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Take Your Business Through the Roof


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Take Your Business Through the Roof

  1. 1. TAKE YOUR BUSINESSTHROUGH THE ROOFPresented by Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS
  2. 2. Mark Zurkerberg, CEO - FacebookIn 1 Week - Celebrated his 28th BirthdayGot Married to Priscilla ChanInitial IPO estimated his wealth at $19.25 B
  3. 3. Jennifer Lopez American Idol Judge#1 of Forbes Celebrity Top #100$52m to date this yearAlbums, World Tour, 3 MoviesWomen’s Collection for Kohls, 18 fragrances
  4. 4. #1 in the United States#5 Most Powerful People
  5. 5. These people are all smart, independent, talented, unique, hardworking and successful Just Like You! Whatlessons can you learn from them to take your business through the roof?
  6. 6. Lesson Number One Successful People Do The Things Other’s Don’t
  7. 7. Learn from your competition
  8. 8. Take time to show gratitude and thanks
  9. 9. Take care of employees, and donate tocauses most important to YOU!
  10. 10. Learn from your competition?Show gratitude to clients and candidates?Survey or ask for critiques?Prepare & plan like Big Billers?Commit to a lifetime of learning?
  11. 11. How do you Stand Out? What can you say that NO ONE else can? Be Creative Be Different Strive to be a Be True to WOW Yourself Display Your Personality
  13. 13. Enjoy today’s Perfect Storm Baby Boomers Job Economy is Majority of are retiringSatisfaction improving Companies worldwide – All Time Marketplace will hire in 1 every 6 Low (less is Candidate 2012 – 2013 seconds than 15%) Driven! according to AARP
  14. 14. LESSON NUMBER FOURDON’T FEAR FAILURE….Successful people “Try more” so they fail more.It’s not the number of your successes but thefailures you overcome that determines yourlevel of success.
  15. 15. The day after Facebook went Public – Zuckerberg lost $2B Jennifer Lopez – Jlo and Sweetface clothing lines failed Bill Gates never graduated from Harvard and failed in the first company he founded called Traf-O-Data
  16. 16. 1. 20% that provides 80% of results3. New 2. Time Ideas Wasters
  17. 17. LESSON NUMBER FIVEDetermine WalkFriend or away from Foe… Noise
  18. 18. Attract clients by Conduct revenue positioning yourself as modeling an expert Determine a prospectivePosition yourself as a clients pain before your trusted advisor “marketing presentation” Walk away from reduced fee high maintenance clients
  19. 19. REPRESENT THE CANDIDATE YOUR CLIENTS WANT TO HIRERepresent Focus on Don’t IdentifyTop Talent Walk away the 5% of – the depend new from high candidates on job sources hidden maintenance you WILL boards quarterly market of candidates placecandidates
  20. 20. Mark Zuckerberg turned down a $15B offer from MicrosoftJennifer Lopez turned down the role as a judge on X FactorBill Gates turn down daily role of Microsoft Operations tofocus on his $31 B Foundation. He has to date donated$28B to charity
  22. 22. Your current life reflect choice you’ve made to date! It is no coincidence You are one that you are choice away attending the from changingFordyce Forum your life in Dallas in 2012
  24. 24. Play at a level 10 Clients…Candidates… Co-Workers… Split Partners You have people’s lives in your hands
  26. 26. Attract business based on your reputation and performanceIncrease business with current clients Develop a specific referral process for clients and candidates
  27. 27. LESSON NUMBER NINERealize: If you think you You’re can or If 100% right you think you can’t
  28. 28. You are your own lottery... commit during the 2012 Fordyce Forum
  29. 29. TAKE YOUR BUSINESSTHROUGH THE ROOFPresented by Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS