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RPO or You: How Will Your Staffing Organization Survive?


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Presentation from the ERE Expo Fall 2009, presented by Mark Mehler

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RPO or You: How Will Your Staffing Organization Survive?

  1. 1. RPO or YOU How will your staffing organization survive? Panel: Moderator: Do-it-y ourself Mark Mehler outsource RPO And U offshore Tara Amaral Co-Founder, CareerXroads Nury Plumley Mike Grennier
  2. 2. ABB Corning Nationwide Insurance ADP DaVita Northrop Grumman Agilent Dell Pepsi Alstom Transportation Disney Pepsi Bottling Alticor Edward Jones Pitney Bowes Amazon Embarq RIM American Cancer Society Enterprise Rent-A-Car Rolls Royce Aramark Ernst & Young RSM McGladrey Astra Zeneca First Command Financial Sanofi-Aventis Avanade Gaylord National Schering-Plough Bank of America GE Sears BASF Genentech Shell Battelle Genesis Healthcare Target Baxter Healthcare Herman Miller Time Warner Cable BearingPoint Honeywell TiVo Becton Dickinson Ingersoll Rand Tyco BP International Paper Vale Inco Campbell’s Intuit Verizon Wireless Celanese Johnson & Johnson Wal-Mart CH2MHill JP Morgan Chase Wegmans Comcast Lilly Wells Fargo CIBC Limited Brands Whirlpool COMSYS Macy’s Wolters Kluwer ConAgra Foods Microsoft Yahoo! National Security Agency
  3. 3. Are you Ready to Consider Outsourcing Recruiting?
  4. 4. Are you Ready to Consider Outsourcing Recruiting? •  What are your recruiting processes and policies? Can you document them? Is it standardized/harmonized across your department, division, and business? •  What are your current resources? Head Count, Full Time and Contractors? How are you organized? Do you have recruiting generalists or specialists? How do you source? •  Do you know how much you spend? On Associates, contractors, sourcing, marketing, contingency and retained, temp to perm, infrastructure (technologies, etc.) •  Who else besides the recruiting organization touches/participates in the recruiting process? Generalist? Diversity? Executive Recruiting? College? Internships? 8
  5. 5. Are you Ready to Consider Outsourcing Recruiting •  What do you measure today? Critical metrics? New Hire Surveys? Cost to Hire? Diversity? •  Does your company do hiring forecasts/workforce planning? How accurate and predictable has it been historically? What is your hiring volume by function, location, skill? Is your business in a go forward the same as the look back? •  What are you trying to accomplish? Increased quality? Reduced cycle time? Control fixed cost? Variable hiring partner? •  Do you know what you think you should consider outsourcing? Technology? End to end process? Hybrid? Front end of sourcing or recruiting? High volume? Recruitment logistics and fulfillment? 9
  6. 6. Are you Ready to Consider Outsourcing Recruiting •  Change and communication. Who what, where, when, and what do people need to know if you consider outsourcing? •  What should you retain? 10
  7. 7. RPO Case Study
  8. 8. RPO Case Study Objective Implement a flexible and scalable, outsourced staffing service delivery model in the Americas beginning June 1, 2009 with a full implementation July 1, 2009. Scope Full life-cycle recruiting (job req approval to offer accept) for all non-contingent hiring in the Americas. Vendor Selection Selected Partner as our “Americas staffing service delivery partner”, end of April 2009. Implementation Soft launch June 1, 2009; Go live July 1, 2009.
  9. 9. Staffing Roles Agilent Vendor Manager: Manage vendor to service levels post implementation, and escalation point for Agilent hiring managers, Agilent HR partners. RPO Vendor Client Services Manager: • Responsible for the day to day management and success of the Agilent RPO Program • Works closely with the Agilent Americas Staffing Team to develop optimal program efficiencies and client satisfaction • Provides leadership and coaching to the RPO Vendor of choice. RPO Vendor Recruiters: Provide full-cycle/end-to-end recruitment activities for all non-contingent hiring from job requisition approval to offer accept. Agilent Contract Recruiters: Continue to provide recruitment services for more difficult to fill openings for all non-contingent hiring. • RPO Vendor Coordinators: • Facilitates logistical and recruitment activities to service Agilent Americas Staffing process • Includes Interviewing Logistics, Candidate Offer Process Management, Onboarding support, Applicant Tracking System Maintenance, Metrics, and Reports.
  10. 10. Timeline Date Action March Decision to outsource staffing service delivery model March – April Vendor selection •  Identified 12 vendors through research •  Took 6 through RFP •  Selected 3 finalists •  Took finalists through •  “Scripted” deep dive presentations •  Recruitment simulation •  Reference checks (vendor provided and backdoor) •  Selected top vendor May Contract negotiation and implementation work in parallel May - June HR Partner and Hiring Manager (targeted) emails and invitation to live sessions Transition of Open Requisitions and Candidates in Process (Agilent Recruiter > Vendor Recruiter) July 1 Full Launch of Outsourced Recruiting Model Email Introduction to all Americas Managers
  11. 11. Our need for RPO (China) •  Consolidation of International Procurement Organizations •  4 Countries need resources (China, India, Pakistan, Japan) •  Initial challenges –  Hire 120 people in a three-month window –  Limited recruiting expertise in GP –  Inefficient recruiting processes in China office •  Goals: –  Fill open positions quickly –  Improve our recruiting processes in country 16
  12. 12. RPO Observations/Risks •  Clear definition up front –  Roles, responsibilities of RPO partner AND hiring manager community •  Does your leadership understand what they’re signing up for? –  Constant, constant, constant communication •  Focus on lower-level positions? –  The proverbial “low hanging fruit” •  Interview and meet the recruiters that will be executing –  Not just the sales team –  Oversell and under-deliver??? •  Contract flexibility –  Is your business committed? –  Do the terms of the contract match the changing nature of your business? •  IS HR/Recruiting a barrier or an enabler? 17
  13. 13. Questions? 18
  14. 14. Lets Thank the Panel 19