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LA Quantified Self Meetup (6/13) - Digital Preservation by Mark Krynsky


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Published in: Technology
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LA Quantified Self Meetup (6/13) - Digital Preservation by Mark Krynsky

  1. 1. Digital PreservationHow I created an action plan for my digital data
  2. 2. Were all Going to DieWe all create digital content but most have no plan for archiving data for the future
  3. 3. I Attended the Digital Immortals Talk at SXSWIt really made me think hard about planning for my future
  4. 4. I Created a 3 Step Preserve, Prepare & ProduceMy Digital LegacyImage courtesy of
  5. 5. I use Hardware, Software and Services for Data CreationHow do I save this data for myself and future generations?
  6. 6. Step 1 - PreservationI implemented a backup strategy
  7. 7. Step 2 - PreparationI created a plan for my family to access my data● I use a Password management service● I created a Digital Will○ Appointed a "Digital Trustee"○ Created a doc with my backup and online services details○ Listed the master password to my online password service○ Identified all the important software and services I use○ Chose my wishes with regards to online data and services*● Configured services for when I die■ Google: Inactive Account Manager■ Facebook: Download data and memorialize account(Note: they also offer ability to delete)● May possibly utilize services to send a messages after I die■ If I Die, Dead Social
  8. 8. Step 3 - ProductionUtilize software and services to view and search data● Maintain software to view and search data○ Photos locally: Picasa○ Videos and photos both locally and online: Plex○ Software for other files and data● Consider online services for archiving○ MiLifemap● Virtual Profiles○ Lifenaut○ Digital Tombstones
  9. 9. For Resources & More Information...● Lifestream Blog○● Twitter: @krynsky● Email: