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Global schools rubric


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Global schools rubric

  1. 1.     Union  County  Public  Schools’     Global  Schools  Criteria     Visitor   Tourist   Traveler     Explorer  Documented  Travel   1-­‐25  percent  of  students   26-­‐50  percent  of   51-­‐79  percent  of   80-­‐100  percent  of   have  traveled  out  of  the   students  have  traveled   students  have  traveled   students  have  traveled   for  Students   country  in  the  last  five   out  of  the  country  in  the   out  of  the  country  in  the   out  of  the  country  in  the     years.   last  five  years.   last  five  years.   last  five  years.     1  Point   2  Points   3  Points   5  Points  Documented  Travel   1-­‐25  percent  of  staff   26-­‐50  percent  of  staff   51-­‐79  percent  of  staff   80-­‐100  percent  of  staff   members  have  traveled   members  have  traveled   members  have  traveled   members  have  traveled  for  Staff  Members   out  of  the  country  in  the   out  of  the  country  in  the   out  of  the  country  in  the   out  of  the  country  in  the     last  five  years.   last  five  years.   last  five  years.   last  five  years.   1  Point   2  Points   3  Points   5  Points   Travel  Projects   From  July,  2011-­‐June,   From  July,  2011-­‐June,   From  July,  2011-­‐June,   From  July,  2011-­‐June,   2012,  the  school  has  one   2012,  the  school  has   2012,  the  school   2012,  the  school     teacher-­‐organized   two  to  four  teacher-­‐ organizes  and  leads  one   organizes  and  leads     student  travel  project   organized  student  travel   organized  student  travel   more  than  one  organized   using  a  private   projects  using  a  private   project  that  includes   student  travel  project   company.   company.   homestays.     that  includes  homestays.         Or   And       From  July,  2011-­‐June,   From  July,  2011-­‐June,       2012,  the  school  has  five   2012,  the  school  has  five       teacher-­‐organized   teacher-­‐organized       student  travel  projects   student  travel  projects       using  a  private  company.   using  a  private  company.   1  Point   2  Points   3  Points   5  Points  International  Sister   The  school  has  one   The  school  has  more   The  school  participates   The  school  participates   club/class  who   than  one  club/class  who   in  multiple  exchange   in  multiple  exchange   Schools  Project   participated  in  a  project   participated  in  a  project   projects  with  more  than   projects  with  more  than     (Skype,  Voicethread,   (Skype,  Voicethread,   one  international  sister   one  international  sister     Epals,  etc.)  with  their   Epals,  etc.)  with  their   school.     school;  a  Memorandum   international  sister   international  sister     of  Agreement  is   school.       school.         established  with  one  or         more  of  the         international  sister         schools.   1  Point   3  Points   4  Points     5  Points  International  Clubs   The  school  has  an   The  school  has  an   The  school  has  an   The  school  has  a  club   internationally-­‐focused   internationally-­‐focused   internationally-­‐focused   that  partners  with  an     club  that  completes  a   club  that  partners  with   club  that  partners  with   international     service  project  with  an   an  international   an  international   organization  to  complete   international  focus.   organization  to   organization  to  complete   a  service  project;  the     complete  a  service   a  service  project;  the   club  educates  the  school     project.   club  educates  the  school   community  about       community  about   globalization.    Students       globalization.   publish  articles  about         what  they  learned.   1  Point   3  Points   4  Points   5  Points  Cultural  Awareness   The  school  has  a  cultural   The  school  has  three   The  school  has  four   The  school  has  five  or   awareness  project  that   cultural  awareness   cultural  awareness   more  cultural  awareness   Projects   is  directly  linked  to  the   projects  that  are  directly   projects  that  are  directly   projects  that  are  directly     curriculum.   linked  to  the  curriculum.   linked  to  the  curriculum.   linked  to  the  curriculum.           1  Point   3  Points   4  Points   5  Points  
  2. 2.   Visitor   Tourist   Traveler     Explorer   World  Language   1-­‐25  percent  of  students   26-­‐50  percent  of   51-­‐79  percent  of   80-­‐100  percent  of   are  enrolled  in  World   students  are  enrolled  in   students  are  enrolled  in   students  are  enrolled  in   Instruction   Language.   World  Language.   World  Language.   World  Language.     1  Point   3  Points   4  Points   5  Points   Fluent  Second   1-­‐14  percent  of  students   15-­‐29  percent  of   30-­‐59  percent  of   60-­‐100  percent  of   fluently  speak  a  World   students  fluently  speak   students  fluently  speak  a   students  fluently  speak  a  Language  Speakers   Language.   a  world  language.   world  language.   world  language.     2  Points   3  Points   4  Points   5  Points  Yearly  International   A  class/club  hosts  an   A  school  hosts  an   A  school  hosts  an   A  cluster  hosts  an   international  festival   international  festival.     international  festival.     international  festival  for   Festival   within  the  school.   Multiple  clubs  and   Multiple  clubs  and   parents,  students,  and       student  groups  are   student  groups  are   community  members.         invited  to   invited  to   Community  and     attend/participate.    No   attend/participate.    The   educational     community  and   event  is  open  to  parents.     organizations/groups,  as     educational   Community  and   well  as  groups  from  each     organizations/groups   educational   school  in  the  cluster,     participate.   organizations/groups   participate.       participate.     2  Points   3  Points   4  Points   5  Points   Globalization   Globalization  strategies   The  cluster’s   Globalization  strategies   The  cluster’s   are  included  in  the   globalization  plan   are  included  in  the   globalization  plan  is  Strategies  in  School   School  Improvement   strategies  are  included   School  Improvement   reviewed  during  cluster  Improvement  Plan   Plan.   and  supported  in  each   Plan  and  revisited   administrator  meetings     School  Improvement   monthly  at  school-­‐level   and  at  school-­‐level     Plan.   meetings  (staff,  PLC,   meetings  (staff,  PLC,       Leadership  Team,  Site-­‐ Leadership  Team,  Site-­‐     Based  Management   Based  Management       Team,  etc.).   Team,  etc.).   2  Points   3  Points   4  Points   5  Points   Professional   From  July,  2011-­‐June,   From  July,  2011-­‐June,   From  July,  2011-­‐June,   From  July,  2011-­‐June,   2012,  1-­‐25  percent  of   2012,  26-­‐59  percent  of   2012,  60-­‐100  percent  of   2012,  60-­‐100  percent  of   Development  on   teachers  and   teachers  and   teachers  and   teachers  and   Globalization   administrators  have   administrators  have   administrators  have   administrators  have     participated  in   participated  in   participated  in   participated  in   professional   professional   professional   professional   development  on   development  on   development  on   development;  school-­‐ globalization.       globalization.   globalization.   based  staff  is  providing         professional         development  training  on         globalization.   2  Points   3  Points   4  Points   5  Points   Teacher  Websites   1-­‐44  percent  of  teachers   45-­‐59  percent  of   60-­‐84  percent  of   85-­‐100  percent  of   maintain  up-­‐to-­‐date   teachers  maintain  up-­‐ teachers  maintain  up-­‐to-­‐ teachers  maintain  up-­‐to-­‐   websites  that  include   to-­‐date  websites  that   date  websites  that   date  websites  that     information  about  how   include  information   include  information   include  information   teachers’  classes   about  how  teachers’   about  how  teachers’   about  how  teachers’   highlight  globalization.   classes  highlight   classes  highlight   classes  highlight     globalization.   globalization.   globalization.   2  Points   3  Points   4  Points   5  Points   Highlighting   The  school  publishes  a   The  school  publishes  a   The  school  publishes  a   The  school  publishes  a   monthly  article  about   monthly  article  about   monthly  article  about   monthly  article  about   Globalization   globalization  at  least  3   globalization  at  least  5   globalization  at  least  7   globalization  each  month     times  from  August-­‐May.       times  from  August-­‐May.   times  from  August-­‐May.   from  August-­‐May.           Publishing  a  monthly         article  equates  to  a         minimum  of  9  articles.   2  Points   3  Points   4  Points   5  Points  
  3. 3.   Visitor   Tourist   Traveler     Explorer   Guest  Speakers   A  class  hosts  a  guest   Multiple  classes  each   A  school  hosts  one  or   A  school  hosts  one  or   speaker  on  globalization.       host  a  guest  speaker  on   more  guest  speaker(s)   more  guest  speaker(s)       globalization.   on  globalization.    The   on  globalization  who         guest  speaker(s)  speaks   speak(s)  to  50%  of  the       to  50%  of  the  student   student  body;  students       body.   publish  articles  on  what         they  have  learned.           2  Points   3  Points   4  Points   5  Points   Globalization   1-­‐25  percent  of  teachers   26-­‐50  percent  of   51-­‐79  percent  of   80-­‐100  percent  of   have  an  ongoing,   teachers  have  an   teachers  have  an   teachers  have  an   Classroom  Focus   documented  focus  on   ongoing,  documented   ongoing,  documented   ongoing,  documented     globalization.   focus  on  globalization   focus  on  globalization.   focus  on  globalization.             2  points   3  Points   4  Points   5  Points     International   The  school  has  two   The  school  has  three   The  school  has  four   The  school  has  five  or   international  community   international   international  community   more  international   Community  Service   service  outreach   community  service   service  outreach   community  service   Outreach  Programs   programs.   outreach  programs.   programs.   outreach  programs.           2  Points   3  Points   4  Points   5  Points   Environmental   The  school  participates   The  school  participates   The  school  participates   The  school  participates   in  two  organized   in  three  organized   in  four  organized   in  five  or  more  organized   Service  Project   environmental  service   environmental  service   environmental  service   environmental  service     projects  to  improve  the   projects  to  improve  the   projects  to  improve  the   projects  to  improve  the     environment.   environment.   environment   environment.           2  Points   3  Points   4  Points   5  Points   21st  Century   The  school  maintains  an   The  school  maintains  an   The  school  maintains  an   The  school  maintains  an   up-­‐to-­‐date  website  with   up-­‐to-­‐date  website  and   up-­‐to-­‐date  website  and   up-­‐to-­‐date  website  and   Communication   different  articles  each   an  e-­‐mail/e-­‐news   e-­‐mail/e-­‐news   e-­‐mail/e-­‐news     month.       distribution  that  is  sent   distribution  that  is  sent   distribution  that  is  sent       out  at  least  twice  a   out  at  least  twice  a   out  at  least  twice  a     month.   month.  The  school  also   month.  The  school  also         maintains  a  Virtual   maintains  a  Virtual       Faculty  Meeting  and/or   Faculty  Meeting  and/or       Virtual  Staff   Virtual  Staff       Development  page  to   Development  page  to       communicate  internally   communicate  internally       with  staff  members.   with  staff  members.  The         school  also         communicates  via         Twitter  and  Facebook  at         least  four  times  a  month.           2  Points   3  Points   4  Points   5  Points   21st  Century   Members  of  the  school   Members  of  the  school   Members  of  the  school   Members  of  the  school   faculty  use  Web  2.0   faculty  participate  in   faculty  use  Web  2.0  tools   faculty  use  Web  2.0  tools   Technology   (Skype,  VoiceThread,   professional   (wikis,  blogs,  Twitter,   (wikis,  blogs,  Twitter,     GoogleDocs,  wikis,   development  on  Web   GoogleDocs)  for   GoogleDocs)  for   blogs,  etc.)  tools.   2.0  (Skype,  VoiceThread,   professional   professional     GoogleDocs,  wikis,   development  within   development  within     blogs,  etc.)  tools.   their  own  professional   their  own  professional       learning  community.   learning  community.           Staff  members  also  train         each  other  on  Web  2.0         tools.   2  Points   3  Points   4  Points   5  Points  
  4. 4.   Visitor   Tourist   Traveler     Explorer   Business   The  school  develops  one   The  school  develops  two   The  school  develops   The  school  develops  five   business  partnership   business  partnership   three  business   business  partnership   Partnerships   focused  on  globalization.   focused  on   partnership  focused  on   focused  on  globalization.     The  business  donates   globalization.  The   globalization.  The   The  business  donates     $100  or  ten  man-­‐hours   business  donates  $100   business  donates  $100   $100  or  ten  man-­‐hours   to  school’s  Global   or  ten  man-­‐hours  to   or  ten  man-­‐hours  to   to  school’s  Global     initiatives.   school’s  Global   school’s  Global   initiatives.     initiatives.   initiatives.     1  Points   2  Points   3  Points   5  Points   Global  Teachers   The  school  has  more   The  school  has  a  teacher   The  Global  Teacher   The  Global  Teacher   than  one  teacher  apply   selected  as  a  Global   conducts  staff   conducts  staff     for  UCPS  Global  Teacher   Teacher.   development  for   development  for     Recognition.     school’s  faculty.   school’s  faculty,  is           observed  by  other         teachers  on  school  staff,         and  serves  on  school-­‐       based  Globalization         Committee.   2  Points     3  Points   4  points   5  Points   Global  Gateway   The  school  joins   The  VIF  teacher  and   The  VIF  teacher  and   The  school  creates  and   program  and  adds  VIF   grade  level  team   Gateway  Grade  Level   implements  a  Global   Elementary  Schools   teacher  to  staff.   collaborate  together   teachers  routinely   Gateway  Plan  including       bringing  VIF  teacher’s   present  their  Global   school  staff       heritage  and  culture   Gateway  work  and   development  taught  by     into  each  classroom.   results  to  the  school   the  VIF,  involving  the       faculty.   entire  faculty  and         impacting  every  student.           2  Points   3  Points     4  Points   5  Points   Global  Scholars   The  High  School  in  the   The  High  School  in  the   The  High  School  in  the   The  High  School  in  the   school’s  cluster  has  1-­‐25   school’s  cluster  has  26-­‐ school’s  cluster  has  50-­‐ school’s  cluster  has  75-­‐ percent  of  the  senior   49  percent  of  the  senior   74  percent  of  the  senior   100  percent  of  the   class  earn  designation  as   class  earn  designation  as   class  earn  designation  as   senior  class  earn   a  UCPS  Global  Scholar.   a  UCPS  Global  Scholar.   a  UCPS  Global  Scholar.   designation  as  a  UCPS         Global  Scholar.   2  Points   3  Points   4  Points   5  Points   Other         Schools  may  submit   items  that  do  not  fit  in   other  categories  here  for   consideration.   Up  to  5  Points     School  Entries  must  include  this  rubric  submitted  via  GoogleDoc  and  a  LiveBinder  documenting  school’s   efforts.  LiveBinders  will  be  shared  with  all  schools  to  serve  as  a  Global  Education  resource  for  all  schools.   Please  do  not  include  any  confidential  information  in  the  LiveBinder.           UCPS  International  School     85+  points   UCPS  Global  Partners  School     60-­‐84  points   UCPS  Global  Affiliate  School     45-­‐59  points   UCPS  Goodwill  Ambassadors  School   35-­‐44  points