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How to be a legal plunderer


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How to be a legal plunderer

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How to be a legal plunderer

  1. 1. HowTo Be A Legal Plunderer
  2. 2. Plunderer-Definition • A plunderer is a person who plunders, robs, rips off, raids, ransacks, steals, loots another person’s properties, valuables, articles, etc.
  3. 3. • It is an offence if you plunder someone. • However the “Legal Plunderer” is a person who plunders, robs, rips off, raids, ransacks, steals or loots the properties, valuables and articles and etc from Satan and its agents.
  4. 4. • Mat 12:29 "No one (who is without spiritual power and authority) can break into (and attack) a strong man's house (Satan and its agent’s house) and take away (plunders) his belongings (riches and wealth) unless he first ties (or binds) up the strong man (the one with power to control); then he can plunder his house.
  5. 5. • Jesus tells us that no one can go into the house of a Satan’s agent and plunder him if you do not tie or bind him up first.
  6. 6. • Why do you have to tie him up before you can do anything to him? • It is because he has the legal right to fight and struggle with you if he is not tied up. In other word, he can attack you instead. •
  7. 7. • Now the question is how to bind up the strong man so that you can plunder him? • If you have attended some of the so called prayer meetings, it is not hard for you to find out how some people bind Satan and the strong man.
  8. 8. • What do these people do to bind up Satan and its demons? • They use their shouting to bind them. • They will shout on top of their voice to bind the devil. • They will say Satan in Jesus name we bind you. • Many of them bind the devil from midnight until the next morning in the “watch and pray” meetings. • They will shout and sing in the name of Jesus to scare the devil. I am sure many of you have had that kind of experience before.
  9. 9. • Do you think the devils are scared of them? • No, the devils are not scared at all. How do I know that? It is because every time when they have prayer meetings they repeat the same binding job. • The binding has never finished.The devils are not scared of them. • I think they are more scared than the devil. How do I know that? • Well, you just listen from the way they have shouted, you can see how scared they are.
  10. 10. • Dear brothers and sisters, I believe you will agree with me that binding the devils is not like that. • It is not the shouting voice or singing that can bind the devil. It is not how many sleepless nights that you have been praying. It is not how many of you “agreed” in your prayers. • All these are the actions of the human flesh. It is an act of ignorance of the truth. It is a kind of blind faith. It is the blinds leading the blinds and both of them fall into the drains that were dug by the teachers and preachers who teach and preach the half truth and lies.
  11. 11. • Eph 6:12 For we (who are believers of Jesus Christ, and the Christians) are not fighting against human beings but against the (unseen) wicked spiritual forces in the heavenly world (spiritual realm), the rulers, authorities, and cosmic powers of this dark age. • Eph 6:13 So put on God's armor (spiritual legal right) now!Then when the evil day comes, you will be able to resist the enemy's attacks (you will be able to bind them); and after fighting to the end (after you have plunder him), you will still hold your (spiritual legal) ground. •
  12. 12. • Whenever we deal with the devil, our enemy, we must bear in mind of our spiritual legal rights. • Adam had given away the whole world to him. • He is the legal owner of the world and all the wealth in it. • However, Jesus the Second Adam has redeemed it back for us.
  13. 13. • 1Co 15:47 The first Adam, made of earth, came from the earth; the second Adam (Jesus) came from heaven. • 1Co 15:48 Those who belong to the earth are like the one who was made of earth (first Adam, who lost his spiritual legal right over Satan); those who are of heaven are like the one who came from heaven (second Adam, Jesus Christ that has the spiritual legal power over the world and its wealth). (GNB)
  14. 14. • What are our spiritual rights? How are we going to acquire them? • There are many types of spiritual rights. I want to show you the two major types of spiritual rights, namely: • 1. spiritual right through your faith in Jesus • 2. the spiritual right that is given by God. • Let me show you some of them. •
  15. 15. • Here are two examples of spiritual rights that are from your faith in Jesus. • (1) We have the spiritual right to be the children of Abraham and share in the blessings that were given to him. • Gal 3:7 And so, you should understand that everyone who has faith is a child of Abraham. • Gal 3:8 Long ago the Scriptures said that God would accept the Gentiles because of their faith.That's why God told Abraham the good news that all nations would be blessed because of him. • Gal 3:9 This means that everyone who has faith will share in the blessings that were given to Abraham because of his faith. (CEV) •
  16. 16. • (2)We have the spiritual right to be the children of God.This spiritual right is given because you believe in Jesus. • Gal 3:26 All of you are God's children because of your faith in Christ Jesus. (CEV) •
  17. 17. • I want to show you there is a different type of spiritual right that is from God.This spiritual right is not because of your faith. It is given by God. • • (1) Some believers are given the spiritual right to be the ministers of God.
  18. 18. • Eph 4:11 Christ chose some of us (not all of us) to be apostles, prophets, missionaries, pastors, and teachers, (CEV) • 1Co 12:28 First, God chose some people to be apostles and prophets and teachers for the church. But he also chose some to work miracles or heal the sick or help others or be leaders or speak different kinds of languages • 1Co 12:29 Not everyone is an apostle. Not everyone is a prophet. Not everyone is a teacher. Not everyone can work miracles. • 1Co 12:30 Not everyone can heal the sick. Not everyone can speak different kinds of languages (tongues). Not everyone can tell what these languages (tongues) mean. (CEV)
  19. 19. • 2Co 6:9 We (the men of God who) are unknown to others, but (we are) well known to you (because we have made many of you rich).We seem to be dying (of sicknesses) , and yet we are still alive.We have been punished (disciplined by God), but never killed, • 2Co 6:10 and we are always happy (because we have power and authority to overcome the enemies), even in times of suffering (from Satan’s attack and from the hands of false brothers and sisters). Although we are poor (we seem to be poor, but actually not), we have made many people rich. And though we own nothing (example: own no businesses), everything (including all yours) is ours. (CEV)
  20. 20. • Jesus has plundered the enemy. He tells us that we can plunder our enemies also. • Amen….to be continued.
  21. 21. Part 2 • How to Be a Legal Plunderer
  22. 22. • Mat 12:29 "No one (who is without spiritual power and authority) can break into (and attack) a strong man's house (Satan and its agent’s house) and take away (plunders) his belongings (riches and wealth) unless he first ties (bind) up the strong man (the one with power to control); then he can plunder his house.
  23. 23. • Who has the power to break into and attack a strong man’s house and plunder his riches and wealth? • It has to be the one who possesses the spiritual right and he can break into the house of the strong man’s house. • Who is the one who possesses the spiritual right then? • It is the one who has been given by Jesus the spiritual power and authority over the enemies.
  24. 24. • Mat 6:24 "You cannot be a slave (worker) of two masters (two powers and authorities); you will hate one and love the other; you will be loyal to one and despise the other.You cannot serve both God and money (the god of this world, the strong man). (GNB)
  25. 25. • Our Master is Jesus Christ. We serve Him and work for Him. He has given power and authority to His chosen servants to break into the house of the strong man and plunder his money. • In other words, not everyone is given the power and authority to break into the house of the strong man. • If you are not the chosen men of God then you need to cooperate with the men of God in order for you to break into the house of the strong man and plunder his wealth.
  26. 26. How do you cooperate with the men of God? • In order to cooperate with the men of God, you need to enter a relationship with the men of God. • What is the relationship I am talking about? • It is a partnership.
  27. 27. • There are two major types of partnerships that I can see mentioned in the Bible. – The first one is the Gospel Partnership. • The second one is “Plunderer Partnership”. • Before I explain to you any further about these partnerships, I would like to show you some Scriptures that talk about these. •
  28. 28. • Phi 1:5 I can do this (in preaching n teaching) because of the partnership (in the gospel) we've had with you in the Good News from the first day you believed until now. (GW) • • The brothers and sisters in Philippi are the Gospel Partner of Apostle Paul. • It is because of the giving of the Philippians’ believers that Apostle Paul is able to preach and teach the word of God. • This is the partnership of the believers and the man of God.
  29. 29. Plunderer Partnership • Now, on the other hand, Apostle Paul is naturally in the “Plunderer Partnership” with the brothers and sisters living in the Philippi. • Phi 4:17 It is not that I just want to receive gifts; rather, I want to see profit added to your account. (GNB) • Phi 4:17 It's not that I'm looking for a gift.The opposite is true. I'm looking for (finding ways to) your resources to increase. (GW)
  30. 30. • Apostle Paul is looking for the believers’ resources to increase. • He is looking what profits can be banked into your accounts. • In other words, the man of God is finding ways to break into the strong man’s house so that you can plunder him. • You may not have the power and authority to break into the house of the strong man, but the man of God has.
  31. 31. • The man of God is your partner in breaking into the house of the strong man and plunders him. • The man of God is like a soldier. He attacks the enemy. He protects you and guides you to move in the spiritual realm. • God has given to him the power and authority to make you rich and wealthy. • He gives you spiritual covering against the enemy. • You have to share with him the things that you have plundered.
  32. 32. • 1Co 9:7 Do soldiers (the servants of God) pay their own salaries? Don't people who raise grapes eat some of what they grow? Don't shepherds get milk from their own goats? (CEV) • 1Co 9:8 -9 I am not saying this on my own authority.The Law of Moses tells us not to muzzle an ox when it is grinding grain. But was God concerned only about an ox? • 1Co 9:10 No, he wasn't! He was talking about us.This was written in the Scriptures so that all who plow and all who grind the grain will look forward to sharing in the harvest. • 1Co 9:11 When we told the message to you, it was like planting spiritual seed. So we have the right to accept material things as our harvest (shares) from you (brothers and sisters. (CEV)
  33. 33. Part 3
  34. 34. There are two major types of “Partnerships” between the believers and the men of God. • 1. the partnership in the gospel of God. – This is to get souls saved from the hand of the enemy. • Phi 1:5 I can do this (in preaching n teaching) because of the partnership (in the gospel) we've had with you in the Good News from the first day you believed until now. (GW) • Phi 4:15 You Philippians also know that in the early days, when I left the province of Macedonia to spread the Good News, you were the only church (brothers and sisters) to share your money with me.You gave me what I needed, and you received what I gave you. (GW)
  35. 35. • This is the Gospel Partnership between the believers and the man of God. • The believers share with the man of God their tithes and offerings.The believers will get the same reward as the man of God.
  36. 36. 2nd Partnership • The partnership in the plundering the wealth of the enemy. • This is to get the wealth of the wicked back in the possession of the children of God.We may call this as “TheTransfer ofWealth”.
  37. 37. • Phi 4:17 It is not that I just want to receive gifts; rather, I want to see (to find ways so that) profit added to your account (to be transferred to you). (GNB) • Phi 4:17 It's not that I'm looking for a gift.The opposite is true. I'm looking for (finding ways to) your resources to increase (to be transferred to you). (GW) •
  38. 38. • This is the “Plunderer Partnership” between the man of God and the believers. • The man of God “breaks” into the house of the strong man and plunders him with the help of his partners. • This truth is quite new to many of you. I am going to explain it further.
  39. 39. • The men of God are given power and authority or the spiritual right to see what is the possible ways that your resources can be increased. • In one of the Bible translation, it says that the man of God is seeing that profits are to be added to your account. • This is what we call “TheTransfer ofWealth”.
  40. 40. • Some of you may ask why the men of God have such a power and an authority or spiritual right to look into ways that the profits can be added to your account. • In other word, why do you need the man of God to make “TheTransfer of Wealth” possible for us? • Well, the answer is very obvious. It is because God has given to them the power and authority or spiritual right to do so. Listen to this: -
  41. 41. • 2Co 4:7 We are like clay jars in which this treasure (power of God) is stored.The real power comes from God and not from us. (CEV)
  42. 42. The Men of God • The men of God are like clay jars. • The clay jars become important and useful to us because the treasure of God is kept in them. • Of course it is not the men of God that can do any thing but it is the power of God that is in them. • The power of God works through them.That is whyApostle Paul says that he has indeed made many people rich. • He has that power stored in him. • He has the power and authority and the spiritual right to say that his God is able to fulfill all the needs of the brothers and sisters according to the riches that are in Christ Jesus.
  43. 43. PayingTaxes Supernaturally • There was a case in the Bible that Jesus and Peter had to pay tax to theTemple. How to get the money and pay their taxes? Let us read the Scriptures.
  44. 44. • Mat 17:27 (Jesus says) But we don't want to offend these people. So go to the lake and drop in a line. Pull up the first fish you hook, and in its mouth you will find a coin worth enough for my Temple tax and yours (they shared what they have plundered, 50/50).Take it and pay them our taxes." (GNB)
  45. 45. • The man of God, Jesus Christ says in the spirit of faith to Peter that he can go to the lake and fish.The first fish he hooks will have a coin worth enough for both of them to pay their tax.They shared in their harvest. • How was it possible that Peter could fish and got the coin? It was because Jesus had bound the strong man before Peter went to the river to fish. How did Jesus bind the strong man, many of you may wonder? • The men of God have the “insight”; “faith”; “revelation”; “prophecy”; “forecast”; “prediction”; “belief”; “power”; “authority” and “spiritual right” over many things.
  46. 46. • 2Co 4:13 The scripture says, "I spoke because I believed." In the same spirit of faith we (the men of God) also speak (and prophesy) because we believe (we have the spirit of faith). (GNB) •
  47. 47. Phi 4:19 (Apostle Paul says) But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. (MKJV) • Why not our God but Apostle Paul says his God shall supply all the needs of his partners? • Is there a difference between our God and the God of Apostle Paul? • Yes, there is a big difference here. What is it then? • Our God saved us andApostle Paul’s God called him to be His servant. God’s power and authority or anointing is in him. • God will honor what His servants say in the spirit of faith. • This spirit of faith is from God.
  48. 48. Testimony (1) • At one evening 2007, I had a dinner with all the brothers and sisters at a Bali-styled restaurant. BrotherT and his wife, Sister M, were there with us. Both of them were jobless for more than six years.They have been trying whatever possible to secure an income. But to their dismay, they could not succeed in anything they have tried. • During the dinner, I decided to speak to Sister M. • “What do you want?” I asked. Of course I knew what she wanted. I just wanted to make sure that she was sincere and honest. • “I want projects, pastor.” She answered. • She is a qualified architect. She wants projects so that she can have income. • “Ok, now I speak over you that you are going to get projects.” I spoke in the spirit of faith. • “When am I going to get the projects?” She asked. • “Real soon.” I answered. • She got a project miraculously less than a week. And from there on she received many projects. She earned good income. She managed to buy car and many other things that she needed and wanted for a long time.
  49. 49. Testimony (2) • “T, you also will be blessed.You can do whatever trade that comes along your way and you will succeed in it.” I spoke over him in the spirit of faith. • He made almost a million Ringgit in less than two years.
  50. 50. Testimony (3) • In 2006, I spoke in the spirit of faith over Brother H. • “H, you will expend your business by opening a branch somewhere.” I said. • “How and where?” He asked. • “God will show the place.You must keep in touch with me.” I said. • Later on he was given a sole distributorship to market tyres at certain area in his country. His business is doing very well.The demands of his tyres are so good that he often ran out of stock. He is earning good income.
  51. 51. Testimony (4) • SisterO is a lawyer by profession. In 2006, I spoke in the spirit of faith over here via SMS.The Lord spoke to me to inform her that she is going to get a new job and the pay will be much bigger than her present one. • She got a confirmation for her new job about two week later. After she was employed at the new job, I spoke in the spirit of faith over her again. • “You will be promoted to a higher position.” I said. • “Pastor, should I take the offer for a promotion, which will put me in a bigger and more important department.” She asked me recently. • “Yes, take it.” I said. • Now, she is in the new position. Her husband told me that she is busy studying all the documents and materials about the new department.
  52. 52. Testimony (5) • In early 2007, I spoke in the spirit of faith over Brother F via SMS. • “A new opportunity is knocking at you door.” I said. • “Pastor, it means the opportunity is so near.” He said. • “Yes, F, you just open your door then you will get it.” I said. • True enough, he got a new offer the next day from his old friend. His friend owned a few companies. He was looking for someone whom he could trust to work for him. • Brother F is earning a good income now.
  53. 53. Testimony (6) • In early 2009, I spoke in the spirit of faith over Sister C. • “You are going into property business.” I said. • “Pastor, how am I going to do it? I have no experience in this field.” She said. • “Don’t worry, God will show the ways.Always keep in touch with me and I will guide you.” I said. • She has bought a few properties already. •
  54. 54. Testimony (7) • In mid 2008, I spoke in the spirit of faith over Brother F and his wife, SisterO. • “Now both of you can buy xxx property, and buy at least two units.” I said. • I met them in October 2009; they told me that they have regretted that they have bought only one unit.Why? It is because the property price has gone up by almost 50%. Brother F always receives phone calls from the property brokers. • “Mr. F, do you intend to sell or rent your unit?”The property broker asked. • “Why?” Brother F asked. • “It is because I have many ready buyers in hand.They are ready to buy as long as you are willing to sell.”The property broker said. • No wonder Brother F and his wife regretted that they did not take my advice seriously. Instead they listened to his mother-in-law and they bought a unit somewhere.They lost money on that.
  55. 55. Testimony (8) • In 2007, I spoke in the spirit of faith over Brother L. It was immediately after a fire nearly burnt down his factory. I said to him that after this incident, he would be very blessed. • The blessings would be that orders would come to overtake him. True enough that ever since that day, many orders came to me without him begging people to give him order. Blessings were overtaking him until today. •
  56. 56. Testimony (9) • In 2007, I received an SMS from a few brothers and sisters telling me that Brother L’s factory was on fire.The fire broke out from the densely populated neighboring houses. Houses after houses were vanished in the fierce flame. It was burning toward Brother’s F’s factory.The wooden wall started to catch fire. • “Ok, don’t panic. I am sending angels of the Lord to your factory and move the flame away from your factory now.” I send SMS to Brother F and other brothers and sisters. • The fire stopped immediately.The wall was burned a little. • The next day the people from the neighbor testified that they saw the flame was taken away from the factory by an unseen hand.The flame was thrown on the near by ground and burnt some of the things there.
  57. 57. Testimony (10) n 2007, Brother B came to me for advice. He wanted to know whether he should start a business or remained in his job. • “Well, Brother B, you can start a business.” I said. • He kept in touch with me very often. Sometime in the middle or early in the morning I received SMS from him. He was looking for my advice. • His business started off very well as it seemed. • He came to see me at a hotel lobby. • “Pastor, I want to confirm with you about tithing.” He asked. • I reassured him the right way of tithing. I believed that he was misled by other people about tithing. • At that time I was more interested to help him in his new business. I knew in the spirit that he would have problem. • “Brother B, how many partners you have in your new business?” I asked him. • “I have a few, but only one of us is taking charge of the business.” He told me. • “Good, do you know him well?” I asked. • “Well, I know him and he can run the business well.” He said. • “Can I ask you something?” I asked. • “Yes, pastor.” He answered. • “Tell me, can you trust him?” I asked. • “Oh yes, yes. No problem.” he answered. • I did not continue to say anything since he said that he could trust him. He was heading for trouble. • A week of two later, I wanted to tell him that he should not trust that particular partner because he is playing all of them out. I SMS him. He did not reply. I SMS again. He did not reply. I called him. He did not answer my calls. • Four months later he came to see me. We met at the Starbuck in a shopping mall. He was sick and he was just discharged from the hospital few days ago. He got heart problem. • He told me that the partner had betrayed them and now he was in huge debts with a few banks. He was forced to sell some of his properties to pay the debts. • You know what? He was afraid to keep in touch with me because he did not want to continue to pay tithes and give offerings because he had big income from his new business.
  58. 58. • Your summary: -
  59. 59. Part 4
  60. 60. Plundering Activities • The plundering activities are not just happened in the New Testament era but they also happened in the OldTestament era. • We can see that “plundering business” is an important event in God’s creation. • We cannot afford to be ignorant of this truth.This is the reason that I am here to share with all of you this truth that has been revealed to me. • Glory is to God. Amen. Now let us read these Bible verses.
  61. 61. David • 1Sa 30:17 At dawn the next day David (had been anointed by God) attacked them and fought (his enemy) until evening. Except for four hundred young men who mounted camels and got away, none of them escaped. • 1Sa 30:18 David rescued everyone and everything the Amalekites (his enemy) had taken, including his two wives; • 1Sa 30:19 nothing at all was missing. David got back all his men's sons and daughters, and all the loot the Amalekites had taken. • 1Sa 30:20 He also recovered all the flocks and herds; his men drove all the livestock in front of them and said, "This belongs to David!" (GNB) (“This is David’s plunder” NIV)
  62. 62. David was a plunderer • He was a man anointed by God. He broke into the strongholds of the enemy and plundered them. • Why he could do that? • It was because he had enquired the Lord. • The Lord had given to him a very clear go-and-attack message. • He did not act emotionally. He did not act blindly. He acted in the spirit of faith. He succeeded in the attack.
  63. 63. • What had happened to David and his family? Let us read these verses of the Bible so as to get a clear picture of it.
  64. 64. • 1Sa 30:1 Two days later David and his men arrived back at Ziklag (where their families stayed).The Amalekites (the enemy) had raided southern Judah and attacked Ziklag.They had burned down the town • 1Sa 30:2 and captured all the women; they had not killed anyone, but had taken everyone with them when they left. • 1Sa 30:3 When David and his men arrived, they found that the town had been burned down and that their wives, sons, and daughters had been carried away. • 1Sa 30:4 David and his men started crying (wept aloud) and did not stop until they were completely exhausted. • 1Sa 30:5 Even David's two wives, Ahinoam and Abigail, had been taken away. • 1Sa 30:6 David was now in great trouble (greatly distressed), because his men were all very bitter about losing their children, and they were threatening to stone him; but the LORD his God gave him courage. (GNB)
  65. 65. • David and his men wept aloud until they had no more strength left to weep. • It is not hard for us to imagine how heartbroken they were?Well, anyone would react like David, might be worse if he was given to such a disastrous situation. • This is what we called the reaction of the emotion.You may call it the reaction of the flesh. It is just a natural reaction.
  66. 66. • There is a Chinese Proverb saying this: “Bu shi ing xiung bu liu leh, zhi shi wei dao shang xin shi”, meaning, • “It is not that a hero would not weep, it is because he has not reached a time of broken- heartedness”. David was a hero. He was a warrior. He wept.
  67. 67. • Dear brothers and sisters, there is one thing very important that we must not overlook. • What is that? • It is that David was very fast in coming out from his emotional distress. • He quickly switched from his emotional distress to God’s anointing power. He knew that he was an anointed man of God. • He putted on the ephod and enquired God for his next course of action. What is an ephod? It is a God’s covering. It is sacred covering worn by the high priest. •
  68. 68. • How do many people react to such a situation? • Crying about it? Grumbling about it? Blaming others about it? Praying about it? • I tell you the truth; no one can solve the situation by crying, grumbling and blaming others. • You should take positive action about such a situation.There is no time to waste. • Many people have wasted years of their lives crying, grumbling, praying and blaming on others for their misfortune.
  69. 69. • What did David do when he was in such a disastrous situation? • Yes he cried, but he did not dwell there for too long. • He rose up and moved forward to tackle the problem, of course he seeked the directive from God. Let us read the story.
  70. 70. • 1Sa 30:7 David said to the priest Abiathar son of Ahimelech, "Bring me the ephod (a sacred vestment worn by the high priest)," and Abiathar brought it to him. • 1Sa 30:8 David asked the LORD, "Shall I go after those raiders? And will I catch them?" He (God) answered, "Go after them; you will catch them and rescue the captives." So David and his six hundred men started out, and when they arrived at Besor Brook, some of them stayed there. • David continued on his way with four hundred men; the other two hundred men were too tired to cross the brook and so stayed behind.The men with David found a young Egyptian out in the country and brought him to David.They gave him some food and water, some dried figs, and two bunches of raisins.
  71. 71. • After he had eaten, his strength returned; he had not had anything to eat or drink for three full days. • David asked him, "Who is your master, and where are you from?" "I am an Egyptian, the slave of an Amalekite," he answered. "My master left me behind three days ago because I got sick. • We had raided the territory of the Cherethites in the southern part of Judah and the territory of the clan of Caleb, and we burned down Ziklag." "Will you lead me to those raiders?" David asked him. He answered, "I will if you promise me in God's name that you will not kill me or hand me over to my master." And he led David to them.The raiders were scattered all over the place, eating, drinking, and celebrating because of the enormous amount of loot they had captured from Philistia and Judah. (GNB)
  72. 72. • David putted on the ephod and asked the Lord about his situation. • God answered him. God told David to go after his enemy and he would be able to rescue all the captives. • In other word, God told David that he would be able to defeat his enemy and plunder them. • He had a clear directive from God. •
  73. 73. Acting According to the Direction from God • Dear brothers and sisters, David was an anointed man of God. • He had a clear directive from God. • He acted according to the direction from God. • He did not act blindly or emotionally. • His faith was built upon the spoken word of God. • His faith is spiritual. He had the spirit of faith. He had power.
  74. 74. • The next part of the story was that there were six hundred men started out the journey to attack the enemy. • When they arrived at Besor Brook, there were two hundred men stayed there. • David continued his journey with four hundred men. • There were two hundred men could not cross the river because they were too tired. • They stayed behind. • David was not discouraged and he continued his journey with the remanding two hundred men. Listen to this: -
  75. 75. The Rest of the Story • 1Sa 30:17 At dawn the next day David (and his two hundred men) attacked them and fought (his enemy) until evening. Except for four hundred young men who mounted camels and got away, none of them escaped. • 1Sa 30:18 David rescued everyone and everything the Amalekites had taken, including his two wives; • 1Sa 30:19 nothing at all was missing. David got back all his men's sons and daughters, and all the loot the Amalekites had taken. • 1Sa 30:20 He also recovered all the flocks and herds; his men drove all the livestock in front of them and said, "This belongs to David!" (GNB) (“This is David’s plunder” NIV)
  76. 76. • David was a man with great understanding and wisdom. • He was a generous and righteous man. • He wanted all the plunders to be share fairly among all the people who were in his plundering team. • All his team members were his “plundering partners”. Therefore everybody have a share in it. •
  77. 77. • 1Sa 30:21 Then David went back to the two hundred men who had been too weak to go with him and had stayed behind at Besor Brook.They came forward to meet David and his men, and David went up to them and greeted them warmly. • 1Sa 30:22 But some mean (evil men) and worthless men (troublemakers) who had gone with David said, "They didn't go with us, and so we won't give them any of the loot (plunder).They can take their wives and children and go away."
  78. 78. • 1Sa 30:23 But David answered, "My brothers, you can't do this with what the LORD has given us! He kept us safe and gave us victory over the raiders. • 1Sa 30:24 No one can agree with what you say! All must share alike: whoever stays behind with the supplies gets the same share as the one who goes into battle (break into the house of the strong man)." • 1Sa 30:25 David made this a rule, and it has been followed in Israel ever since.
  79. 79. • Dear brothers and sisters, there is a rule for us to follow. What is that rule? • The rule is that we must share what God has given to us with fairness. • Nobody should be stingy, greedy and selfish. • It is because God is the One who keeps us safe and gives us victory over our common enemy. • That is why we can plunder him.
  80. 80. • I am going to share with you some of my testimonies in this “Some Instance Sharing”. • I want you to see that God is a fair God and we must be fair to each other. •
  81. 81. Saturday 3rd October 2009, 4,23pm, I received an email from a sister. I name her Sister X.This was the content of the email: “Dear Pastor, I have read the entire new SIS that you have sent to me. My condition now is like everything said inside the SIS. All my projects are stuck. My faith is going down. My husband and I are facing financial crisis now. We sold our car. We have no money now. I am confused. But after I have read the SIS, my eyes and my mind are opened. I am so wrong. I am a sinner. I banyak sombong (meaning: I am very proud).Tidak rendah hati (meaning: not being humble). I lupa berkat-kerkatTuhan (meaning: I have forgotten God’s blessings). Saya doa dan mengakui dosa (meaning: I prayed and confessed my sins). Thank u Pastor. I will give thanks. Sister X”
  82. 82. • Sister X has enjoyed God’s blessings for about a year or so before she lost her car and money. Not only losing money and car, she also lost her business. She said all her projects were stuck. No more businesses. • • Here is a little history about her. She was out of job and business for many years. She has to depend on her father to support her. She has two little kids. •
  83. 83. • In 2007, I spoke over her in the spirit of faith that she would get projects. About a week or two later, miraculously she got a good project. I told her to keep in touch with me closely. Why? It was because I have broken into the house of the strong man and plundered him. On the other hand she was managing the plunders. In other word, she is my “plundering business” partner. She needed my spiritual covering from the attack of the enemy. Do you remember that we are taking wealth back from the enemy?
  84. 84. • She kept in touch with me very often. She reported to me the progress of the project. I guided her through many obstacles. Everything was going on fine. Many new projects came in and she made good income. • • Now, she had a problem. She did not pay tithe. She only gave some small offerings to God. She called them thanksgiving to God.The offerings were so tiny that they were like little tips that we gave to some restaurant waitresses. Gradually, she stopped contacting me. There were no SMS or any email from her any more. She was lost in the air so to speak.
  85. 85. • May 2009, she attended my seminar.Why she came to my seminar? It was because she was in deep financial trouble again. She could not but to come to see me and asked for help. I told her this: • “Sister X, you are stingy.You are greedy.You are selfish.You have forgotten how God blessed you.” I said. • “You are thinking that you are the one who gets all the projects and the profits are all yours.” I said. • “You are trying to avoid me after you have good profits from the projects.” I continued to say. • “You listen to this.” I said. • This was what I showed her. • Psa 50:22 Now think of this, you who forget God (being ungrateful), lest (in case, or for the fear that) I tear you in pieces, and there be none to deliver (help or rescue you). (MKJV)
  86. 86. • On 4th November 2009, I paid her and her husband a visit and at the same time I met up with all the other brothers and sisters who stayed in the same city. • It took me 2 hours and 45 minutes to reach there by flight. I have to transit and stay one night in another city. It was a long journey. •
  87. 87. • “Sister X, do you remember what I said to you two years ago?” I asked. • “Yes, Pastor, you told me that there will be projects for me.” She answered. • “Did you get the projects?” I asked. • “Yes, Pastor. I did.” She answered. • “Did you make a lot of money?” I asked. • “Yes, Pastor” she answered.
  88. 88. • “Until today, it is still me paying for all of you breakfast, lunch and dinner.When we meet up in Starbuck, all the time it is me that buy for you coffee.Yes?” I asked. • “Yes, Pastor, I am sorry.” She answered. • “I don’t blame you because you have no money at that time.” I said. • “But, Sister X, when you have secured so much money, you buy big luxury MPV.You drove the luxury car to meet me. Did you buy a cup of coffee for me? No!You didn’t. It is still I who buy you coffee.” I said.
  89. 89. • “You are stingy, greedy and selfish.You take things for granted. Isn’t it so?” I said. • “Yes, Pastor, I am so sorry.” She said. • “You and your husband have planned to immigrate to other country.Yes?” I said. • She got a shock why I know their plan. • “All of your plans had failed.” I said. • “Yes, Pastor, we thought we don’t need you any more. I am sorry.” She said. •
  90. 90. • Ok, how you want me to help you?” I said. • “Pastor, I really don’t know what to do now. Please tell me what to do.” She said. • “Tell me, how am I going to trust you this time?” I said. • “Well, Pastor, I have been very untrustworthy. But I have learnt my painful lesson. Please help me one more time.” She said. • I told her to enter into “Plundering Partnership” with me again. She gladly accepted it. She SMS me the next day that someone is buying furniture from her. Hallelujah. Glory is to God.This story has a happy ending.
  91. 91. Your summary: -
  92. 92. • Sow aThought, reap an Action • Sow an Action, reap a Habit • Sow a Habit, reap a Character • Sow a Character, reap a Destiny