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Customer Acquisition Online - KFBS CRM - Fall 2010


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Slides from the Oct 27 class for CRM @ KFBS.

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Customer Acquisition Online - KFBS CRM - Fall 2010

  1. 1. Acquiring Customers Online: A Love Story Eric Boggs CRM, Fall 2010
  2. 2. (via Internet Buzzword du Jour)
  3. 3. Where are your customers online?
  4. 4. How do you find ‘em and hook ‘em?
  5. 5. How are online channels different than offline channels?
  6. 6. Actionable Data!
  7. 7. Mmmm. I love this data. What is useful? How do we capture it? How do we use it? Conversions Impressions, clicks, etc. Visitors, views, etc. Opens, clicks, etc. Reach Sentiment Conversation history Influence CPM, bid, rank, etc. Usage Location Intent Web analytics Email marketing apps Web registrations Social streams Ad platforms eCommerce platforms Product logs Transactions Support/service contacts Platform APIs Measure Target offers, messaging Generate revenue Allocate resources Automate Make recommendations Forecast/plan Articulate segments Quantify customer value
  8. 8. Target Market Segment & Acquire Responders Cultivate & Convert Customers Develop & RetainAttrition Win back (Or not)
  9. 9. The reality?
  10. 10. The other reality?
  11. 11. Three Channels We’ll Address: Pay-Per-Click Advertising Email Marketing Inbound Marketing Old faithful. Target key search terms and relevant content networks to cast a wide net. Addressable, scalable…and expensive. Not spam. Create highly targeted, automated messages that drive relationships and create conversions. Cost effective, automate- able, complex. The new black. Use SEO and social media to “get found” online. Turn your website into a “watering hole”. Low cost, relationship- driven, tough to dial up. We’ve devoted an entire class to social later this mod…
  12. 12. PPC
  13. 13. The Sausage Making…
  14. 14. PPC Takeaway: Data drives everything. Keywords, bids, ads, landing pages, etc.
  15. 15. Optimization Hack #1: Landing Pages Lots of money in Adwords Keyword research, bid optimization Ad copy tests Click Traffic hits the target Then what? Toooo many marketers spends lots of money driving traffic to crappy websites. Tune every step of the way…especially the landing page.
  16. 16. Optimization Hack #1: Landing Pages
  17. 17. Email
  18. 18.…
  19. 19. Data Segmentation
  20. 20. Underlying Goodness
  21. 21. Email Takeaway: Data drives everything. Content, offer, segments, timing, etc.
  22. 22. Dynamic Subject Line Test Optimization Hack #2: Get Dynamic
  23. 23. Dynamic Content: Email content automatically customized as it is deployed, delivering relevant content according to a predetermined set of rules of variables. - Simple in theory. - Amazingly powerful. - Incredibly complex. Optimization Hack #2: Get Dynamic
  24. 24. Inbound Marketing
  25. 25. Inbound Takeaway: Earned, not bought. More to come in Social class later this mod…
  26. 26. Optimization Hack #3: SEO
  27. 27. Optimization Hack #3: SEO
  28. 28. See you in a couple weeks for web analytics. Bring a helmet. Eric Boggs, Founder, CEO Argyle Social