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Irfans xerox

  1. 1. s
  2. 2. Xerox Corporation is a globaldocument management company. Headquarter: -Norwalk. Worldwide employees - 135,000 Active patents -- 9400+ 2010 Revenue:$22 billion.
  3. 3. Founded by Dr. It has 3 business Incorporated in Bhupendra Kumar group in India i.e.1983, Xerox India Modi, formerLimited is a part of • New office group chairmen &Xerox Corporation. • Production system President. group • Xerox global services
  4. 4. MFD: - WorkCentre™ 4118, WorkCentre 7655/7665/7675,Work Centre 6400Printer: -Phaser™ 3250, Phaser 6280, Phaser 6360
  5. 5. Copiers:-Phaser 6180MFP, Phaser 6128MFP, Work Centre5632/5638 Software solutions: Equitrac Office, Scan Flow store, Xerox Docu Share
  6. 6. Suspect- Fact Finding Mission Record all contacts Prospect- Validation and Classification –TimeTable preparation, Initiating Next Steps Approach– Contacting & Submission of the Proposal Negotiation- Demonstration. Submission of fresh proposal Closing- Collecting the order Order- Processing the order, Delivery, Installation
  7. 7. ObjectiveTo strengthen the brand image of Xerox.To portray accurately the market share of all majorbrands.The main factors influencing the purchase decision..To find out customer satisfaction level on usage ofvarious document management products of variousbrands.To drive the sales by understanding the need anddemand of Xerox’s product.
  8. 8. Research Method: Sample method:Sample size: Survey Method Simple random 112 sampling
  9. 9. Primary Data:- Directly communicating with the respondents through questionnaires in the field work.Secondary data:- Through Internet, Friends, Office employee & my Corporate guides.
  10. 10. Using document management equipment like printer, copier, scanner, MFP 100 % have document management equipment=112 Inference: The research 0% shows that almost every yes company irrespective of no 100% the size are using some document management devices.
  11. 11. Most commonly used brand in case of printers Brand of printer used Inference: xerox hp samsung cannon others multi The above chart shows 3% that HP has a 72% of 4% market shares in 8% 9% printers segment and4% 72% clearly outstand the other brands. So HP is definitely the market leader in the printers segment.
  12. 12. Most commonly used brand in case of Scanners Brand of scanners usedxerox hp samsung cannon others multi Inference: The above chart 4% 2% shows that HP has a market share of 4% 5% 5% 80% in case of scanners. While the rest 20% is 80% equally divided among the other brands.
  13. 13. Most commonly used brand in case of CopierBrand in case of photocoppiersxerox hp samsung cannon others multi Inference: The above figure shows that in 11% 5% 7% case of photocopiers HP is the leader with23% 52% a market share 2% of 52% followed by cannon with a share of 23% and Xerox with 11% market share.
  14. 14. Most commonly used brand in case of MFDBrand of multifunctional device used Inference: As the above xerox hp cannon others multi figure shows that 4% 5% in case of multifunctional4% 11% device HP is 76% leading the market with a share of 76% followed by lesser known brands like
  15. 15. R equirement of color printers.Requirement of colour printer yes no Inference: The above figure shows that 71% of the users do not have the 29% requirement of 71% color printers while only 29 %of the users have the requirement of color printers.
  16. 16. F actors affecting the consumers buying decisions Factors affecting the buying decision Inference:quality price promotions quality,after sales service,price all Above figure shows that the combination of 1% quality, after sales 32% 61% service and price 4% contributes 61% of 2% the consumers buying decisions, followed by only quality with 32 %.
  17. 17. L evel of satisfaction with their existing devices satisfaction level with the existing devices Inference:very satisfied satisfied As the above figure shows that 91% ofneither satisfied nor dissatisfied dissatisfied the users are satisfied with their 4% 1% 4% current devices, while 4% each to users who 91% were very satisfied or neither satisfied nor dissatisfied with their current products.
  18. 18. Accepting a new solution to reduce the running costAccepting new solutions which will reduce their running cost Inference: The above figure yes no shows that 95 % 5% of the users are ready to accept a new solution if it can reduce their running 95% cost, while 5 % disagreed with it.
  19. 19. P lanning to buy a new device in the near future. Planning to buy a new device in the near future Inference: As the above figureless than 60 days less than 6 months not in near future shows that 89% of the users are not 6% 5% going to buy any new machines in the near future, while 6% of 89% them are going to buy in the coming 60 days and 5% in less than 6 month time.
  20. 20. Strength weaknessBrand nameWide range of do not haveproducts direct dealingsSix Sigma with Xeroxconcept complexityState-of-the- of theart productsproducts(PaloAlto Research Lack ofCenter ) public awareness
  21. 21. Opportunity: Threat:• MFD segment. • Aggressive marketing by the rival brands• Multi National Companies booming in Hyderabad • Unsatisfactory service• Aid to cost cutting • Lack of cost or product leadership
  22. 22. Xerox need to concentrate onpromotion and advertisement. Upgrade the after sales service Workout on the price User friendly products More focus on the A4 size category
  23. 23. Sources… Websites:- Marketing Management—Philip Kotler Consumer Behavior & Marketing Strategy—J.Paul Peter, Jerry C.Olsan Research Methods for Business Students—Philip Lewis
  24. 24. A presentation by- Irfan Sahid Roll no: 48 (2010-12)