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How Small Businesses are Using Google+


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I spoke at the 2012 Social Media Strategies Summit in Las Vegas on "How Small and Medium-Sized Businesses are Using Google+."

Launched by Google in 2011, Google+ is the latest social networking tool on the block. Businesses of all sizes are giving it a go, but much of the media attention has focused on how large enterprises are using Google+ to reach customers. In this presentation, attendees will discover the pros and cons of using Google+ as a small business, while also learning about how other small businesses are using the platform.

See the SMSS agenda here:

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How Small Businesses are Using Google+

  1. 1. How Small and Medium Businesses are Using Google+ By Erica Swallow Tech Journalist & Director of Community, Contently
  2. 2. About Google+ • Launched to public in September 2011 • Google’s latest foray into social networking • Google Friend Connect, Google Buzz, Orkut • 90 million users • Tech enthusiasts, male students • Largely inactive user base #SMBGoogle+ | @ericaswallow
  3. 3. Why Google+ Matters • Largest search engine in the world • Momentum towards social-driven search • Google products continue to merge • Google Places, Google Reader, Google Search #SMBGoogle+ | @ericaswallow
  4. 4. The Downside #SMBGoogle+ | @ericaswallow
  5. 5. More Negatives • Administration is difficult • You need a personal account to create a business page • Social dashboards don’t integrate Google+ yet • Google side projects are unreliable • Buzz, Wave, Hotpot #SMBGoogle+ | @ericaswallow
  6. 6. The Google+ Profile #SMBGoogle+ | @ericaswallow
  7. 7. Create Custom Circles • Based on your email contacts • Circles enable easy grouping and sharing #SMBGoogle+ | @ericaswallow
  8. 8. Follow Sparks • Google+’s algorithmic content recommendation system • Based on Google Search, Google+ and +1 button #SMBGoogle+ | @ericaswallow
  9. 9. Google+ Business Pages #SMBGoogle+ | @ericaswallow
  10. 10. Anecdotal Evidence • More than 50 small business Google+ pages #SMBGoogle+ | @ericaswallow
  11. 11. Get an SEO Boost • Free SEO! • At the very least, create and fill out a page #SMBGoogle+ | @ericaswallow
  12. 12. Host Hangouts • Business meetings, industry chats, meetups • Hangout with Extras: named hangouts, shared notes and sketchpad, Google docs integration, screensharing #SMBGoogle+ | @ericaswallow
  13. 13. Expand Content Distribution • Share photos, videos, links and commentary • Segmentation: Customers, VIPs, Team members #SMBGoogle+ | @ericaswallow
  14. 14. Other Reasons To Get Started… • Connect with early adopters • Network with journalists and potential clients • Explore #SMBGoogle+ | @ericaswallow
  15. 15. Pro Tip: Shorten Your URL • Google+ doesn’t support vanity URLs • Use to create a short URL for sharing #SMBGoogle+ | @ericaswallow
  16. 16. Questions?Erica Swallow | @ericaswallow |