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Why 1 Million Social Media Followers Sucks, WebCongress May 2014


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Stop reporting follower counts and making your social media goals more followers! This is bad for your brand. Instead, focus on engagement, relative engagement, and other goals that make sense for your business.

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Why 1 Million Social Media Followers Sucks, WebCongress May 2014

  1. Why 1 Million Social Media Followers Sucks Erica McGillivray Senior Community Manager at Moz @emcgillivray #webcongress
  2. I <3 Community building Social media geekery Pushing boundaries Singing Frozen songs Reading comic books
  3. You @emcgillivray #webcongress
  4. Your Wants Love your work Excel at it Please your boss/ clients Grow your social media followers
  5. Danger Goal @emcgillivray #webcongress 1 Million Followers or another follower expectation
  6. Bought 1,256,382 Followers Has 0 Friends
  7. Truths @emcgillivray #webcongress Harsh truths that, sadly, reflect most brand’s social media efforts.
  8. Business Follower Averages Twitter: 14,709 followers Facebook: 13,157 likes Pinterest: 229 followers Instagram: 208 followers @emcgillivray #webcongress
  9. About your message & how you talk about yourself.
  10. Mailbox Recycling Door Direct to Garbage I recycle junk mail coupons. Don’t make your social media junk.
  11. Attention Spans Twitter: 18 minutes Facebook: 2-3 hours G+: 3 hours Instagram: 3-4 hours @emcgillivray #webcongress The short lifespan of your social media posts.
  12. Don’t market to everyone. They don’t care about your brand.
  13. Talk to the audience that does care.
  14. Don’t Panic! @emcgillivray #webcongress
  15. 1 Million Followers Make sure this is not your goal.
  16. Tough Talk Why is my brand on social media?
  17. @emcgillivray ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !#isum13!
  18. Say No to Reporting Vanity Metrics
  19. But track them for the math! @emcgillivray #webcongress
  20. Report This! Engagement @emcgillivray #webcongress
  21. True Social Metrics
  22. Math = Counting & Division # of actions by followers / # of posts = Rate
  23. Finding a Baseline Select a time period that makes sense. Compare against what you’ve been doing to mark improvements.
  24. Conversation Rate Who’s chatting with me? How often? What topics are interesting to them?
  25. Conversation Goals @emcgillivray #webcongress A simple spreadsheet to calculate your goals & how you’re doing.
  26. Are you keeping up? SproutSocial @emcgillivray #webcongress Compare against your social competitors.
  27. Amplification Rate Who’s re-sharing my social media content? Where? And why?
  28. Amplification Goals @emcgillivray #webcongress
  29. Audience Reach Buffer @emcgillivray #webcongress
  30. G+ Ripples
  31. Share top content again Rival IQ @emcgillivray #webcongress
  32. Applause Rate Who’s lurking, but liking? Who encourages you? Who gives you high fives?
  33. Applause Goals @emcgillivray #webcongress
  34. Report This! Relative Engagement @emcgillivray #webcongress
  35. What? As you grow your followers & regular postings, you want to keep pace with connecting to your community.
  36. True Social Metrics
  37. Math = Followers, Counting & Division # of actions / # of posts / Followers per 1,000 = Relative Engagement Rate # of actions / Followers per 1,000 = Content Rate
  38. Relative Engagement Goals @emcgillivray #webcongress
  39. What About Conversions? @emcgillivray #webcongress
  40. Sales? Try Traffic Google Analytics @emcgillivray #webcongress We drive top of funnel traffic. Our goal’s related to traffic, not sales.
  41. Report This! Anything Important to Your Business @emcgillivray #webcongress
  42. Customer Happiness In Q1 2014, Moz sent 362 happy packages to our community.
  43. Team Growth Moz’s community team went from one primary person to 5 full-time & 4 part-time people since 2010. 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
  44. Product Feedback @emcgillivray #webcongress The top product new feature requests from our customers.
  45. Reporting @emcgillivray #webcongress
  46. Reports Tell a Story by Showing Love, Passion, & Relevance
  47. Sample Report Shows both engagement and traffic over time. We also include explanations for context & fun photos!
  48. Who’s Listening Weekly check-ins with your team Monthly reports to your team & company Share quarterly with the world
  49. I want 1,000 conversations with 100 people, not 1 million followers & 100 conversations @emcgillivray #webcongress
  50. Contact Me Erica McGillivray Senior Community Manager at Moz @emcgillivray
  51. Resources Social Engagement Metrics That Matter - Measuring, Tracking, and Reporting FTW by Jen Lopez Best Social Media Metrics: Conversation, Amplification, Applause, Economic Value by Avinash Kaushik amplification-applause-economic-value/ Beginner’s Guide to Social Media G+ Ripples Bookmarklet by AJ Kohn True Social Metrics SproutSocial Buffer Rival IQ
  52. Photo Credits 5950980670907190513 @emcgillivray #webcongress