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Recruiting: Inside Out


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Doug Beabout's presentation from the Fordyce Forum 2008

Published in: Business, Career
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Recruiting: Inside Out

  1. 1. Recruiting: Inside Out Presented by Doug Beabout
  2. 2. The definition of insanity Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results
  3. 3. What are we doing that is so nuts? Most organizations still recruit or “fill jobs” versus “Attract Top Talent” Focus is on qualifying, testing, culture matching and what you want The people you must have today are not reacting as expected
  4. 4. What are we doing that is so nuts? The answer is not depending a new “techno tool” 99% of professionals are working, not hanging around the “Boards” You have to adopt new recruiting practices, processes & paradigms
  5. 5. Is recruiting really a big issue? Look at some facts (not opinions) Our country is morphing demographically Baby-boomers are leaving the workforce (35mm) by 2010 Recruiting wherewithal is largely leaving with them They are not likely to return (as things stand now)
  6. 6. Is recruiting really a big issue? Gen X (50mm) is not a large talent pool Baby-Boomers go, Gen X/Y is here = 35mm shortfall Millennials are not ready to take charge But, you must find the people and talents To meet objectives Sell products Expand with opportunities
  7. 7. Is recruiting really a big issue? Look at some facts (not opinions) Little recruiting was done from 1999-2005 Mentoring in recruiting was not seen as critical Job boards and tech tools seemed to be enough Departments were reduced in number; but not in responsibility New positions require historically complex skill sets
  8. 8. What is our greatest challenge? Finding critically required, leadership talent to: Expand product lines Take advantage of emerging markets Exploit technological advances Evolve with our evolving economic platform Reach beyond your competitors
  9. 9. How do we meet these challenges? Develop the organizational ability to “Attract Talent” Law of Attraction says “That which is like unto itself is drawn” Attract from the inside of your client organization out to those you require…, How?
  10. 10. How do we meet these challenges? Create the mechanisms and programs that uncover the attraction factors: Company attraction points Department Managerial Cultural Communities
  11. 11. How do we meet these challenges? Adapt “unconventional” practices to attract a new generation of people with new ideas Evolve from a culture of “hiring” to “attracting” Master the process of Recruiting: Inside Out
  12. 12. Our recruiting approach worked fine It did, for decades You had the luxury of a large pool of talent We had a ”trained” candidate and client pool You don’t have to be a great shot to shoot at a flock
  13. 13. Powerful recruiting is based in vision Today’s recruiting skills need vision from inside the: Company Department Function Manager Community Real communication fosters valuable attraction attitudes
  14. 14. General knowledge generally fails An annual report won’t make the difference Marketing materials won’t attract the talent Your industry reputation is not the difference
  15. 15. General knowledge generally fails Behavioral testing can’t recruit Assessment indexes do not attract individuals Skilled recruiting visionaries attract the talent and best people
  16. 16. The race for talent is not a short one We are facing a narrowing competition for critical talent This promises to remain for at least the next 10 years Winning the race for talent demands gaining a leading position
  17. 17. Talent is becoming the gold The most valuable asset is often the scarcest Talented people have always made the competitive advantage The numbers should compel you to leap into the race
  18. 18. Recruiting: Inside Out A revolutionary recruiting process Attract the best, critically required people Will create the cutting edge of competition in the talent wars ahead Its natural by-product is retention
  19. 19. Recruiting: Inside Out Doug Beabout, CEO The Douglas Howard Group 850.424.6933 850.398.1688