NATE Presents at 2013 Consumer HIT Summit


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NATE Presents at 2013 Consumer HIT Summit

  1. 1. Break out Session 3: Promising Practices for Implementing Blue Button National Association For Trusted Exchange (NATE) PHR Ignite Pilot HHS Auditorium Sept 16th 1:45 – 4pm Aaron Seib CEO, NATE; Contractor to the California Office of Health Information Integrity
  2. 2. Agenda • Overview of NATE and SHPC • PHR Ignite Pilot • RFA in California • Pilot Use Cases
  3. 3. NationalAssociationFor Trusted Exchange (NATE) NATE is a consortium of states which focuses on finding common solutions to optimizing national exchange of health information. • NATE is executing PHR Pilot with support from the ONC’s State Health Policy Consortium (SHPC). • Please visit our website to learn more
  4. 4. PHR Ignite Pilot • Pilot Goal - Identify and overcome policy, governance and technical challenges of transporting patient data bi-directionally between untethered PHRs (patients) and providers. • California, Oregon and Alaska are leading pilot projects under this program • Other member states contributing to Policy Development of this program include Nevada, Utah, Hawaii, North Dakota, Michigan and Florida 4
  5. 5. PHR Ignite Pilot • Pilot Deliverables – Identify and establish minimum technical, security and privacy requirements for PHRs participating in the pilot – Develop a trust mechanism known as a “trust bundle” to facilitate the determination of trust on the part of NATE participants interested in either sending and/or receiving information to/from a PHR source – Identify and support PHR vendors and providers as they provide consumers with access to their data via Direct-enabled exchange 5
  6. 6. Pilot Use Cases • Use Case 1: Recruited providers will send structured data to a patient-subscribed NATE qualified PHR using Direct secure messaging/BlueButton+ specifications. • Use Case 2: Patient data will be sent by the test patient from their PHR to a second provider using Direct secure messaging/BlueButton+ specifications. 6
  7. 7. Pilot Use Case 7
  8. 8. CaliforniaRFA • The California Office of Health Information Integrity (CalOHII) RFA – In partnership with NATE, CalOHII is piloting the exchange of patients’ personal health records to providers using real world patients and providers. – The goal of the pilot is to inform a roadmap for proceeding to a scalable deployment of a trusted mechanism that will enable the use of PHRs across multiple states. – A total of $400,00.00 will be awarded to qualified entities. – Proposals due September 13th. 8
  9. 9. Getting involved • NATE will be reaching out to other interested parties to contribute to the policy development that we will be tackling between now and the end of 2013. • If you are interested in learning more please contact me at: 9