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  1. 1. ChinchillaBy Mr. “Soft Fur” Chapman
  2. 2. ClassificationKingdom: AnimaliaPhylum: ChordataClass: MammaliaOrder: RodentiaFamily: Chinchillidae
  3. 3. HistoryChinchillas are naturally from SouthAmerica.Incas started using their furs about athousand years ago.Chinchilla fur reached Europe around1500s, but not popular until 1700s
  4. 4. CharacteristicsNaturally live in barren areas of theAndes Mountains at 20,000 feet.They use crevices and holes in rocksas shelters.
  5. 5. CharacteristicsChinchillas diets consists of anyavailable vegetation.They range from 9-15 inches longwith a tail of 3-10 inches.They weigh around 1-2 pounds
  6. 6. CharacteristicsWhat do chinchillas bath in?They take dust baths.Why?The dust will absorb all the moistureout of their fur, keeping their fur dry,soft, and warm.
  7. 7. Body CharacteristicsShed fur every 3 monthsBroad head with large ears and blackeyes.Long stiff whiskersThey bark when they are scared orannoyed.