Shifting Gears


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Sourcecon Webinar from 8/31/2011, presented by Russ Moon.

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Shifting Gears

  1. 1. Shifting Gears You are professionally parachuted into unfamiliar terrain…..Survival Guide to orienting, surviving and thriving in your new Russ Moon International Tax Executive Search
  2. 2. Russ Moon International Tax Executive Search
  3. 3. Core principles for adaptation •  Control your adrenaline – gather yourself •  Orient •  Inventory •  Hyper Awareness •  Fall Forward •  Break your activity goals into small pieces •  Work in bursts, pause, review then fine Russ Moon International Tax Executive Search
  4. 4. Russ Moon International Taxwww.russmoonow.comExecutive Search
  5. 5. Place Hand Russ Moon International Tax Executive Search
  6. 6. Write down 5 Words which Catch Your Russ Moon International Tax Executive Search
  7. 7. Transition into a leadership Role •  Orient First – resist the adrenaline urge to “do something” •  Identify the first 3 objectives –  Find the experts and “recruit” them as mentors •  Culture – ensure 0 distortion at start •  Team – immediate gap analysis •  Remember the more you coach and follow-up the better, resist the urge to demonstrate your prowess at the Russ Moon International Tax Executive Search
  8. 8. Getting up to Speed •  Resources –  Find out what is available –  Where are the formal and informal internal networks and who are the hubs ? –  Gently introduce yourself and find commonality in your missions, “recruit” an ally, gain internal intelligence… Russ Moon International Tax Executive Search
  9. 9. What should you do if your training doesnt get you up to speed? •  Good Training – teaches you skills or mindsets which enable you to be more productive. •  Bad Training – all other •  If Yours is not enough – train yourself and do your own research to become an expert. –  Use this training to help others thus expanding your value add beyond your original role. Russ Moon International Tax Executive Search
  10. 10. How has the mentor relationship changed? •  Higher expectations on the mentee to be focused and able to articulate the purpose of the relationship –  Mentor must receive ROI (indirectly or directly) •  Reverse mentoring becoming more popular –  You teach your mentor in return for their time. –  As they interact with you more they learn Russ Moon International Tax Executive Search
  11. 11. Core principles for adaptation •  Self-Awareness is key •  You have to be in the moment, at all times. •  Pay attention to what works, what does not work, who is considered great and model what works…..then expand outward. •  Be Honest, Deliver on your Commitments and saying “Thank you” is not a sign of Russ Moon International Tax Executive Search
  12. 12. Are leaders changing their style to deal with the more collaborative, and less top down, way that the Millennial generation prefers? •  The Smart Ones Are •  I see a trend where leaders are recruiting for intangibles related to collaboration –  Bring in the people with the skill and expectation –  Mold them to the culture and Russ Moon International Tax Executive Search
  13. 13. CASE STUDY #1: Jane has been recruiting in the finance industry for the last 5 years. Now, she finds herself recruiting for a hospital. Where am I ? Russ Moon International Tax Executive Search
  14. 14. The Quick List•  Link the Known to the Unknown –  What do you know that transfers directly over ?•  What do you need to know and how to learn it•  3 Things Top Performers Do•  3 – Absolutely Do Not Do this•  Stay synched to supervisor in terms of parallel vision, systematically create feedback and show how rapidly you can respond.•  People don’t expect perfect, they expect courage and progression.
  15. 15. SourceCon Challenge Clue•  "The clue to help you get a jump start on the Challenge, which will be starting tomorrow, is site tags."www.russmoonow.comRuss Moon International TaxExecutive Search