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Email Signatures Presentation


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Every day real estate agents send numerous emails to clients, coworkers, friends and family. Every email sent presents an opportunity to engage people and interest them in your business. Though it costs nothing to create and the time investment is negligible, email signatures are one of the most under used marketing tools in real estate.

In this guide you will find the Seven Key Components of a Strong Email Signature, the Four Biggest Mistakes Real Estate Agents made and tips for engaging your audience.

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Email Signatures Presentation

  1. 1. Email Signatures that Sell
  2. 2. How Many Emails do you Send a Day?
  3. 3. Every email sent presents an opportunity to engage people and interest them in your business
  4. 4. The Seven Key Components of an Email Signature
  5. 5. Dividing Line Visually separate your signature from the body of the email with a dividing line. Choose a Dividing Line that is simple and does not distract the reader.
  6. 6. Branding Feature your company logo in a prominent position in your email signature. This is the best way to make an email look more professional.
  7. 7. Contact Information Include only the contact information you want people to use. If you do not want people to send you a fax, do not give them a fax number.
  8. 8. Contact Information name, title (designations) company (if not in logo) phone number(s) email website office address
  9. 9. Hyperlinks Make it as easy as possible for readers to learn more about you by incorporating hyperlinks into your email signature.
  10. 10. Personal Photo By including a picture in your email signature, you are turning a normally ‘anonymous' type of communication into a more personal type.
  11. 11. Compelling Reasons to Contact You Each month find a tangible way to engage your readers and give them compelling reasons to get in touch with you.
  12. 12. Social Networking Graphic links to your Social Networking Profiles will give readers new ways to get to know you and illustrate the depth of your web presence.
  13. 13. Four Mistakes to Avoid when Creating your Email Signature
  14. 14. Avoid Clutter Create an organized signature that presents your information in a logical order with the most important information on top
  15. 15. Limit the use of bold and CAPS If you put everything in bold or everything in caps, you have essentially highlighted nothing. Use formatting to make your signature easy to read.
  16. 16. Avoid the Epic Novel Keep your email signature under 10 lines. If you try to say too much, you will lose your readers If you have more to say, write a catchy headline that links to the full story
  17. 17. Don’t Beg for Business “The greatest compliment I can receive is a referral” Statements like this sound weak and are not moving.
  18. 18. Don’t Beg for Business Instead, thank clients who have given you referral. “A special thanks to my neighbors for referring your coworker to me. It was a pleasure to help them find their dream home.”
  19. 19. Five Engaging Messages to use in your Email Signature
  20. 20. Special Offers Offer an email newsletter, special report, or foreclosure list.
  21. 21. Listing Information Showcase one of your listings with a small photo, price and city. Include a link for more information about that listing and to a search tool on your site
  22. 22. Area Information Link a headline about an upcoming event or news story to your blog post
  23. 23. Real Estate Information Share real estate tidbits as a teaser to entice readers into asking you for more
  24. 24. Personal Update Did you just get a new listing or close an escrow? Show readers that you are doing business and they will want to do business with you, too.
  25. 25. Sample of Strong Email Signatures for Real Estate
  26. 26. Jane Agent, GRI Windermere Exclusive Properties T: (555) 555-5555 F: (555) 555-5555 The average price of homes in San Diego increased in April – Find out how much your home is worth. Home Value Calculator.
  27. 27. Jane Agent, GRI Windermere Exclusive Properties T: (555) 555-5555 There are 563 Homes on the Market in Rancho Bernardo Click here to find out which properties are priced to sell