Best Buy Digital Recommendations


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I have the following recommendations for Best Buy after taking a peak at their digital strategy.

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Best Buy Digital Recommendations

  1. 1. “Living Digitally” Erica May’s look at Best Buy’s digital strategy
  2. 2. How resourceful are these resources…
  3. 3. …to your target audience?   Pictures  pulled  from  Best  Buy’s  social  networks.  
  4. 4. I talked to some fans, followers, forum gurus, subscribers & even in-store shoppers to find out…   I  wish  I  could  logon  to  Best   It  would  be  cool  if  Best  Buy  had   Buy  with  my  Facebook   videos  for  some  of  the  products   account  &  comment  on   they  sell,  or  beCer  yet  how-­‐to   games  &  also  see  what  other   videos.  I  also  take  video  product   people  were  saying.  It’s  hard   reviews  very  seriously  &  they   to  see  what  people  think  in  so   usually  impact  what  I  end  up   many  different  places.   buying.   I  ask  a  lot  of  quesHon  online.  It’s   too  difficult  to  go  to  a  lot  of   different  places,  so  I  always  go  to   Yahoo  Answers  or  use  Aardvark   when  I’m  on  my  phone.   I’m  a  busy  stay  at  home  mom.  I  use   my  cell  phone  for  everything.  I  had   no  idea  that  Best  Buy  had  a  mobile   store  &  I  would  never  think  of  them   I  am  a  fan  of  Best  Buy  &  I  follow   when  buying  a  phone.  I’m  online  &   them  on  TwiCer.  When  companies   on  my  phone  50%  of  the  day.   give  back  to  the  community  it   makes  me  want  to  shop  at  their   store.  I  don’t  think  Best  Buy  really   does  anything  in  the  community.  
  5. 5. So, how do we put these pieces together to create a digital strategy that works?   INTEGRATION & AWARENESS            GIFT  TAG      FRIEND  FEED   TWELPFORCE            IN-­‐STORE    REVIEWS            RADIO        GEEK                        BEST  BUY  ON   SQUAD          PHONE            FORUMS          IDEA  X            APPS      @15        YOUTUBE            FACEBOOK        RECYCLE  IT      REWARD    OOH      WAP  SITE      PRINT                  ON          DISPLAY            ZONE                BLOGS        REMIX  
  6. 6. •     Invest  in  a  branded  channel  /  SEM   YouTube  campaign   •       Integrate  “Best  Buy  On”  Videos  on   YouTube  channel   •       Make  playlists  out  of  customer   reviews,  vendor  videos,  relevant  news   •       Create  a  navigaHonal  gadget  to  make   finding  videos  easier  to  replace  featured   video  area  (also  can  track  more  metrics   with  Google  AnalyHcs  integraHon!)   •       Create  a  gadget  that  helps  customers   find  their  local  store  w/Google  maps   integraHon   •     Tag  videos  by  SEO  best  pracHces  so   users  can  find  them  when  searching  
  7. 7. •       Let  fans  view  weekly  ad  &  shop   inside  Shop  +  Share  tab  instead  of   taking  them  away  from  the   experience   •       Let  users  buy  gii  cards/refill  them   for  friends  via  a  Facebook  tab   •       Idea  Giir  tab  would  be  best  as  a   virtual  gii  tab  where  users  could   post  product  on  their  friends’  pages   w/a  note   •       Recycle  it  On  should  be  an   applicaHon  that  lets  users  see  their   networks’  acHviHes  verses  being  an   off-­‐site  experience  using  a  Facebook   login  
  8. 8. •       Integrate  total  number   of  objects  recycled  onto   category  pages  online  &   integrate  parHcipant’s   photos    to  create   awareness  of  campaign   •       Invest  in  Facebook  ads   so  consumers  are  aware   of  resource  with  a  target   of  people  who  like   electronics  and  also  have   fanned  “green”  pages   •       Award  “Reward  Zone”   points  to  give  consumers   a  beCer  reason  to  engage   with  brand  
  9. 9. •       Create  a  consistent  way  for  customers   to  get  to  “Best  Buy  On”  experience  from   main  site  as  opposed  to  adverHsing  topic   of  week’s  newsleCer   •       Embed  content  throughout  relevant   areas/products  on  the  site  to  drive  traffic   &  increase  awareness   •       Let  users  submit  arHcles  &  videos   which  can  be  featured  in  future  ediHons   •       Embed  relevant  links  from,  &  consider  a  new  name,  as   if  a  user  searches  an  engine  to  find  any  of   this  content  it’s  nearly  impossible  to  find   •       Consider  embedding  videos  from   YouTube  channel  for  SEO  value  
  10. 10. •       Create  display  ads  &  place  on  electronics   focused  sites,  content  &  communiHes  that   let  users  logon  to  TwiCer  &  ask  a  quesHon  at   the  site  they  are  currently  on.  Banners   would  display  relevant  quesHons  related  to   specific  content  on  each  site  based  on   keywords   •       Integrate  the  ability  for  quesHons/answers   to  stream  onto  forum  based  on  keywords   •       Only  link  to  on  skin,  as  URLs   that  can’t  be  clicked  with  no  descripHon  are   confusing  to  consumers   •       @BestBuy  should  have  a  different  look  &   feel,  as  it’s  a  completely  different  strategy.   Consumers  should  be  able  to  visually  have  a   different  experience  with  the  different   content  
  11. 11. •       Each  of  these  sites  serves  a  purpose,  but  these  purposes   would  equal  a  more  meaningful  experience  embedded   together.  As  a  consumer  I  want  to  be  able  to  ask  a  quesHon,   offer  an  idea  &  see  my  rewards  points  all  in  from  one  place.   New  funcHonality  can  be  built  into  one  single  plakorm  &   experience,  which  would  make  this  experience  meaningful,   simplified  &  more  relevant  to  me  
  12. 12. •       This  page  can’t  be  found  be   searching  for  any  relevant  keywords   and  it’s  also  not  linked  from  Best   Buy’s  homepage.  Consumers  can’t   see  the  value  in  these  community   iniHaHves  when  they  can’t  find  the   landing  page   •       This  is  an  iniHaHve  that  would  do   awesome  in  the  social  space,  yet   it’s  the  one  iniHaHve  that  can’t   easily  be  found  there.  A  YouTube   video  contest  with  Facebook/ TwiCer  integraHon  from  Best  Buy’s   (already  fanned/followed  pages)   would  grow  awareness  &  create   community  parHcipaHon  
  13. 13. •       If  I  don’t  know  what  an  RSS  feed  is   I’m  probably  not  going  to  subscribe  to   one.  Let’s  either  list  out  the  different   RSS  feeds  in  one  place  &  what  I’ll  get   from  each,  or  let’s  just  integrate  RSS   opHons  where  relevant  scaCered   throughout  the  homepage   experience.    The  graphic  on  this  page   doesn’t  jive  too  well  with  the  social   experience  &  social  is  exactly  what   RSS  feeds  are.   •       Are  we  uHlizing  RSS  feeds  where   they’d  be  beneficial  to  Best  Buy?  How   about  we  analyze  where  we  can  push   out  RSS  info  that  we  have  access  to  on   social  networks  and  sHll  have  it  be   relevant  verses  roboHc?  
  14. 14. •       There  is  a  whole  lot  of  mobile  going   on  with  Best  Buy  &  it’d  be  a  beCer   customer  experience  if  there  was  one   applicaHon  verses  a  few  and  there   were  links  that  drove  me  to  WAP   experiences  that  mimicked  the  online   ones  verses  sending  me  to  your   websites  as  they  exist  for  someone   looking  at  a  computer   •       Let’s  not  do  mobile  just  for  the  sake   of  doing  it.  Let’s  do  it  in  a  way  that   makes  sense  &  provides  value  to  the   customer   •       Consistent  shopping  experiences   from  WAP  to  applicaHon  to  online   make  it  easier  for  customers  to  find   what  they  are  looking  for  
  15. 15. •       Speaking  of  mobile,  most  customers  will   interact  with  you  in  this  channel  by   searching  on  their  phone   •     Instead  of  taking  your  current  paid   search  strategy  and  clicking  “yes”  to  turn  it   into  a  mobile  one,  let’s  make  it  more   relevant   •       Use  keywords  like  “mobile”  or  “phone”   in  your  ads  for  a  higher  CTR   •       Bid  on  all  major  categories,  as  users  are   more  likely  to  search  quickly  than  type  in   an  exact  product   •       Use  funcHonality  that  lets  users  see  a   map,  hours,  call  the  local  store  &  outbid   compeHtors  for  these  placements  
  16. 16. •       Don’t  link  to  places  that  aren’t   updated,  like  Barry’s  Blog.  Barry  hasn’t   updated  his  blog  since  December  2009   •     Brian’s  whiteboard  is  a  great  user   experience.  His  video  content,  photos,   etc..  could  be  repurposed  onto  many   relevant  places   •       The  “Connected  World”  &   “Sustainability”  content  could  be   beCer  paired  with  the  @15  content  to   really  show  investors  and  consumers   all  the  good  that  Best  Buy  is  doing  in   the  community   •       All  Best  Buy  bloggers  should  be   trained  on  best  pracHces  of  blogging    
  17. 17. •       Once  again  here’s  another   microsite  that  isn’t  easily   found  with  a  slew  of  great   content  that  could  easily  be   integrated  into  one  central   community  
  18. 18. •       This  was  probably  thought   to  be  a  great  concept,  as  it   integrates  a  lot  of  different   social  sites.  However,  it’s   really  defeaHng  the  purpose   of  delivering  specific   messages  to  specific   plakorms  in  a  relevant  and   targeted  maCer.  Gepng  all   this  content  at  one  Hme  is  a   liCle  confusing  to  the  average   consumer,  &  as  far  as  I  can   see  this  feed  is  not  being   repurposed  anywhere  
  19. 19. •       Ah,  what  consumer  doesn’t  love  a  great   wish  list?  This  is  the  single  most  beneficial   technology  that  needs  to  work  seamless   with  the  online  browsing  experience   •       Repurposing  the  plakorm  of  IdeaX  isn’t   the  best  experience  for  pupng  together  a   list.  In  addiHon,  it’s  confusing  that  it’s  a   different  experience  from  creaHng  a  wish   list  from  a  product  page   •       A  mobile  integraHon  of  being  able  to   take  pictures  while  in-­‐store  &  then  have   that  translated  to  a  wish  list  that  would   help  me  get  back  to  product  pages  would   also  be  useful  
  20. 20. •       There’s  a  lot  of  useful  informaHon  to   someone  who  likes  apps,  WAPs  &  all   things  mobile  on  this  site,  but  how’s  a   user  going  to  find  it?  The  two  other   brands  that  can  be  easily  integrated   into  easily  which  will   provide  value  to  the  overall  brand  is   Best  Buy  Mobile  &  Geek  Squad.   •       Between  numerous  sites  there’s  a   ton  of  video  content,  but  how  am  I   ever  supposed  to  get  to  these  videos   or  any  of  the  other  videos  if  they   aren’t  all  easily  found  in  one  central   place?  
  21. 21. •       Thank  you,  Geek  Squad.  You   have  done  some  great  things   with  your  page,  such  as   embedding  your  YouTube   videos  (SEO!),  given  me  a   simple  way  to  see  your   Tweets,  let  me  read  interesHng   blog  posts  &  subscribe  to  all  of   this  with  RSS  feeds,  but  I  can   only  find  all  of  these  resources   from  one  single  link  on  your   homepage   •       Integrate  Facebook   •       Where  is  this  YouTube   page?  I  suggest  gepng  the   YouTube  name  youtube/ GeekSquad  
  22. 22. •       These  455  people  fanned  the  Geek   Squad  page  because  they  love  their   service.  They  don’t  need  a  Wikipedia   definiHon  -­‐  they  need  love,  resources   &  access  to  the  videos,  tweets  and   teched  out  world  they  love  so  much   •       Integrate  a  YouTube  tab  featuring   videos   •       Integrate  live  stream  from  or  at  least  create   awareness  for  it   •       Ditch  the  Wikipedia  tab  and  replace   it  with  a  find  a  store/contact   informaHon  tab  
  23. 23. So, what are the overarching lessons we can learn from all these examples?
  24. 24. DIGITAL  LESSON  NUMBER  1:   Social  networks  each  play  a  very   different  role  and  have  different   purposes.  Each  new  company   iniHaHve  doesn’t  necessarily  deserve   it’s  own  Facebook,  TwiCer,  blog,   landing  page  and  Friend  Feed.  When   these  sites  are  used  for  the  wrong   purposes  or  when  they  no  longer  add   relevancy  and  meaningful  purpose  to   a  consumer’s  life  it  becomes  a   confusing  and  aggravaHng   experience,  and  people  will  start   using  those  sites  to  voice  negaHve   opinions  instead!  
  25. 25. DIGITAL  LESSON  NUMBER  2:   Brands  don’t  always  have  to  create  their  own   experience,  and  even  when  they  do  they  don’t  have   to  neglect  the  places  people  are  already  engaging.     For  instance,  Best  Buy  would  benefit  immensely  from   having  associates  answering  quesHons  on  Yahoo   Answers  &  direcHng  users  to  TwelpForce  or  product   pages.  In  addiHon,  someone  should  be  listening  and   replying  to  blogs.    Also,  gepng  help  would  be  more   personal  and  cupng  edge  if  video  chat  with  someone   was  an  opHon  from  the  website,  in  addiHon  to   standard  IMs.  There  are  a  lot  of  great  couponing  apps   and  mobile  experiences,  and  it’s  now  become  a   necessity  for  brands  to  integrate  their  off-­‐price   strategy  with  mobile  couponing  too.  
  26. 26. DIGITAL  LESSON  NUMBER  3:   An  online  video  strategy  is  necessary  for  any  brand.   Where  are  we  going  to  house  videos  and  why?  How   are  we  going  to  post  videos  onto  sites?  What   plakorms  are  we  going  to  consistently  push  our   videos  to?  These  are  all  quesHons  that  need  to  be   answered.  Customers  love  video,  and  video  can  only   tell  the  story  it’s  meant  to  when  it  can  be  easily   found  and  shared.  
  27. 27. DIGITAL  LESSON  NUMBER  4:   Awareness  is  necessary  for  any  plakorm  to  be   successful  and  engagement  is  necessary  for  any   community  to  be  valuable.  If  you  aren’t  planning  on   making  a  sizable  push  to  get  consumers  to  a  site  and   grow  awareness  then  don’t  build  it  in  the  first  place.   An  adverHsing  component  is  important  to  most   digital  efforts.  
  28. 28. DIGITAL  LESSON  NUMBER  5:   Consistent  and  thoughkul  integraHon  is  important  for   any  brand.  Where  does  it  make  sense  to  repurpose   content  to  social  networks  and  vise  versa?  What  links   does  it  make  sense  to  promote  on  TwiCer?  Most   importantly,  how  can  you  integrate  your  digital  and   social  content  into  the  in-­‐store  experience,  as  well  as   use  it  to  make  tradiHonal  adverHsing  more  of  a  two   way  street  with  consumers?    
  29. 29. DIGITAL  LESSON  NUMBER  6:   Social  and  digital  efforts  are  usually  a  lot  like  puppies,   and  if  you’re  not  planning  on  feeding,  watering  and   taking  the  puppy  out  every  few  hours  then  you   shouldn’t  take  him  home  in  the  first  place.  Upkeep   and  relevant  content  are  necessary  to  keep  these   plakorms  engaging  and  purposeful.  Before  launching   a  new  social  effort  make  sure  you’re  not  pushing  past   efforts  to  the  side  and  that  you’re  ready  to  take  on   the  responsibility  of  managing  and  monitoring  them.  
  30. 30. “For  us  to  be  a  brand  that’s  relevant  and  in  the  future   we  have  to  live  digitally.  We  have  to  live  digitally   with  our  communica?on  and  we  have  to  live  digitally   through  the  products  we  sell.  And  the  brands  that   figure  this  out  and  the  brands  that  are  on  this  are   going  to  be  the  brands  that  succeed  in  the  future.”   -­‐Barry  Judge,  Best  Buy’s  Chief  MarkeHng  Officer