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Why Your Blog Isn't a Masterpiece


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You may be blogging entirely wrong. Blog content doesn't need to be perfect to bring visitors to your site and boost your business—it needs to offer value, help readers with their pain points and rank high in search engine results.

Too many resources are drained chasing the "perfect blog," and not enough are used on maximizing audience value and SEO.

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Why Your Blog Isn't a Masterpiece

  1. 1. Why Your Blog Isn’t a Masterpiece
  2. 2. In business blogging, reaching and maintaining a certain level of quality is essential. You shouldn’t use your blog to sell to readers or self-promote; you should use it inform and provide readers (potential customers) value. How does one create a perfectly crafted, lead-generating machine of a blog post?
  3. 3. Fill content with appropriate keywords?
  4. 4. Load it with as much information as possible?
  5. 5. Conduct several rounds of edits?
  6. 6. Your blog isn’t a masterpiece because it doesn’t need to be When blogging for your business, you have one choice: keep chasing the “perfect” blog post or keep the gears turning.
  7. 7. For businesses with active blogs, those blogs exist for one sole purpose: SEO
  8. 8. The SEO value you get from consistent, keyword-tailored blogging is much more beneficial to your business than draining resources and time into creating one blog masterpiece. Sure, you could stumble on content greatness...
  9. 9. ...but that shouldn’t be your “make or break” goal. Remember, time is a resource
  10. 10. In the end, your readers don’t really care if your blog wins the Nobel Prize for Literature
  11. 11. They only care if it provided the value and information they were searching for when they typed in their search query
  12. 12. “This isn’t NASA, folks. Content marketing is not a space shuttle. Perfect is not a requirement, nor is it even attainable… Assuming you have the right intentions, no word produced by your hand for the world to see will ever be a waste of your time.” Marcus Sheridan The Sales Lion
  13. 13. Understand your ideal buyers Address their pain points Get that content out there
  14. 14. This is particularly true with topical information or industry trends. If you spend a week creating a blog on these topics, the post will end up irrelevant. Your readers already got the same info elsewhere.
  15. 15. Once a blog is published, you can always update content as trends or ideas change
  16. 16. What’s most important is to get that content out there, indexed and shared across social media channels. Your readers want solutions to their problems, not works of art.
  17. 17. We live in the On-Demand Economy, and businesses that aren’t able to adapt are going to falter while those that are thrive. When a user wants certain information, they want it then and there.
  18. 18. You’ll never generate the blog leads you’re after if each article takes your writer(s) a week to develop
  19. 19. Address the tough questions, create that content and put it out there for the world to see (and find). Business blogging isn’t about exemplary craftsmanship or creating the “perfect” article; it’s about helping people. The more frequently and effectively you can do that, the more business you’ll ultimately generate through your blog.
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