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Indecision legacy


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A talk to female software engineers about indecision , procrastination and rumination

Published in: Self Improvement
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Indecision legacy

  1. 1. Indecision Legacy Stop thinking and Act
  2. 2. The Legacy
  3. 3. # genetic_code.rb include ‘sex’ include ‘hormones’ include ‘gender_bias’ include ‘sexual_orientation’ include ‘physical_makeup’
  4. 4. # education.rb include ‘school_culture’ include ‘peers’ include ‘teachers’ include ‘courses’ include ‘physical_environment’
  5. 5. # parents.rb include ‘personality’ include ‘negotiation’ include ‘parenting_skills’ include ‘conflict_resolution’ include ‘love_expression’
  6. 6. # friends.rb include ‘new_friend_approach’ include ‘peers_mean_to_us’ include ‘relationship_experience’
  7. 7. # national_culture.rb include ‘religion’ include ‘government’ include ‘media’ include ‘sports’ include ‘history’ include ‘language’ include ‘gender_roles’
  8. 8. # local_culture.rb include ‘physical_environment’ include ‘industry’ include ‘demographics’ include ‘construction’ include ‘entertainment’ include ‘media’ include ‘language’
  9. 9. # experience.rb include ‘physical_environment’ include ‘industry’ include ‘demographics’ include ‘construction’ include ‘entertainment’ include ‘media’ include ‘language’
  10. 10. 39 filters or just 2
  11. 11. Key Indecisions
  12. 12. Men apply when they have just 60%, Women ?% of the requirements “I want to apply for this job”
  13. 13. Men will ask, women traditional gender roles discourage “I want an increase in pay”
  14. 14. We mostly conform to gender roles “I want to ask that person out on a date”
  15. 15. Still conforming to gender roles “I want to ask that person to have sex with me”
  16. 16. Anti-patterns
  17. 17. # infinte_loop.rb loop do puts "This will keep printing until you hit Ctrl + c” n =+ 1 end
  18. 18. Unable to break circular argument “Over Thinking”
  19. 19. # try_the_sauce.rb describe Burger do describe "#apply_sauce" do context "with sauce" do let(:burger) { true) } before { burger.apply_sauce } it "sets the sauce flag to true" do burger.has_sauce_on_it?.should be_true end end context "without sauce" do let(:burger) { false) } before { burger.apply_ sauce } it "sets the sauce flag to false" do burger.has_sauce_on_it?.should be_false end end end end
  20. 20. Parent implicitly teach boys to pick themselves up -> no fear girls be more careful -> fear “Risk Management” or “Taking Risks”
  21. 21. # temp_failure.rb begin Speak.ask_question(“Why?”) rescue Speak::TimeoutError retry end
  22. 22. Men see failure as temporary state “Failure being a permanent state”
  23. 23. # stereotyping.rb if sex == male attitude = x elsif sex == female attitude = y end
  24. 24. Some men and women are stupid, its cultural training “Sexism”
  25. 25. # stereotyping.rb case age when < 16 attitude = a when < 25 attitude = b when < 45 attitude = c when > 55 attitude = d else attitude = z end
  26. 26. It’s our cognitive bias to label people and box them “Agism”
  27. 27. # unique?.rb ary.uniq{ |x| x. characteristics }
  28. 28. Society control you and your actions through social norms “Not being unique”
  29. 29. Patterns
  30. 30. Back up your decision with research “Prove your case”
  31. 31. When negotiating on behalf of others, women do better “Make it not about you”
  32. 32. Practice your approach and key messages “Talk through with a coach/mentor”
  33. 33. Use your intellect & heart “Switch between your rational mind and intuition”
  34. 34. Sometimes you start with the emotion, but be careful “Identify your triggers”
  35. 35. Strategies for Learning from Failure, Harvard Business Review “Learn from failure”
  36. 36. – “Irene Chang Britt, SVP Campbell Soup Company “Not that I would have listened, but I wish I’d known that it was okay to make mistakes earlier in my career….We have to know that we’re responsible for the results we create. We’re victors, not victims. A mind-set of personal responsibility is really important.’’
  37. 37. Every behavior that is wrong should be challenged, not just for you but others “What do you mean by that?” “Do you really think that?” “It doesn’t seem like you to say something like that.”
  38. 38. You have needs and should be able to ask for them “Respect and value yourself as something unique”
  39. 39. Find a win-win. Work together with negotiating partner “Negotiation is a conversation not a battle”
  40. 40. # exception_example.rb begin # perform some dangerous operation # decision incoming # load dependencies # make decision with 100% certainty rescue # embrace imperfect information # research decisions # ‘pre-socialization’ end
  41. 41. Nobody has all the information to make the decision “Stop thinking and act”
  42. 42. Do not let gender roles limit you
  43. 43. • What is your goal and why is it your goal? • Is this what you want or what society wants? • Identify your triggers, what makes you uncomfortable? or emotional? or out of control? • Identify your coaches • Practice, Practice • How do you research your points • How can you make it not about you?
  44. 44. • from-failure • progress/2014/06/28/six-ways-to-stop- overanalyzing-become-more- decisive/#4c8583b961c8