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Jenks Library Virtual Tour


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Take a self-guided tour through the Jenks Library at Gordon College.

Published in: Education
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Jenks Library Virtual Tour

  1. 1. Jenks Library Virtual Tour
  2. 2. Jenks Library After-Hours Book Return As you approach the Jenks Library from the Quad, there is a book drop to the right of the door into the building. You can return library materials here when the library is not open. (But you may never need to. During the semester, the library is open over 100 hours a week!)
  3. 3. Jenks Library Foyer After entering the double doors, proceed straight ahead to the library. You are entering the 3rd floor of the building. The door to the left leads to floors 1 and 2.
  4. 4. Jenks Library Lobby – New Books Display On the shelves in the Library Lobby, the library displays New Books that have been added to the library’s collection. Above the fireplace is a portrait of our college’s founder, Dr. A. J. Gordon. There is also comfortable seating in the lobby for collaborative learning.
  5. 5. Jenks Library NOBLE Catalog. To the right of the New Books Display is a computer dedicated to searching the library’s online catalog. The Jenks Library is a member of the North of Boston Library Exchange (NOBLE) and we share a catalog with 27 other libraries.
  6. 6. Jenks Library Rotating Display The library uses this section to display library materials highlighting special events and various resources in the library’s collection.
  7. 7. Mobile Chargers  Under the Digital Sign, there are Oomf chargers you can use to charge your mobile devices. There are charging stations also available in the Reference Room, the Beauregard Mezzanine, and Periodicals.
  8. 8. Circulation Desk Immediately to the right as you enter the library is the library Circulation Desk. At the Circulation Desk you can check out library materials and items your professor has placed on reserve. You can also check out things like extension cords, headphones, flash drives, and even a ukulele.
  9. 9. Jenks Library Christian Book Display As you enter the library, to your left is a seating area and a display highlighting Christian materials in the library’s collection.
  10. 10. Jenks Library Gordon Authors Display As you enter the library, to your left is the entrance to the Reference Room. As you enter the Reference Room, there is a display of materials by Gordon Authors.
  11. 11. Jenks Library Copier/Printers & Work Table Behind the Gordon Authors Display are two copiers/printers. You access your printer account by swiping your student ID card. In addition to the copier/printers, on the work table there is a hole punch, stapler, tape dispenser, paper cutter, and pencil sharpener.
  12. 12. Jenks Library Computers On the Quad side of the Reference Room are desktop computers for your use.
  13. 13. Jenks Library Computers Both Windows PCs and Apple computers are available.
  14. 14. Reference Collection The library’s Reference Collection is also housed in the Reference Room. Reference books are meant to be consulted rather than read cover–to–cover. For this reason reference materials cannot be checked out.
  15. 15. Reference Reshelving In front of the Reference Collection is a small bookshelf for reference books to be reshelved. Please return reference materials here rather than reshelving them yourself.
  16. 16. Dictionary Stand / LCSH Next to the long table is a dictionary stand with a large dictionary and a set of the Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH).
  17. 17. Standing Workstations & Map Cases Towards the back of the Reference Room are three standing workstations for tasks such as quickly checking e-mail or sending a job to the printers. Just beyond the standing workstations are map cases with general and specialized atlases such as Bible atlases, historical atlases, or commercial atlases.
  18. 18. White Boards Thera are moveable whiteboards in the Reference Room for collaborative work. Markers and erasers are available for checkout at the library circulation desk.
  19. 19. Jigsaw Puzzle If you enjoy working on a jigsaw puzzle to relax, there is one in the Reference Room, just outside Bistro 255.
  20. 20. Bistro 255 The main entrance to Bistro 255, the library’s café, is off of the Reference Room.
  21. 21. Current Periodical Display Many of the library’s current magazines, journals, and newspapers are displayed in Bistro 255. Catch up with the news or learn about journals in your field over a cup of coffee or tea.
  22. 22. Drinking fountain There is a drinking fountain in the hallway behind the Bistro that is designed to easily fill water bottles. According to the digital counter, it has already eliminated the waste from over 34,000 plastic water bottles.
  23. 23. DVDs The Jenks Library has an excellent collection of DVDs in support of the Gordon curriculum. We have a very strong collection of foreign films and collect the Oscar-nominated foreign language films and the Palme d'Or winners of the Cannes Film Festival.
  24. 24. Phillips Academy DVD Collection In addition to the Gordon DVD collection, during a remodeling project in their library, we also have the DVD collection of our NOBLE partner Phillips Academy.
  25. 25. Group Study Room There are two Group Study Room off of the 3rd floor hallway. Jenks 309 and 311 can be reserved on the library’s website. Jenks 311 is the library’s Multimedia Group Study Room and has a monitor you can connect to your laptop and share your screen as work with your colleagues.
  26. 26. Stacks & Winn Parlor Beyond the DVDs and CDs is the entrance to level three of the Stacks. Directly across from the Stacks entrance is the Winn Parlor.
  27. 27. Jenks Library Patio  Just beyond the Winn Parlor is the entrance to the Jenks Library Patio.
  28. 28. Stacks There are five levels of Stacks with entrances on the third and fourth floors. Each level of the stacks has a sign listing the call number ranges that are available on the various floors.
  29. 29. John A. Burgess Curriculum Library The Curriculum Library is a resource center for the Education Division and access to the room is limited to education students preparing for teaching careers.
  30. 30. John A. Burgess Curriculum Library The Curriculum Library contains classroom materials for Education students and education equipment intended to help students prepare course materials and become familiar with classroom equipment.
  31. 31. Smartboard & Laminator Since many school classrooms have Digital Whiteboards, there is one in the Curriculum Library for students to practice before their student teaching. A laminator is available for student to use.
  32. 32. Ellison Machine An Ellison Die Cut Machine with a selection of dies are available for student use.
  33. 33. Silhouette Cameo The Silhouette Cameo is a computerized die-cutting machine. The Silhouette Studio software is loaded on the computer just outside the Curriculum Library. Save your finished project to a flash drive and use the machine in the Curriculum Library to cut your design.
  34. 34. Juvenile Books The library’s collection of children’s books is also in the Curriculum Library. There are separate sections for Picture Books and for Chapter Books.
  35. 35. Stacks Please do not reshelve books in the stacks. There are reshelving book trucks near the book elevator on every stack level.
  36. 36. Group Study Rooms There are 2 group study rooms on the library’s 4th floor. Room 427 is at the end of the hallway and room 421 is next to the Periodicals section. Both can be reserved on the library’s website.
  37. 37. Music Scores Music scores are on the 4th floor of the library directly across from the 4th floor entrance to the Stacks.
  38. 38. CDs The library’s browseable CD collection is in the fourth floor hallway. Take the sleeve of the CD you want to checkout to the circulation desk.
  39. 39. Stacks The Stacks are also accessible from the 4th floor of the library.
  40. 40. Periodicals The Periodical section of the library is on the 4th floor. While the library provides access to over 50,000 periodicals online, those available in paper are available here. Those journals that are also available online are marked with a QR Code that will take you to the online version.
  41. 41. Periodicals Study space is also available in the Periodicals section.
  42. 42. Newspapers The newest editions of newspapers are displayed in the Bistro. The previous older issues are in the Periodicals section.
  43. 43. Beauregard Mezzanine The Beauregard Mezzanine is named for former Library Director John Beauregard. It is directly above the Library Lobby and a popular study space.
  44. 44. Beauregard Mezzanine The Mezzanine is a beautiful sunlit space and provides some of the best views on campus.
  45. 45. Art in the Beauregard Mezzanine  Student Art is often displayed in the Beauregard Mezzanine.
  46. 46. Foyer Adjacent to the Beauregard Mezzanine, the Foyer to Jenks 406 and the Alumni Reading Room, is also study space.
  47. 47. Alumni Reading Room The Alumni Reading Room is on the library’s 4th floor. The library’s Oversize collection is in this room.
  48. 48. Quiet Study While much of the library is dedicated to collaborative learning, there are also Quiet Study spaces in the library. The Stacks are designated for Quiet Study. The Alumni Reading Room is intended to be even quieter. This room is meant for Silent Study.
  49. 49. Sillers Reading Room Directly across the Beauregard Mezzanine as you come up the stairs from the Library Lobby is the Siller Reading Room.
  50. 50. Jenks 406 Located between the Alumni Reading Room and the Academic Support Center is Jenks 406. The room used by Academic Support and is available as study space when not in use by the Academic Support Center.