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Animal characteristics


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Animal characteristics notes

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Animal characteristics

  1. 1. Look at the following animalsand try to figure out what are 4 characteristics that all animal have in common. I have taken most of the pictures myself.
  2. 2. Why is an animal an animal?
  3. 3. The answer requires that welook at examples of theseorganisms at the level of thebasic unit of life……..
  4. 4. their cells.
  5. 5. Before we worry about animals,we need to look at some otherorganisms.Bacteria are among the simplestorganisms.
  6. 6. Right: Streptococcus, thebacteria that cause Strepthroat, are spherical in shape. Each bacterium aligns withothers to form a chain. These bacteria are called Bacilli (singular: Bacillus). Each one is rod-shaped.
  7. 7. 5 Kingdoms• Monera – true bacteria and blue-green algae• Protista - protozoans• Plantae - plants• Animalia - animals• Fungi – mushrooms and fungi
  8. 8. Monera• Monera are:• Unicellular• Prokaryotic• Cell Walls• Autotrophic
  9. 9. Protista• Protista are:• Unicellular• Eukaryotic• Autotrophic• No cell walls
  10. 10. Fungi• Fungi are:• Multicellular• Eukaryotic• Cell Walls• Heterotrophic
  11. 11. Plants are organisms thatare…..EukaryoticMulticellularAutotrophicThey have cell walls.
  12. 12. Kingdom Description• Kingdom: Animalia• Multicellular• Eukaryotic• Heterotrophic• No cell walls