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How To Use LinkedIn to Build Your Network


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This presentation was part of a webinar I gave as part of Mediabistro’s Social Media 101 interactive workshop on how to get started with social media.

The session, entitled "How To Use LinkedIn to Build Your Network," went over the basic of using the the platform for building a professional and personal network.

Full session details: LinkedIn is the major social media platform used for professional networking, job search, and lead generation. Find out how to create a LinkedIn page that is rich with keywords and will serve your business and professional goals.

Check out the Social Media 101 agenda here:

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How To Use LinkedIn to Build Your Network

  1. 1. How To Use LinkedIn to Build YourNetworkwithErica SwallowTech Journalist Erica Swallow @ericaswallow
  2. 2. About LinkedIn • Launched in May 2003 • World’s largest professional network • 150+ million members in over 200 countries and territories • Your digital resume • High ranking in search results • 4 billion people searches in 2011 • Networking, job search
  3. 3. The LinkedIn Profile
  4. 4. Fill Out the Basics • Should reflect your current situation • Job history • Education • Recent photo • Contact information • Headline • Summary paragraph
  5. 5. Add Connections • Email contacts, colleagues, classmates, suggestions • Always personalize the message
  6. 6. Join Groups • Types of groups • Topical interest areas • social media marketing, ballroom dancing • College alumni association • NYU Alumni • Professional associations • Direct Marketing Association • Company employee group • Bloomingdale’s Alumni • Discussions & polls • Job boards • Email digest
  7. 7. The Basics of Group Pages
  8. 8. Follow Group Influencers • See weekly influencers • Learn about each individual • Follow him to stay up-to-date on important group discussions
  9. 9. Group Member Overviews
  10. 10. Ask for Recommendations • Focus on quality, not quantity • Approach individuals separately and/or in person • Don’t send out mass messages • Add a personal touch • Explain the importance of his/her recommendation • Give recommendations!
  11. 11. Use Value-Added Applications • A few of my favorites • SlideShare Presentations • WordPress • Tweets • My Travel
  12. 12. Try the Polls Application • Market research • Distributed to your contacts and the LinkedIn community • Share your poll on Twitter and Facebook • Embed the poll on your website or blog
  13. 13. Be an Expert: LinkedIn Answers • LinkedIn’s Q&A platform • Gain expertise points in specific topics • All topics have experts
  14. 14. Follow Company Pages • Learn about a company’s job openings • Connect with employees
  15. 15. Find News on LinkedIn Today
  16. 16. Filter Your Connections
  17. 17. Questions? Erica Swallow @ericaswallow