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Save Your Cold Calls! Use Social Media and Go Where Your Candidates Already Are


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ERE Webinar from 7/14/2011, presented by Shally Steckerl.

Published in: Business, Technology
  • Great presentation! Priority lists slides are very true! You may want to take a look at a similar perspective on how cold calls can be reduced by the effective use of social media
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Save Your Cold Calls! Use Social Media and Go Where Your Candidates Already Are

  1. 1. Educational Webinar Series Save Your Cold Calls Go Where Candidates Already Are Arbita/ERE Webinar July 2011
  2. 2. Social Media ApproachEducational Webinar Series: Initiating Contact •  Be empathetic if you want to unlock the secrets (its person-to- person activity) •  Be a good listener (youll end up smarter than the talkers) •  Be patient (technology moves fast, buy-in is slow) •  Be opportunistic (start small, take advantage of any green light, act on a great idea) •  Be flexible (surprises are common: you must adjust) •  Be collaborative (you wont succeed w/o internal support) •  Be humble (the groundswell is bigger than any company) Copyright 2010 Arbita. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Ranked order of response prioritiesEducational Webinar Series: Initiating Contact •  Empirical data suggests that prospects are more likely to respond to your messages in this order of priority (assuming you have implied or explicit permission): 1.  SMS or “texting” 2.  Instant Messenger (chat) 3.  Email 4.  Private SocNet (Facebook, Twitter DM, etc) 5.  Public SocNet (wall post, @twitter, etc.) 6.  Calls to Mobile phone 7.  Calls to “land line” Copyright 2010 Arbita. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. Social Networking MessagesEducational Webinar Series: Initiating Contact •  Look them up on –  wink, pipl, spock, spokeo, –  linkedin, facebook, myspace, ning, etc. –  plaxo, jigsaw, unyk, zoominfo, 123People •  Keep searching until you have some kind of social network contact or point of connection •  Find common ground –  i.e. you’re both members of same networks, alumni, linkedin group, facebook fan page, any other organizations •  Find friends in common (network connections) •  Can’t find one? Join a group(s) they are in! Copyright 2010 Arbita. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. Templates for social mediaEducational Webinar Series: Initiating Contact •  Remember this is the 3rd attempt to contact them, they already received an email (or possibly two) and a voicemail from you. Something simple works: “[Name,] I’ve sent you an email and voicemail, and then I found you here on [network]. I believe I have something that may be worth a few moments of your time. Please contact me…” •  Before send the message, don’t forget to include ALL your social networking links! Copyright 2010 Arbita. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. Other Contact Templates IdeasEducational Webinar Series: Initiating Contact P  Let them know where you found them: –  “I noticed you had some interesting answers to the [topic name] question in the [site/group TIP: name] online…” –  “I see you have had some excellent “I found you on experience in ___ for ___ from your online the Internet” comment…” freaks people P  Let them know why you contacted them: out… but saying “I found you –  “You seemed to know quite a bit about ___ so online” is safer. I wondered if you could spare a couple moments of your time so I could pick your Citing “LinkedIn” brain…” is excellent! –  “Given your expertise in your industry, I wondered if we could talk…” P  The key is unobtrusive, honest, gentle conversation. Copyright 2010 Arbita. All rights reserved.
  7. 7. Found you on LinkedIn, would like to talk with youEducational Webinar Series: Initiating Contact Hi [Name], your LinkedIn profile was brought to my attention by someone who thought you may be very knowledgeable and well connected in the [INDUSTRY] and could potentially know others who would be interested in a position with our [DIVISION NAME] group. I would love a chance to speak with you confidentially about any of your connections who may be a fit. It would also be an excellent chance for me to understand your experience, background and goals so I may be able to support your networking efforts when the opportunity arises. If you are open to having a brief conversation, or know someone who would be, please reply. Copyright 2010 Arbita. All rights reserved.
  8. 8. High tech versus high touchEducational Webinar Series: Initiating Contact •  Social media is about relationships, even if you are only just starting one •  Give them useful content to inspire conversation •  Complete profile builds credibility/trust •  Keep “one voice” (tone) across all profiles •  Give before you receive, offer when you ask •  By all means, don’t forget to paste in a signature file with links! Copyright 2010 Arbita. All rights reserved.
  9. 9. Connection In-person vs. Social MediaEducational Webinar Series: Initiating Contact •  When meeting someone in person how often do you: –  Give them your card without talking with them first? –  Ask for an endorsement without knowing them? –  Ask for a referral without knowing them? –  Talk about yourself 100% of the time? –  Show pictures of yourself partying or at the beach? –  Tell them you are having a really bad day? –  Tell them you hate your boss and are ready for change? –  Give them “25 things they need to know about you”? •  If you don’t do it in person, why do it online? Copyright 2010 Arbita. All rights reserved.
  10. 10. Facebook Pages and LinkedIn GroupsEducational Webinar Series: Initiating Contact •  Why create your OWN groups? •  People are more likely to accept a group invite than a personal networking connection •  You can send a message to everyone in your group, even if they are not your direct connections •  Good group content can drive viral marketing •  Team project! Share the workload, and if someone leaves, they can’t take the network with them •  Focused and adjusted on-the-fly, they responding to your communitys needs and offer them immense value •  Gain your audiences trust and attention if you offer valuable insights or information they dont get elsewhere Copyright 2010 Arbita. All rights reserved.
  11. 11. Be AvailableEducational Webinar Series: Initiating Contact LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Public profile, vanity URL Public profile, vanity URL Bio with vanity username Join Groups Join Discussion Groups Receive DMs and Company Pages Open Networker (receive Accept friends readily Join some Twubs InMail at no cost to (but categorize via lists sender) to keep some info private) Add your URLs, phone Add your URLs to profile Include your URL in Bio &/or email to profile Copyright 2010 Arbita. All rights reserved.
  12. 12. If you find them here…Educational Webinar Series: Initiating Contact LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Most open to Dislike overt recruitment Follow them and they recruitment-related communication, but may follow you back communications wants to be able to learn about you and your company Your LinkedIn group can Steer them to your You can have a Twitter have a Jobs tab (free robust company page, jobs feed, but your posts alternative to LI’s paid not your job posting should primarily be more job postings) compelling content types Status updates go to 1st Status updates go to 1st Interesting status degree connections; are degree connections; are updates will be read more often, but not occasionally read and retweeted for wider forwarded much forwarded distribution Copyright 2010 Arbita. All rights reserved.
  13. 13. Ways to stand outEducational Webinar Series: Initiating Contact •  Invite them to a webinar/event •  Share useful content in creative and engaging formats: news, contests, discussions, events, learning, presentations, photos, polls, videos, etc. •  Expert “halo effect”: Subscribe to colleagues’ feeds and forward interesting items to your network Copyright 2010 Arbita. All rights reserved.
  14. 14. Find their networkEducational Webinar Series: Initiating Contact •  If you know someone is at Lucent but you can’t find them on any social networks, ask others who ARE in your social networks that you know are at Lucent to point you in the right direction •  Join the groups that their similar colleagues do (they likely belong, too) and then you’ll see them •  If the person has posted using a unique social network username, try searching on that handle elsewhere (they may use their real name in posts) Copyright 2010 Arbita. All rights reserved.
  15. 15. Other ways to get their attentionEducational Webinar Series: Initiating Contact •  LinkedIn –  Comment on their status –  Others who mention their name, or who wrote/received endorsements, obviously know them! •  Twitter –  Tweepz, Twellow, Twingly and other Twitter directory/search tools –  DM or RT their posts, or mention @theirusername in a post •  Facebook –  Use Friend Finder and/or similar to add them as a friend •  Blogs –  Leave a comment on their blog, or a blog you know they read •  Ning – “FIRSTNAME LASTNAME” (query any search engine) will show mentions of their name, groups they join, their friends pages, and events in which they participated •  FriendFeed –  Email/IM them via FriendFeed, mention them in a post Copyright 2010 Arbita. All rights reserved.
  16. 16. Next steps…Educational Webinar Series: Initiating Contact What now? •  Follow Shally on Twitter, and connect on LinkedIn and Facebook! •  Join our (nospam) mailing list for tips and news, or just email us questions! •  Find almost anyone in 10 minutes or less... or your money back with our Advanced Recruiter & Job-Hunter GuruGuides at •  Tons more free learning at The Sourcer’s Desk Shally Steckerl We’re available for EVP, Arbita custom on-site and web-based training. Select topics from over 50 hours of material! 7/14/11 LinkedIn | My Bio | MSN | Skype 16 Copyright 2010 Arbita. All rights reserved.