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Real World Sourcing


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Presentation from Sourcecon 2011 NYC, presented by Katharine Robinson

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Real World Sourcing

  1. 1. REALWORLDSOURCING Katharine Robinson @TheSourceress 8 th Februar y 2011
  2. 2. HARVEST TWESTIVAL -SEPT 2008Would go on to become the global Twestival Charity event! Images by @benjaminellis
  4. 4. FINDING EVENTS•  Look for events popular on Twitter •  Lanyrd •  Tweetvite •  twtvite•  LinkedIn Events•  Search Engines – especially good for big conferences and expos•  Industry Associations•  Industry Publications•  Event Management Sites •  Eventbrite – e.g. Only Marketing Jobs •  Amiando•  Facebook
  5. 5. KEYTOOLS TWITTER LINKEDIN • Identify new people • Stay in touch with the that you would like to people you meet meet • Learn more about the • Discover new events people you’ve met • Harness the networks of • Follow events as they your new contacts happen • Discover new events
  6. 6. DISCOVERING PEOPLE - TWITTERPeople from IndustryLocal PeopleRecruiters/SourcersGreat ConnectorsFind more people:•  Who do they follow?•  Who have they listed?•  How are they listed?
  7. 7. NOW GO MEET THEMI’ve met twitter (and other interesting) folks at;•  Work•  Tweetups•  Conferences•  Exhibitions•  Random Coffees•  On the train
  8. 8. CONNECT ONLINKEDIN•  LinkedIn helps you stay on the radar of people you meet by •  Updating your status •  Being active •  Giving you an easy way to get in touch with them•  LinkedIn helps you meet more people by •  Allowing you to discover events popular with your network and go along to those •  Letting Event organisers create groups for networking opportunities before and after the event.
  9. 9. NETWORKING ON THEMOVE – AT EVENTS•  23% of my tweets come from my phone.•  You can email photos taken on your phone to the likes of Twitpic and Posterous.•  LinkedIn has apps for iPhone, Blackberry and PalmPre as well as its mobile site.•  Have you tried Foursquare for discovering other people at the same venues you are?
  10. 10. WHEN YOU CAN’T BETHEREThis is when Twitter comes into it’s own!•  #hashtags•  Twitterfall•  Twitter Search•  Tweetdeck•  HootsuiteWho’s blogging?•  Google blog search•  Social Mention•  IceRocket
  11. 11. RESOURCES - TWITTERFind Lists: Manage Twitter:Manage Lists: (desktop app) (in browser) How To use Lists from Twitter (in browser)Find People: Mobile twitter: (great if you don’t have a smart phone)Follow hashtags: Great UK Folks to Follow: @UKSourcers (me) @andyheadworth @James_Mayes @lesanto
  12. 12. RESOURCES – FINDEVENTSEvent Management sites: http://eventelephant.comWhat events are your network attending? Twitter: LinkedIn: Facebook: Event Planning: Plancast: Twtvite: Tweetvite:
  13. 13. RESOURCES –GETTING HELPSearch Engines:http://googleguide.com’s guide:’s guide for businesses: