Redeploying Your Recruiting Resources


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Presentation from the ERE Expo 2009 Fall, presented by Dan Kilgore.

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Redeploying Your Recruiting Resources

  1. 1. Redeploying Your Recruiting Resources Dan Kilgore Riviera Advisors, Inc
  2. 2. Welcome: Introductions  Dan Kilgore –  Spent 25+ years in staffing and recruiting most recently leading recruiting at Getronics/Wang Global. –  Led recruiting, staffing, and HR teams at Digital Equipment Corporation and Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Massachusetts among others. –  Led consulting engagements for recruiting process optimization and technology for key corporate clients. Based in Boston, Mass. USA 1
  3. 3. Welcome: Who are we? –  Boutique consulting firm that works with organizations to improve and optimize their internal recruiting and staffing function. –  Focused on improving processes and recruiting professional, HR, and hiring manager skills. –  We have worked all over the world to help small to large organizations improve hiring speed, cost, and quality while improving and enhancing processes and internal and external brands. 2
  4. 4. Welcome: Who are we?   Over the last 8 years, we have partnered with outstanding organizations to help companies start, reengineer, and optimize recruiting and staffing Clients 3
  5. 5. Welcome: Our Agenda Today –  Redeploying Your Recruiting Resources Delivering internal Outplacement Services Actively participating in Sales solutions Supporting the company’s Marketing operations Partnering with other HR initiatives Initiating true Workforce Planning Strategic Talent Pool Cultivation 4
  6. 6. (Internal) Outplacement Services •  Easy to Demonstrate ROI •  Create a virtual Career University •  Offerings:  Resume Writing  Interviewing Skills  Campaign Management  Offer Negotiation  Use of the Internet •  Location Choice •  Vendor Assistance 5
  7. 7. (External) Outplacement Services Take the same service offering you used Internally --- AND TAKE IT ON THE ROAD! •  State Unemployment Offices •  Social Service Agencies •  College/Community College Placement Offices •  Social/Community Groups (It may even have tax advantages!) 6
  8. 8. Business Development Maximize your team’s Sourcing/Research Capabilities •  Access your Sales Department’s CRM system •  Explore prospects with weak/limited background data •  Work up your own “D & B +” Data File (at no cost) 7
  9. 9. Directed Research •  Access Sales and Executive travel schedules •  Target Key Individuals at Clients/Prospects •  Create Individual Dossiers, (for “airplane reading”) 8
  10. 10. Top Grade your Recruiting Staff Have you or Will you be faced with a Staff Reduction? •  Examine Contractor Roles First •  Perform a Performance-Based Ranking of all Staff  With Career Development as a Focus  To Be Prepared for any needed Reduction in Force 9
  11. 11. Re-Skilling When was the last time you did a full department inventory of training needs for each of the staff? Might they be in need of training or refresher courses in:  Internet Recruiting  Social Networking  ATS usage/maximization  Behavioral Interviewing Make total use of Inexpensive/Free Resources 10
  12. 12. Build a Talent Pool Pipeline •  Assess your past “Difficult to Fill” positions •  Design/Launch a new Branding Campaign targeting these •  Focus on longer range, strategic relationship building* •  Utilize newsletters, blogs, personalized e-mails, etc. * Caution: Be very clear about purpose, and any current vs. future openings 11
  13. 13. Train the Hiring Managers When was the last time you held “Selection Training” for your hiring managers? •  You can buy “off the shelf” training packages, virtual or live, that can be inexpensive and very effective •  With the talent you have in the recruiters, how tough would it be to build your own interview training? After all, it’s something we do every day! 12
  14. 14. Internal Process Analysis When the car is in the heat of the race, it’s tough to change the tires! Now’s the perfect time to revisit your workflow processes in recruiting:   How long does it take for Reqs. to get approved?   Is your ATS use maximized?   Can you track the metrics you need to? What are you measuring?   How does your efficiency stack up against the competition?   Do you have any “Best Practices” in place? 13
  15. 15. Technology Upgrade Are you satisfied with your current Applicant Tracking System? This may not be the best time to float an RFP to acquire a new system, but there’s a lot that can probably be done with what you have:  When was the last audit you did on your database?  Have you worked with your vendor to remain current?  Can your vendor provide upgrades/customizations for little/no cost?  How current is your website? Any internal resources available to help you update it?  It wouldn’t hurt to survey the marketplace for lower cost solutions in ATS offerings. 14
  16. 16. Special Project Work Have you thought outside of the box lately on what talents and skills your staff may have that may be transferable? If you look around in side the company, are there any on-going projects you could assist with? •  Newsletter/blog writing with the Marketing Dept. •  Career/Succession Planning •  Skills mapping of the employee population (for WFP) •  Community-based services 15
  17. 17. Assist HR in Core Services Who was the first person most of your employees met when they first connected with the company? YOUR RECRUITERS! Given their knowledge of the employee population, and very often their own personal experiences in other HR functions, could they be assisting in other areas? •  Employee Relations (which often take a beating during a down cycle) •  Salary Surveying/Planning •  Workforce Planning •  Strategic Research 16
  18. 18. Thank you!   Questions and Comments. –  If you have a question, please begin with your name, position title and the company you work for.   If you have further questions, please feel free to send me an email: And Don’t Hesitate To Keep in Touch! 17
  19. 19. Trends, Predictions: 2009 Dan Kilgore Riviera Advisors, Inc