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Storytelling and Data by Erica McGillivray


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Tell Me a Story: Why Data Analysts Must be Storytellers, Too
We live and breathe data. That said, however compelling the data is to us, others don't always connect without a story. Erica McGillivray, Senior Community Manager at Moz, will show you how to become a weaver of tales, displaying your data with the power of emotion, and boost your data-driven discoveries and business-related recommendations. For DAA Austin Symposium 2015.

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Storytelling and Data by Erica McGillivray

  1. 1. Tell Me a Story: Why Data Analysts Must be Storytellers Too by Erica McGillivray Moz #DAAAustin @emcgillivray
  2. 2. #DAAAustin @emcgillivray My dad
  3. 3. #DAAAustin @emcgillivray
  4. 4. #DAAAustin @emcgillivray Me
  5. 5. #DAAAustin @emcgillivray “Empirical” Evidence We ate this bread and didn’t die.
  6. 6. What’s the Problem? He believes in stories. Not facts. #DAAAustin @emcgillivray
  7. 7. "If the statistics are boring, you've got the wrong numbers." — Edward Tufte #DAAAustin @emcgillivray
  8. 8. What are Stories? The blending of emotions and facts. #DAAAustin @emcgillivray
  9. 9. #DAAAustin @emcgillivray —Memorable —Impactful —Personal
  10. 10. The Basics of Story Building (around your data) #DAAAustin @emcgillivray
  11. 11. #DAAAustin @emcgillivray
  12. 12. #DAAAustin @emcgillivray Who’s your hero? Business hurdle Outcome
  13. 13. #DAAAustin @emcgillivray
  14. 14. #DAAAustin @emcgillivray Who’s the hero? Hint: It might not be you.
  15. 15. #DAAAustin @emcgillivray
  16. 16. Beware of Data Rabbit Holes (or 4 Don’ts) #DAAAustin @emcgillivray
  17. 17. #DAAAustin @emcgillivray Misleading or shocking data to prove a point. 1
  18. 18. #DAAAustin @emcgillivray "Humans make illogical decisions." — Spock
  19. 19. #DAAAustin @emcgillivray Giving too much data. 2
  20. 20. #DAAAustin @emcgillivray
  21. 21. #DAAAustin @emcgillivray Building fancy charts to be fancy. 3
  22. 22. #DAAAustin @emcgillivray Sending out auto-generated reports. 4
  23. 23. Keep Refining Your Message (or 4 Dos) #DAAAustin @emcgillivray
  24. 24. #DAAAustin @emcgillivray Understand emotional and business goals. 1 $100k in sales All the emotions
  25. 25. view web page Your Account | We admire them for their vision, their fearlessness, their originality, and their impact on the literary world and beyond.  These are the 25 Women to Read Before You Die, as chosen by Powell's staff. Note: For a limited time, all of the titles featured in our list are on sale!#DAAAustin @emcgillivray Curate your data and its results. 2
  26. 26. #DAAAustin @emcgillivray "A person who is gifted sees the essential point and leaves the rest as surplus." — Thomas Carlyle
  27. 27. #DAAAustin @emcgillivray HD vs. captions
  28. 28. #DAAAustin @emcgillivray Use the appropriate medium for the message. 3
  29. 29. #DAAAustin @emcgillivray
  30. 30. #DAAAustin @emcgillivray Be okay when progress appears illogical. 4
  31. 31. #DAAAustin @emcgillivray
  32. 32. Let’s Revisit My Dad And apply what I didn’t know then. #DAAAustin @emcgillivray
  33. 33. #DAAAustin @emcgillivray
  34. 34. #DAAAustin @emcgillivray
  35. 35. #DAAAustin @emcgillivray
  36. 36. #DAAAustin @emcgillivray
  37. 37. #DAAAustin @emcgillivray
  38. 38. Let’s Build Customized Stories with Data Instead of letting the data stand alone. #DAAAustin @emcgillivray
  39. 39. #DAAAustin @emcgillivray Stay in Touch! @emcgillivray
  40. 40. Resources #9 – “Stories impact us when they are memorable, impactful and personal.” —Professor Jennifer L. Aaker power-of-story/ #11 – Freytag’s Pyramid #20 - Which Flight Will Get You There Fastest? by Ritchie King and Nate Silver #24 – MozCon 2015 Video Bundle #25 – 25 Women to Read Before You Die by Powell’s Books #DAAAustin @emcgillivray #28-29 – The Most Timeless Songs of All-Time by Matt Daniels #30-31 - Does Making a Website Mobile-Friendly Have a Universally Positive Impact on Mobile Traffic? by Rand Fishkin friendly-have-a-universally-positive-impact-on-mobile- traffic/ #35 - Lack of Snow Leaves California's 'Water Tower' Running Low by Dennis Dimick snow-snowpack-california-drought-groundwater-crisis/