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20.1 spain builds an american empire


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20.1 spain builds an american empire

  1. 1.  Why do you think the Spaniards used the natives to work under the encomienda systems?  What pursued the Spanish to explore new lands?
  2. 2.  Genaese sea captain  Planned to travel around Africa to eastern Asia (East Indies)  Miscalculated and ended up in the Caribbean Islands  On April 3, 1492 he found present day South America
  3. 3.  Named the native people Indians (called them that because he miss calculated and thought he was in the east indies)  Exchanged many gifts with the native people  He claimed the land for Spain  He went to other islands to find riches and gold-also claimed these lands for Spain
  4. 4.  Returned to Spain in early 1493  Returned to their newly found lands for two more voyages  Goal: turn the Caribbean islands into colonies
  5. 5.  Pedro Alvares Cabral, a Portuguese explorer claimed modern day brazil  Amerigo Vespucci, Italian worker for Portugal, traveled to the coast of South America -Claimed that this new land was not apart of Asia but rather was a new world  In 1507 a German mapmaker named the new continent America
  6. 6.  Led a expedition with 250 men, and five ships  Sailed around the southern end of South America into the Pacific ocean  Explored Guam and reached the Philippines  Only 18 men and one ship returned back to their homeland  First people to circumnavigate the world
  7. 7.  Hernando Cortes- a Spaniard who landed on the shores of Mexico  Conquistadors- Cortes followers traveled to new Mexico to look for gold and silver  The Spanish were the first European settlers to claim land in the new world
  8. 8.  In late spring Cortés and his men killed Aztec warriors and chiefs  June 1520 Aztecs rebelled against Spanish and drove out Cortés's forces  1521 Cortes men conquered the Aztecs again -Had better weapons  Spaniards brought disease that killed hundreds of thousands of native Americans and Aztecs
  9. 9.  Francisco Pizarro- a conquistador who marched a small force into south America; conquered the Incan empire  Atahualpa- Incan ruler -Spaniards ambushed and crushed Incan forces, kidnapped ruler -Atahualpa gave Pizarro one room of gold, two rooms of silver, in return for his release -They strangled him and then the Spaniards conquered the Incans in 1533
  10. 10.  Peninsulares- the Spanish settlers in the Americas  Mestizo- mixed Spanish and native American population  Encomienda- Spanish forced the Native Americans to work within a system -under system natives farmed and minded for Spanish landlords
  11. 11.  They found little gold and silver there  So they began growing sugar
  12. 12.  Spanish colonies in America helped make Spain one of the richest nations in the world of the 16th century  Spain's wealth lead to a golden age of art and culture.  To protect its riches Spain developed a strong navy
  13. 13.  In 1540-1541 after building an empire from Mexico to Peru Francisco Vasquez de Coronado led an expedition throughout present day NM, TX, OK and KS to search for a wealthy empire to conquer.  In the winter of 1609-1610 Pedro de Peralta governor of Spanish holdings in New Mexico led settlers to build a capital called Santa Fe or Holy Faith. Scattered forts around these parts became the headquarters of the catholic church
  14. 14.  Spanish priests spread Christianity in the Americas but also for better treatment of the natives  In particular they criticized the encomidenda system  It was a system of labor that treated the natives poorly; priest did not support this. It was later abolished in1542.
  15. 15.  In 1493 the Native Americans fought Columbus for the island of St Croix the natives eventually surrender but put up a good fight with poisonous arrows.  Eventually in 1680 pope led a rebellion against the Spanish. In involved 8000 warriors. Pope and his army drove the Spanish back to new Spain but in next 12 years Spain regained control and the land they regained became the future united States. (New Mexico)