Who's Watching Whom? Tracking Prospects and Influencers Through Your Company's Social Channels


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Presentation from Sourcecon 2012 in Atlanta, presented by Shannon Myers.

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Who's Watching Whom? Tracking Prospects and Influencers Through Your Company's Social Channels

  1. 1. Whos WatchingWhom ? Who’s Watching Whom? Tracking Prospects and Influencers Tracking Prospects and Influencers Through YourThrough Your Companys Social Channels Companys Social Channels! SourceCon 2012 Atlanta, GA Shannon Myers, Walton Search
  2. 2. About MeShannon MyersWalton Search2001 - 20022008 – 20092011 - Social Media & Recruitment Consulting Sourcing/Organic SEO
  3. 3. About Me•  Better, faster, smarter, targeted recruiting•  Passionate about data & technology•  My way may not be yours•  Bullseye
  4. 4. Why This Presentation?Missed opportunity not to use the information you already have.Today explore the combination of Sourcing & Social from a different perspective.
  5. 5. Why This Presentation? Social Analytics takes time to implement butimplemented properly it works and saves time. Social is no longer a fad, it’s everyday. However…As there begins to be a move toward privacyget the data while it’s there for the grabbing.
  6. 6. Why This Presentation? However…As there begins to be a move toward privacy get the data while it’s there for the grabbing.
  7. 7. Why This Presentation?Social Media Subliminal MessagingReturn On Investment vs. Risk Of Ignoring
  8. 8. Goals For Today
  9. 9. Goal For Today Learn to begin to utilize both sides of thesearch by harnessing the information from people already searching for us to our advantage. Become more agile when viewing Social Search.  
  10. 10. Ask YourselfWhat If? Why Not? (Jen Groover) Are You Sure? So What? So What? So What?Creepy or Ethical?
  11. 11. 2008 SourceCon Michael Marlatt – Cloud Recruiting/MobileDave Copps – Location Search, Suggestions Foursquare Sonar Twitter LinkedIn Skype Tech Bubble Sourcing/Social/Marketing Suggestions – People You May Know
  12. 12. Goal For Today Ask QuestionsSlide Deck – Links & More Data  
  13. 13. Quick PollRole, Company, Industry
  14. 14. Why Don’t They Call Me Back? It’s a great opportunity, why don’t they call me back?Top talent in competitive industries are beinghounded every day. Whether they want to or not there isn’t time to explore every call.
  15. 15. They Search You!
  16. 16. They Research You & Your Company
  17. 17. They Research You & Your Company
  18. 18. 2012 SearchGoogle is blending results including social, location and so is everyone else…..
  19. 19. 2010 Search
  20. 20. 2012 Search
  21. 21. 2012 Search
  22. 22. Candidates Premature DecisionsCandidates are making decisions before you can even get them in the door. You can help direct those decisions byhaving a great brand, vision, jobs, above average salaries and a rock star marketing team to promote them and drive traffic to your jobs.
  23. 23. Turn the Strategy Upside Down Woopra   The Power of One Remember your first 10 followers?That one session or person you met at a conference that made it worth coming.The one person that can connect you with many others.
  24. 24. Turn the Strategy Upside Down Woopra  Broad  Target   Focused  Target    
  25. 25. Woopra  It’s not a perfect science but socialmedia monitoring tools are gettingmuch better at finding the influentialneedle in the online haystack. - Jay Baer, The Now Revolution
  26. 26. Who Woopra   Talking Now?Social Mention Google Alerts
  27. 27. Who Woopra   Talking Now? Radian6 Find where are these people and engage them immediately. Rapid ResponseTrackur, Brandwatch, Synthesio, ScoutLabs, Attensity, Alterian
  28. 28. WhoWoopra   Is On Now? Woopra.com     Who is viewing my site right now? Where are they? What are they looking at? What are they typing to get there?
  29. 29. WhoWoopra   Is On Now?WoopraiPhone App
  30. 30. Who Is Talking About You? Woopra  
  31. 31. Use what you have! Woopra  Facebook InsightsWebsite•  Landing Pages - Different Links for Different People (InsideConnector)•  Google AnalyticsBlog•  WordPress Hack for Comments•  LOADS of Plugins•  Feedburner Stats
  32. 32. Use what you have! Woopra  Twitter•  Analyze Followers•  Twitilyzer•  TwitsheepLinkedIn•  Who has viewed your profile?•  Who is your last hire connected to?Links•  Bit.ly•  Hootsuite Owly
  33. 33. Use what you have! Woopra  Xobni    Gist    Rappor7ve  
  34. 34. Use what you have! Woopra   Listen then Engage Where else might I have an easier conversation? What other information can I find? Convert possible passives from Bullhorn Reach or other leads.
  35. 35. Who Is Talking About You? Woopra  
  36. 36. We All Have Influence Somewhere Woopra   Do they matter?     Is it who talks the most who has the most influence or the people who talk to the most people? Neither – influence needs to create actions.
  37. 37. Who Is Talking About You? Woopra   How do you find your influencers? Popularity is one indicator but it only tells half of the story. To be influential a person needs to have expertise in a particular subject matter or area AND an audience that is receptive to their suggestions.      
  38. 38. Woopra   Defining InfluenceInfluence is simply the ability to change how others think and act. Although the size of an individual’s social graphoften indicates credibility, the definitive characteristic of an online influencer is not how many Twitter followers or LinkedIn connections a person has nor how often they blog about a particular subject; it’s their ability to drive others to take action, alter behavior or change opinion. - Radian 6
  39. 39. Woopra   We All Have Influence SomewhereHow you define who your influencers are is based on your recruiting model and positions.Remember having data and what you do with the data are two different things. Power of One
  40. 40. Who Is Talking About You? Woopra  Rank your influencers, keep lists, import to ATS/CRM. Hootsuite
  41. 41. Woopra  Your  scien7sts  were  so  preoccupied  with  whether  or  not  they  could,  they  didnt  stop  to  think  if  they  should.   - Jurassic Park
  42. 42. Questions?Shannon MyersWalton Search, LLC@slcmyers@waltonsearchshannon@waltonsearch.comwww.linkedin.com/in/shannonmyerswww.facebook.com/waltonsearch