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Internal recap of sessions attended at 2012 M3 Conference in Columbus OH on October 25 - 26. Creative Common 3.0

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  • All-day event of how to storyboard, code and deploy a mobile app. \n\n\n\n
  • presenter: trak lord\nThis session will give an in-depth look into Metaio’s mobile developer ecosystem.\nFrom working business models to new forms of art, augmented reality has permeated nearly every aspect of mobile technology. Learn also how Metaio is working with key mobile players to refine and optimize its software for the next-generation of mobile devices and developers.\n
  • presenter: andrew heaton\nauthor of: purposely irregular\n\n
  • Drawing from personal experience and research from leading behavioral psychologists, this session aims to empower mobile developers to explore themselves and their craft. Helping them to establish confidence in their career, establish their voice in a highly competitive market, manage conflicts healthfully and communicate more effectively with others. No matter where you happen to be on your journey of continual improvement, reflecting on yourself and the effects of interpersonal relationships can provide valuable insight towards achieving your goals technically and emotionally. Invest in yourself to step outside the mould in mobile technology & do things that have never been done before. Learn to leverage the wisdom of those around you to cultivate powerful positive relationships without sacrificing the most important asset in your toolkit: yourself.\n
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  • M3 conf

    1. 1. Mobile TechnologyMasterful DesignMarketingInnovationMike Kaple & EricaKendall
    2. 2. Big Design, Small Screen • Get some gray sharpies and• App Idea tracing paper.• DRAW • Error state: what happens when• HIGs - Human Interface Guidelines something goes wrong? (Apple) • Can user do “x” with two minutes• User Experience Guidelines (Apple) and one thumb?• Who is this app for? • Draw it 3 times before going to the• The device doesn’t know what to do computer. until you tell it.• Design for the mobile user, not the mobile device.• Turn the app sideways; literally.• Turn the app sideways; not literally.• What do we know about the user?• They are SOMEWHERE with SOMEONE engaged in SOMETHING at some TIME, and they expect a result.• Define app w/ traditional UX methods.• Site Map/User Flow• Nouns and Verbs• Do it once, then do it again and
    3. 3. Andrew Heaton
    4. 4. PhoneGap 101
    5. 5. PhoneGap 101
    6. 6. Developers are from Vulcan,Designers are from WonderlandMeyers Briggs Type IndicatorDichotomies: Extraversion (E) (I) Introversion Sensing (S) (N) Intuition Thinking (T) (F) Feeling Judging (J) (P) PerceptionSpock (Developer): ISTJ Alice (Designer):ENFP
    7. 7. Spock to Alice: Alice to Spock:• Brainstorming session  • Design conversation in a• Users goals structured way• Qualitative and emotive details • Frame within context of the• Show how specific parts relate project requirements to overall whole • Back up research or data• Show different examples • Snow how larger pieces breaks• Show a prototype down into details• Talk about it in person • Show examples of similar patterns on the target platform • If pictures or talking isnt working, try words
    8. 8. In general: 7 Suggestions:• Explain yourself 1.Respect• Ask questions 2.Dance to the same beat• Listen after you ask the 3.Communicate questions 4.Think global• Look at it form the other 5.Show me yours... person’s perspective 6.Sh*t happens • Dont take it personally 7.Lather rinse and repeat• Assume best intentions
    9. 9. Do’s and Don’ts ofCross-Platform Mobile DesignDo shareDo stay trueDont share to shareDont overdue brandingDo rest (API)Don’t neglect presentationDont back downPopular cross platform tools: • Titanium • Mono • PhoneGap • Xamarin
    10. 10. Using XcodeNative iOS Mobile App Developmentand Deployment Strategies
    11. 11. Augmented RealityMorning Keynote by Trak Lord of Metaio
    12. 12. Augmented RealityMorning Keynote by Trak Lord of Metaio
    13. 13. Situational OpportunityUsing Human Behavior To Influence TheDesignAnd Features Of Mobile Apps
    14. 14. Situational OpportunityUsing Human Behavior To Influence TheDesignAnd Features Of Mobile Apps Who’s that guy in the movie with the dog?
    15. 15. A Mobile You!Keynote by Leon Gersing
    16. 16. Responsive Web DesignFrom Mobile To Desktop, And Beyond
    17. 17. Quick & Code-FreeMobile App Prototyping Techniques