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Windows Backup Recovery


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The WindowsBackup Recovery Tool is specially designed to restore BKF file in healthy from corrupt state. The software performs powerful data scanning operations to retrieve absolute data from BKF file. More:

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Windows Backup Recovery

  1. 1. Windows Backup Recovery
  2. 2. Reasons of BKF Corruption • Trojan infection or virus attack • Hard disk bad sector • Interruption while taking backup • Software / hardware failure • Huge backup.bkf file size • Missing catalog files • One out of these reasons makes the BKF file inaccessible, which resultantly prohibit restoring a BKF file back onto your machine.
  3. 3. If Backup gets Corrupted ?? • You may lose you complete data forever • Windows BKF file may get inaccessible and unable to restore • Shows various errors messages like • There is no information contained in the file" * "Missing catalog files" * "The fixed media is full. You cannot back up all of the specified data to this disk device." * "file contains unrecognized data"
  4. 4. How to Create Backup (XP)
  5. 5. Backup file in Windows 7
  6. 6. BKF in Windows 8
  7. 7. Solution ! • Opting Windows Backup Recovery tool is the simplest and easiest way to resolve the issues, which comes in your path while you create backup.bkf file and when you try to restore backup on your machine. It is advanced Windows backup file recovery tool, which has got corrupt due to several reasons. Its multi-level scanning option simplifies BKF file corruption
  8. 8. Various Scan Option • Quick scan: For less corrupt BKF file. • Deep scan: For severely corrupt backup file • Range based scan: Selective scanning of large size corrupt BKF.
  9. 9. Windows Backup Recovery
  10. 10. Try This Backup Recovery Tool and Recover Unlimited BKF file content in Accurate Manner
  11. 11. Many Thanks !