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Introducing VerifyValid and CheckItOut - A New Way to Pay (and Get Paid!)


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On 8/14/13 I had the pleasure of having's founder and CEO, Paul Doyle, join me on my weekly webinar show, Free Webinar Wednesdays. This is the slid deck that he presented and you can watch the full replay of the webinar online at

Lean about VerifyValid and how they are revolutionizing the way people send and receive money with their innovative secure check service. The service is perfect for the business owner looking to streamline the payment process and can significantly simplify the A/P process. Plus, with their new CheckItOut service, anyone can receive money easily without the delay of the check being sent "in the mail" or interchange fees associated with credit card transactions.

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Introducing VerifyValid and CheckItOut - A New Way to Pay (and Get Paid!)

  1. 1. A Michigan Company VerifyValid A check but smarter…
  2. 2. Current Check Cost Ink Check stock Printer Envelope Postage Mail Postal Service Delivery $1 per check in savings using VerifyValid!
  3. 3. Save $1000’s with VerifyValid checks- Create and send 1-10,000+ checks in 3 clicks of a mouse Internet Sender… “Your Check” Receiver… “Their Printer”
  4. 4. Single Check Check Run VerifyValid’s Single check and Check run, match up to traditional paper check usage.
  5. 5. VerifyValid’s Check Import CSV file sample Import your checks and remittance directly via a CSV file. 3 clicks to issue your checks!
  6. 6. The VerifyValid Check
  7. 7. Page 2 Remittance
  8. 8. Separation of Control Assign who can create checks and who would sign the checks
  9. 9. No remittance again? Check scanner jammed! It’s unreadable. 300 Checks on Monday Interchange feesEnvelope opening A/R Headaches
  10. 10. VerifyValid Lockbox Export Remittance Export Remittance Deposit Check via RDC into your Bank account! Or Print Deposit Check via RDC into your Bank account! Or Print Additional Lockbox Benefits… •No opening envelopes •No waiting…instant delivery •On Screen Accounting Check Received Save 70% of the time in normally takes to process a traditional check and remittance!
  11. 11. RDC Remote Deposit Capture deposit VerifyValid Queue X9.37 check image and deposit slip Created by the system Bank grabs RDC file from the VerifyValid Queue Bank validates file before putting the RDC file into their Queue After the file is validated, funds are deposited into the user’s account STARTFINIS H Only VerifyValid checks enter the RDC!
  12. 12. Export Remittance data as a CSV file from Lockbox Lockbox saves you time and reduces your costs, but it can also minimize remittance float and provide a solution for receiving checks. Moreover, the timely and accurate data we make available online will help you update account records quickly and provide even better service to your customers.
  13. 13. All checking accounts are authenticated by the owner at the time of enrollment using an industry standard secret deposit process. Authenticated checking accounts
  14. 14. There can be only one check! Every check has a routing number, check number and account number. There can be only one combination of these created by our system. + Add to it the check amount and the Pay to the order of information = a Digital value The Cryptographic Time Stamp = Digital value (from check) X Cryptographic Algorithm X Time (constant) Based on Patented Technology! VerifyValid’s system creates a Cryptographic Time Stamp for every check created. When a check is verified we create a Cryptographic Time Stamp that is compared against the Cryptographic Time Stamp in our database. We can prove that the check being verified was created on our system by a user with control over the authenticated checking account. AND because we are creating a Cryptographic Time Stamp for the verification, there is no way to guess the second or third check in the series to see the information.
  15. 15. Verify a Check The safest check you will ever receive because you can: •Verify that it is written on an authenticated checking account •Confirm that the check has not been changed since its creation
  16. 16. CheckItOut Web Page for Payments Online!
  17. 17. Email notification of Payment
  18. 18. Check Preview in Lockbox
  19. 19. • Add your CheckItOut page to your website. a pay by check button. • Add the CheckItOut link to an email for payment. • Add the CheckItOut link to your invoices or bills you send out. Your CheckItOut page URL
  20. 20. Start enjoying the benefits of VerifyValid paperless checks today by visiting Questions?