –With The Knowledge Graph 1 2 3 Search Engine Spider/Crawler/Robot Index The Knowledge Graph is a set of structured databases that can answer specific questions Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  6. 6. Not Always Very Helpful (Google) Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  7. 7. Hummingbird in a Nutshell Hummingbird User Query Main Query Translator Algo Modified Query Translated Search Query Results Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  8. 8. A Brief Look At The Patents Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  9. 9. First Query Rewriting Patent Filing Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  10. 10. From The “Hummingbird Patent” H/T Bill Slawski Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  11. 11. Zooming In Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  12. 12. Co-Occurrence H/T Bill Slawski Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  13. 13. Examples Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  14. 14. Synonyms Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  15. 15. Assumes Context – “Italian restaurant” Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  16. 16. Maps to Knowledge Graph Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  17. 17. Comparison Queries Jupiter VS Saturn Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  18. 18. Conversational Queries “Show Me Pictures of the Eiffel Tower” Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  19. 19. Remembers Context – “How Tall Is It?” Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  20. 20. Maps User Intent – “Red Sox VS Yankees”, After Recent Series Evil Good Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  21. 21. “Red Sox VS Yankees” - Day of the Game Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  22. 22. “Red Sox VS Yankees” - Offseason Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  23. 23. “Patriots” - During a Playoff Game Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  24. 24. Who is Tom Brady? Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  25. 25. “Who Is His Wife?” Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  26. 26. “Does He Have Children?” Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  27. 27. “How Tall Is He” Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  28. 28. “When Did He Start Playing Football?” Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  29. 29. Google vs. Siri vs. Cortana A Comparison Test by Stone Temple Consulting Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  30. 30. Out of 3086 Voice Queries Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  31. 31. For Answers Given, Did They Address the Question? Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  32. 32. Funniest Answer Ever (Siri) Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  33. 33. Retested 125 Queries That Returned Step by Step Results 6 Weeks After the Initial Study Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  34. 34. Retested 125 Queries That Did Not Return Results Also Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  35. 35. OK, So How Do I Win? Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  36. 36. Dial Up the User Satisfaction Level Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  37. 37. How Many People Would You Satisfy? Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  38. 38. Address User Wants / Needs Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  39. 39. User Groups Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  40. 40. Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  41. 41. Avoid Thin Content Pages Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  42. 42. Avoid Simple Affiliate Sites Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  43. 43. Avoid Doorway Page Like Experiences • Google Likes In-Depth content experiences • More than one page on the topic Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  44. 44. Content Mix Correlates With Ranking Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  45. 45. Words On Page Example Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  46. 46. Example of Content Depth Who is Better, Tom Brady or Peyton Manning? Compare Tom Brady Peyton Manning Does your sport site have a page that discusses this very common question? Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  47. 47. Next Query Anticipation • What if 25% of people who search on “Eiffel Tower” want to know the height of the tower? • Does your page answer that question? • What are the real questions users have in mind? • Are you answering them? Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  48. 48. Example – Pizza Place in Las Vegas Where is the Nearest Pizza Place? Las Vegas Pizza Address Menu Hours Prices Coupons Bar? Reservations? Local Language Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  49. 49. Implement Schema Even if No Rich Snippets Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  50. 50. Even if You Don’t Have the Programming Talent Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  51. 51. Get the Schema Info on Your Page Without the Coding Address Menu Hours Prices Coupons Bar? Reservations? Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge
  52. 52. Thank You! Eric Enge Twitter: @stonetemple Google Plus: +Eric Enge (508) 879-0950 Eric Enge @stonetemple +Eric Enge