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An overview of the many services offered by Bottom Line Solution for telecom expense budgeting, account and asset management, and planning. Eric (214)608-0028

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Bottom Line Solutions

  1. 1. Customer<br />The Benefits of Having Bottom Line SolutionsManage Your Communications Needs<br />10/22/2010<br />1<br />
  2. 2. Our Story<br />Top Management has over 25 successful years with the top 3 carriers in the US.<br />Leveraging those relationships and the knowledge gained, Bottom Line Solutions is your IT and Telecom Departments’ single point of contact for:<br />Telecommunications Analysis<br />Wire line moves, adds and changes<br />Wireless activations, changes, renewals for multiple carriers<br />Insurance/replacement devices<br />Upgrades<br />Discounted wireless accessories<br />Technical support<br />Recycling<br />We don’t stop at saving you money. We show you ways to ADD money to your bottom line with our Hidden Revenue Finder, which is truly unique.<br />So we make you more efficient, your telecom less costly, and actually add new revenue.<br />It’s YOUR bottom line that matters at Bottom Line Solutions.<br />10/22/2010<br />2<br />
  3. 3. Our Clients (…and growing)<br />10/22/2010<br />3<br />
  4. 4. Working with a Single Carrier<br /><ul><li>When you go direct to a single carrier, you lose objectivity
  5. 5. Ultimately, you are familiar with only a handful of products
  6. 6. The “best deals” are whatever the carrier is pushing at the time, as opposed to what may be the best solution for your business
  7. 7. A single carrier may be able to meet the needs of the majority of your team, but what about the rest?</li></ul>10/22/2010<br />4<br />
  8. 8. Working with Multiple Carriers<br /><ul><li>When you go direct to multiple carriers, you lack continuity
  9. 9. Different sales processes for different carriers and services
  10. 10. Varied time frames for day to day equipment requests
  11. 11. Service processes and customer service vary by carrier
  12. 12. Employee turnover and disappearing post-sale support are the norm in the carrier world
  13. 13. Carrier-specific terminologies cause confusion</li></ul>10/22/2010<br />5<br />
  14. 14. <ul><li>When you go direct, you lose price flexibility and competitiveness
  15. 15. Carriers always start with highest prices
  16. 16. Carriers always try to tack on unnecessary add-ons because that’s what they report to Wall Street.
  17. 17. Carriers only provide discounts and promotions to compete with other carriers – they “beat the bid” instead of offering their best deals
  18. 18. NO carrier will remind you to upgrade your equipment but they will continue to collect your money as if they are still subsidizing equipment.</li></ul>10/22/2010<br />6<br />Working with Carriers Directly<br />
  19. 19. <ul><li>When you work with Bottom Line Solutions, you gain objectivity
  20. 20. Because we are carrier agnostic, we offer up the best possible business solution for each customer, based on a deep understanding of service and carrier choices
  21. 21. We are experts at securing the most reliable, best possible service on a case-by-case basis, and delivering ongoing support
  22. 22. We watch out for YOUR bottom line – not the carriers’.</li></ul>10/22/2010<br />7<br />Why Work with Bottom Line Solutions?<br />
  23. 23. <ul><li>When you work with Bottom Line Solutions, you gain single-contact continuity
  24. 24. Simplification – all service aspects are in one place
  25. 25. We provide a sustainable business relationship independent of any carrier, product or service
  26. 26. We provide permanent post-sale support
  27. 27. We have a reliable, empowered staff with carrier service and management experience, with no bureaucracy – we solve your problems</li></ul>10/22/2010<br />8<br />Why Work with Bottom Line Solutions?<br />
  28. 28. <ul><li>When you work with Bottom Line Solutions, you gain price flexibility and competitiveness
  29. 29. We can deliver the best prices possible for your needs, with a range of service levels and choices
  30. 30. We deliver faster, more objective quotes than any carrier direct rep can deliver, and because carriers know we provide detailed cost-benefit analyses, we often receive pricing for clients that direct carrier reps can not access themselves</li></ul>10/22/2010<br />9<br />Why Work with Bottom Line Solutions?<br />
  31. 31. <ul><li>In addition, Bottom Line Solutions gives you:
  32. 32. Access to a one-stop shop
  33. 33. Straight talk – the knowledge to navigate each carrier
  34. 34. Greater attention from carriers due to our dedicated support, industry reputation and the ability of our staff to directly assist carriers in troubleshooting
  35. 35. Total outsourcing of vendor management so you can focus on your business
  36. 36. An added revenue stream (for most customers)</li></ul>10/22/2010<br />10<br />Why Work with Bottom Line Solutions?<br />
  37. 37. <ul><li>Wireless – We are authorized subagents for:
  38. 38. Verizon
  39. 39. AT&T
  40. 40. Sprint
  41. 41. T-Mobile
  42. 42. Equipment Management Solutions
  43. 43. Refurbish
  44. 44. Recycle
  45. 45. Wholesale Accessories
  46. 46. Proactive Carrier Program Management
  47. 47. Replacement Equipment
  48. 48. Buy Back of Used and New Equipment
  49. 49. Account Management
  50. 50. Rate plan optimization
  51. 51. Equipment management optimization
  52. 52. Day-to-day transactions to improve operational efficiencies
  53. 53. Service, equipment and cost Analysis</li></ul>10/22/2010<br />11<br />General Services - Wireless<br />
  54. 54. <ul><li>Wire line – We represent 80+ companies
  55. 55. Service, equipment and cost Analysis
  56. 56. Vendor selection
  57. 57. Contract negotiations
  58. 58. Disaster recovery
  59. 59. Business continuity
  60. 60. Voice and data audits
  61. 61. Dispute resolution
  62. 62. Facility relocation
  63. 63. Primary point of service communication</li></ul>10/22/2010<br />12<br />General Services – Wire line<br />
  64. 64. Tech Expertise<br />Voice / Data Service<br />VoIP<br />MPLS<br />Private Line<br />Ethernet<br />Fiber Optic<br />DSL<br />Wireless<br />Local voice service<br />Long distance<br />Toll free<br />Private line<br />Consulting Specialties<br /><ul><li>Disaster recovery
  65. 65. Collocation
  66. 66. Hosting
  67. 67. Business continuity
  68. 68. Voice and data equipment (Cisco, Nortel, Avaya, Shoretel, and more)
  69. 69. …and much much more</li></ul>10/22/2010<br />13<br />
  70. 70. Carrier Portfolio<br />10/22/2010<br />14<br />
  71. 71.
  72. 72. Corporate Recycling Initiative<br />10/22/2010<br />16<br />Responsible Recycling<br />Bottom Line Solutions is your corporate environmental sustainability partner. We provide safe and secure electronic waste recycling and<br />asset recovery solutions for your business.<br /><ul><li>No-landfill, no-incinerator e-waste policy & guarantee.
  73. 73. Compliance with Basel Action Network (BAN) e-Steward ban on exporting e-waste.
  74. 74. 100% metals recovery and reuse.
  75. 75. More than 500,000 pounds of e-waste recycled and or reused.
  76. 76. Reduce your company's carbon footprint.</li></ul>Complete Data Security<br />Bottom Line Solutions takes pride in properly recycling electronics while safeguarding your information and data security.<br /><ul><li>Complete data removal guaranteed for cell phones, PDAs and laptop computers.
  77. 77. Department of Defense Standards applied for data sanitization.
  78. 78. Phone flashing / reprogramming removes all stored information</li></ul>Recycling Revenue<br />Raise funds for your company or your company's favorite charity simply by recycling your used information technology and telecommunications assets while simultaneously helping to protect the environment - It's never been easier!<br /><ul><li>Prompt & accurate payment for every item guaranteed.
  79. 79. No minimum quantity required.
  80. 80. Over $5,000,000.00 in recycling payments to date.</li></li></ul><li>Corporate Recycling Process<br />10/22/2010<br />17<br />Provide Materials to Customer:<br />Corporate Recycling Initiative Sheet<br />Get Started Sheet<br />Recycling Inventory Worksheet<br />Prepaid shipping label sent to agent to send recyclable items to BLS Corporate.<br />Payment is sent to the agent (made payable to the customer.)<br />Agent discusses recycling options with customer and provides feedback to BLS (include reason for declined offer) <br />Yes<br />Customer collects items on “Recyclable Items” list.<br />BLS Corporate reviews inventory and sends cash offer to the agent to present to the customer.<br />Offer accepted?<br />Customer submits or agent fills out “Recycling Inventory Sheet”<br />No<br />
  81. 81. Contact Us:<br />Mark Morton<br />817-807-2922<br /><br />David Rippner<br />972-955-2220<br /><br />2828 Anode Lane<br />Dallas, TX 75220<br /><br />10/22/2010<br />18<br />