Winning the Online Reputation Management Game


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  • 83% of mothers say they do online research before purchasing a product advertised on television
  • Why Proactive Reputation BUILDING?
  • RED FLAG: posting reviews FAR from your Business location ?
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  • Images, Videos, Additional details about products and personnel reviews will lift your Google score and increase traffic from interested buyers
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  • Winning the Online Reputation Management Game

    1. 1. Online ReputationWill Play a MajorRole in Your 2013Sales1Winning the Online ReputationManagement Game
    2. 2. • Less than 1% go past page one onGoogle• Online reviews rank highest• Not visible to consumers• You WILL lose sales2The ImportanceOf OnlineReputation
    3. 3. Which brands make the shopping listWhere shoppers choose to buyWith whom they share the results3~This moment has changed themarketing industry forever.The Zero Moment of Truth influences…
    4. 4. Moment of Truth462% of consumerssurveyed said theywould change theirmind after reading 1-3negative reviews abouta product or service.
    5. 5. Online reviews are extremelypowerful - both negative and positive.According to a 2011 Harvard Study, every star abusiness received on Yelp from reviewers resulted ina 5 to 7 percent jump in revenue.5
    6. 6. What Is Your Reputation Budget?6Who is more believableHER peers or YOU?75%
    7. 7. Mobile Enabled770% of consumersdelete an email if itlooks bad on amobile device•Three out of five (59%) peopleare more likely to researchproducts online
    8. 8. Local Search Map ListingsBy the end of 2013, 50% of car buyers will beusing their mobile device to purchase andservice vehicles8Find Nearest Car Dealership Mapping & DirectionsGet Directions
    9. 9. Smart phones Define Your Businessof consumers use asmart phone to helpwith shopping.979%
    10. 10. • Underestimating the power of mobile• No budget• Leaving it to chance• No response planOnline Reputation Problems10
    11. 11. 11The Statistics Say It All91%Ninety-OnePercentof consumers saidthey would usereviews whendeciding on adealership.
    12. 12. The Power of Women•78% of your servicecustomers are women•Women are 3 times morelikely to post a review asopposed to men12
    13. 13. 131 negative social mediareview can cost you 30new customers.Word of MouthA happy customer will tell3 to 5 people,but an unhappy customerwill tell more than 20people.*Convergys, May 2012
    14. 14. High-Stakes GameIt takes 18 positive reviews to outweigh 1negative review.Time is of the essence!14
    15. 15. Proactive Competitive Advantage• Credible service reviews• Automated “Organic SlowDrip”• The Google Black Hole• Implement before you needit15
    16. 16. Dealer Scott Pitman: Google deleted 400 reviews Only 9 reviews remained.16Why Proactive Reputation BUILDING?Google offered no explanation or chance forappealScore went from 29/30 to 0/30
    17. 17. How Are Major Review Sites CrackingDown On Consumer Reviews?• Google Purge | Yelp Filters• Too many too fast• Replication• Incentivizing• “Active” user?17
    18. 18. updated their PolicyGuidelines.Both Google and Yelp explicitlydiscourage you from requestingreviews from your customers onsite.18For more information, go to Google’s “Conflict of Interest” section.
    19. 19. Google prefers validated content.REAL reviews on 3rd partyreview sites…NOT the dealer site19Testimonial ReviewPages on Dealer SitesNot ranked on first page of Google for theDealers name (example Presto Reviews)
    20. 20. Yelper’s can bedefined as frequentactive reviewers ofvarious industries orcompanies indexedon Yelp.
    21. 21. Yelp Is TrackingOnly request off-site reviews from a customer,or face getting hit with a 90-day consumer alert.21
    22. 22. For YelpNo Pay – No ReviewThe only way to counter that…22Continuously submit reviews. This lowersyour risk of having a yelp account left withonly negative, or no reviews at all.
    23. 23. Are Your Reviews Visible onMultiple Review Sites?Be wary of reputation management companiesthat place positive reviews on your website ONLY.
    24. 24. SEO Algorithm Incorporated IntoReview SitesGoogle incorporatesyour onlinereputation into theranking algorithm.This can lower youroverall Googleranking.
    25. 25. Where Do You Rank?Review sites with too much negativefeedback, or dealerships not found on highlyranked review sites, will be moved down theGoogle search stack and compromise theircompetitive advantage.Dealers miss the pivotal opportunity to get areview on the review sites that Google saysare credible.
    26. 26. Address the Negative…A negative reviewwill pop up in 35%of the searches foryour dealership
    27. 27. Step Up to the Plate Use interactive HTMLemail to contact yourcustomers and askthem for a review. Link them to 3rd partyreview sites. Give them anopportunity tocomplain to you 1stAsk YourCustomers If TheyAre Happy
    28. 28. Fix the Problem• After a sale, only 4%of unhappyconsumers willcomplain to you• 90% of customers willcome back to yourdealership if youaddress their concernimmediately
    29. 29. When to ask?The best time to askfor a review is within48 hours of thecustomer being in thedealership.
    30. 30. ORM Providers Miss the MagicCustomer Review OpportunityGoal: Most ORM providers are pointingDealership customers FIRST to thedealer site to share a review.This is not going to help you withGoogle and Yelp.
    31. 31. I would take that as a sign from Google thatwhen they say they prefer validatedcontent, they mean REAL reviews on 3rdparty review sites, not the dealer site.Most Dealer Testimonial Review Pageson the dealer site are not ranked on thefirst page of Google for the Dealersname.
    32. 32. Top Things Not To Do32Allowing customers to post reviews from the dealershipincluding a mobile device used by the sales associates.According to a Google forum, reasons why companies mayhave their reviews removed and filtered:• Too many review posts in a single day or even in a singlemonth• Reviews that are generated from the same IP address (think‘iPads and review stations’)• The same reviews on multiple 3rd party listings• Posting on your customers behalf – algorithms are trackinglocation of published review#1
    33. 33. Not to Do #2Only asking for positive reviews.• One of your greatest missed opportunities isstopping a complaint before a damaging customeropinion is posted on a 3rd party review site• Customers who comment directly to you do NOTpost feedback on 3rd party review sites
    34. 34. Not to Do #3• Keep in mind that online reputation managementis one of those things that works much better ifyou implement it before you actually need itBeing Reactive versusProactive
    35. 35. Not to Do #4It is NOT OK to pay for areview or hire someone towrite reviews.• Anything but an honest review from a realcustomer is provocative and could have yourdealership review site shut down.• Yelp said it will now start posting visibleconsumer alerts on websites suspected ofsoliciting reviews-for-hire to boost ratings.
    36. 36. Not to Do #5Sending out mass emails asking forreviews•Do not launch mass email campaigns to all unsold internetprospects in CRM asking for reviews.•CRM’s are not capable of sending out mobile-enabledemails.Solution: send out mobile-enabledemails to previous customers inslow organic drip.
    37. 37. Not To Do #6Best Practice: Amanager shouldrespond to anycomplaintsimmediately.Send out an email asking for a reviewwithout someone monitoring thataccount to respond.
    38. 38. Top Thing To Do #1Tell your customerif Unsatisfied, to clickon …38Prevent Negative ReviewsWe distribute the NotSatisfied notifications tomultiple key contacts inthe dealership.
    39. 39. Claim Your Name39Top Thing To Do #2Be sure to claim yourGoogle Places and YahooLocal pages with aconsistent business nameand location.Populating them with content such as images andreviews will help prospects find your business online.
    40. 40. 40Top Thing To Do #3Fact:Build Reviews on Sites That GoogleRanks Highest35-40% of all searchedperformed that lead to anorganic click-through toyour website come from adirect search of yourcompany’s name
    41. 41. Focus on Local Search• Prospects will search onthe type of business anda specific geographiclocation• Third party reviewsare a key ranking driverin prospect opinions41Top Thing To Do #4
    42. 42. Choose an email service provider that’smeasurable with clear reporting.Top Thing To Do #542Have you noticed CRM providers don’t givedeliverability reports?
    43. 43. Make sure your emails are mobileenabled43Top Things To Do #6
    44. 44. This is an exampleof a NON mobileadaptive email.44
    45. 45. Mobile Adaptive•Email reformats (adapts) forsmaller screens using mediaqueries• Buttons are sized for Appleinterface guidelines toaccommodate finger gestures• Phone numbers are clickactivated•Text is resized to be readablewithout pinch and zoom45
    46. 46. 46
    47. 47. Jerry Hartjerry@erepbuilder.comereputationBUILDER.com888.810.0441925.705.0372 cell47