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7 Office Trends in 2018



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Seven office design trends you can expect to see in 2018. What are the trends in modern office design? Activity zones, Industrial elements, home comforts, no walls, meeting pods, eco awareness, color

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7 Office Trends in 2018

  1. 1. 7 Office Trends in 2018 Change is inevitable. It’s happening right now. Copyright BFI 2018
  2. 2. Why Should YOU Care?
  3. 3. Employee retention is crucial for today’s businesses. One component of a solid “employer/employee relationship” is a pleasant office environment. Let’s face it, the workforce has different expectations than it did before. Companies must revolutionize their approach to the work environment if they are to thrive. Going to the office isn’t simply about working from a cubicle anymore. Modern office design is all about unique workspaces — workspaces that will appeal to a broad range of employees. Companies need to offer flexible working environments. Prioritize technology. Keep up with the mobile revolution. Shift their perspective to attract the best talent. Because change is inevitable. It’s happening right now. Let’s take a look at today’s trends in the workplace.
  4. 4. Trend 1 - Activity Zones Activity based working
  5. 5. Last year we saw more companies switching to activity based working in a bid to boost productivity. Activity based working is where staff aren’t assigned a desk or workstation, but provided with a choice of work zones. These zones allow employees to undertake specific tasks, whether it be creative thinking or making a private phone call.
  6. 6. Sound proof booths for phone calls and video chats
  7. 7. Quiet Zones
  8. 8. Zones for ad-hoc collaboration
  9. 9. Unassigned desks with integrated screens
  10. 10. Private meeting rooms
  11. 11. Trend 2 - Industrial Elements Brick walls, exposed ceilings, industrial look
  12. 12. Industrial workplace design is continuing to grow in popularity due to its edgy and urban aesthetic qualities. Key elements of the industrial look include brick walls, pendant lights, graffitti signage and exposed ceilings.
  13. 13. Graffiti signage
  14. 14. Pendant lights and exposed concrete
  15. 15. Exposed ceiling pipes
  16. 16. Brick walls
  17. 17. Trend 3 - Home Comforts Making employees feel more at home
  18. 18. Introducing elements to make employees feel more at home is a great way to boost happiness levels in the office. This year, expect to see more emphasis on fun, relaxing areas to work.
  19. 19. Break out areas
  20. 20. Feeling at home
  21. 21. Comfortable work environments
  22. 22. Break out areas
  23. 23. Trend 4 - Breaking Down the Walls Removing walls to adopt an open plan layout
  24. 24. Walls can be a real inconvenience when it comes to workplace communication. That is why more companies are removing walls to adopt an open plan layout. To maintain a departmental feel, consider using screens, glass partitions, storage solutions and/or furniture as dividers.
  25. 25. Shelving being used as a divider
  26. 26. Storage cabinets being used as a department divider
  27. 27. Glass partitions
  28. 28. A typical open plan office
  29. 29. Trend 5 - Meeting Pods Perfect for private conversations
  30. 30. If your office is lacking in meeting rooms, pods offer a practical alternative. In addition to taking up little space, some even have sound blocking capabilities - perfect for private conversations.
  31. 31. Soundproof office pods
  32. 32. Privacy pods
  33. 33. Portable meeting pods
  34. 34. Trend 6 - Eco-Awareness Natural elements being brought into the office
  35. 35. Last year we saw the rise of biophilic interior design, where natural elements are brought into the office. This year, expect to see more business embracing the idea of a green office. To really instill an eco-friendly ethos consider introducing energy saving LED lights, water saving dual flush toilets and used furniture.
  36. 36. Natural light
  37. 37. Conference room with LED lighting
  38. 38. Biophilic workplace design with a ‘living wall’ of foliage
  39. 39. Trend 7 - More Pantone Colors Offices have been getting more colorful.
  40. 40. This year, Pantone’s color of the year is Ultra Violet due to the fact that it communicates “originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking.” This color would be perfect for a company with creativity at its core. If UV is not for you, however, consider using your company brand colors combined with a neutral shade like white.
  41. 41. Color of the year
  42. 42. Distinguish departments in the office with color
  43. 43. Colors stimulate productivity and creativity
  44. 44. Woods and white laminates are still popular compliments to color
  45. 45. Use corporate colors to tie in branding to your office
  46. 46. Questions? (908) 355-3400 | NJ | NY Copyright BFI-2018
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