On New Terrain: Social Gravity and the Future of HR


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Presentation from the TLNT Transform 2012 conference in Austin, presented by Jason Lauritsen and Joe Gerstandt.

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On New Terrain: Social Gravity and the Future of HR

  1. 1. On  New  Terrain  Social  Gravity  and  The  Future  of  HR   #TransformHR   @TalentAnarchy   @JasonLauritsen   @joegerstant  
  2. 2. THEN   NOW  
  3. 3. Work haschanged.
  4. 4. Signals  
  5. 5. skills   ability  knowledge   intelligence   experience  
  6. 6. LinkedIn3hat  about   W   this  stuff?  
  7. 7. resources  available  to  an  individual     through  their  relaKonships     to  and  connecKons  with  others:   Baker,  Wayne.    Achieving  Success  Through  Social  Capital.    2000.  
  8. 8. resources  available  to  an  individual     through  their  relaKonships     to  and  connecKons  with  others:  -­‐  informaKon   -­‐  goodwill  -­‐  ideas   -­‐  trust  -­‐  experKse   -­‐  cooperaKon   Baker,  Wayne.    Achieving  Success  Through  Social  Capital.    2000.  
  9. 9. The  new  talent  equaKon:  
  10. 10. Culture   Brand  OR Speed   InnovaKon  
  11. 11. Be  open  to    connecKons.  
  12. 12. Where  do  our    friends  come  from?  
  13. 13. PROXIMITY   – We  don t  seek  out  friends,  we   associate  with  people  who  occupy  the   same  small,  physical  spaces  we  do  ACTIVITY   – We  are  friends  with  those  with   whom  we  DO  things  
  14. 14. Leverage  proximity  by    moving  employees  frequently    Embrace Social Technology,internally and externally  Teach,  coach  &  hire  for  social  skills  
  15. 15. Get  involved  in  meaningful  acKvity.
  16. 16. Support  &  organize   causes  at  work    Help  people  create   passion  projects  Crowdsource  internally  Make  meeNngs  opNonal  
  17. 17. Always  be  authenKc.
  18. 18. PrioriNze  authenNcity  (organizaNon  &  individual)  Help  people  develop  a  personal  manifesto  and  vision  New  approach  to  conversaNons  &  failure  
  19. 19. Stay  in  touch.
  20. 20. ConnecNon  Made   SNll  No  Overlap  
  21. 21. Significant  Overlap  Meaningful  RelaNonship  
  22. 22. CREATING   OVERLAP  Overlap  happens  when  we  know  stuff  about   each  other  and  do  stuff  together.      Overlap  is  what  creates  strong  relaKonships.       Quality  beats  quanKty.    
  23. 23. Build  and  culNvate  internal  and  external  social  networks  Design  and  encourage  socializing  at  and  through  work  Create  ways  to  alumni  to  stay  connected  with  employees  
  24. 24. Use  karma  to    your  advantage.
  25. 25. Encourage   team-­‐based”  work  accountability  Internal  social  network  and  recommendaNons  –  LinkedIn  Style  Connect  employees  with  customers  and  the  community  
  26. 26. Invest  in  connecKng.
  27. 27. Create  Nme  for  social  in  people s  day  Social  network  map  the  org  to  show  value  Create  infrastructure  that  makes  connecNng  seamless    
  28. 28. 1.  be  open  2.  get  involved   3.  be  authenKc   4.  stay  in  touch   5.  use  karma   6.  invest  
  29. 29.  
  30. 30. GET  CONNECTED     ntanarchy.com  tale   r.com/TalentAnarchy   twiaeJASON  LAURITSEN   JOE  GERSTANDT  jason@talentanarchy.com   joe@talentanarchy.com  twiZer.com/jasonlauritsen   twiZer.com/joegerstandt