Sourcing For Diversity Panel


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ERE Webinar from 6/16/2011, moderated by Gerry Crispin and including Annie Chae, Megan Holte, Carmen Hudson, and Jim Schnyder.

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Sourcing For Diversity Panel

  1. 1. Diversity Sourcing: Lots of Firepower… but Silver Bullets are in Short Supply Moderator: Gerry Crispin, sphr Co-Founder Carmen Hudson, Recruiting Toolbox Annie Chae Microsoft   Jim Schnyder PepsiCo Megan Holte , ADP
  2. 2. Audience Q &A?
  3. 3. Before getting into the specifics about how you ensure your firm’s sourcing efforts are diverse, What expectations, if any, are set about the diversity of your firm’s slates, rewards and hires? Are they flexible by job or company wide? Annie Jim Megan Carmen
  4. 4. Is it a myth or is there some truth to the belief that employee referrals are a hinderance to diversity? Annie Jim Megan Carmen
  5. 5. Source: Master Burnett /DJS at ERE Spring Expo 2011
  6. 6. Source: CareerXroads Source of Hire, 3/2011
  7. 7. What are some specific practices and tactics sourcing contributes to diversity recruiting? Where do you see efforts being made to address specific areas like college hires, executives, etc? Alignment Annie Gle Jim Megan Carmen
  8. 8. Lets talk about company affinity groups? How are sourcers involved? How can they be more involved? Alignment Annie Jim Megan Carmen
  9. 9. Audience Q &A?
  10. 10. what final advice would you offer to the audience about their diversity sourcing? Annie Jim Megan Carmen
  11. 11. Moderator: Gerry Crispin, sphr Co-Founder Help us thank our panel! Annie Chae Microsoft   Jim Schnyder PepsiCo Megan Holte , ADP Carmen Hudson, Recruiting Toolbox