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Mobile Recruiting: Think Web, Act Mobile


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ERE Presentation from 6/8/11, presented by Gordon Lokenberg.

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Mobile Recruiting: Think Web, Act Mobile

  1. 1. think Web act Mobile presents Gordon Lokenberg Sponsored by The Ladders
  2. 2. Internet Mobile—  Information Call—  Games Games—  Vacancies Information—  Call Social Networking ….—  …. ….—  Social networking Vacancies—  ….— 
  3. 3. Think webBuildWebsitePost a JobReceiveEmail
  4. 4. Act Mobile—  Create a Mobile site • Create a Bleutooth signal • Create Objects in AR—  Create a Mobile application • Create Checkin’s—  Create QR Code • Create ….—  Create a Text code Mash up… have to think about this one maybe you have an idea?
  5. 5. To get in touch… Call   Text   Mail   Offline   Target  
  6. 6. Remind this—  When thinking of a mobile something, make sure it’ll be—  Simple to acces—  Easy to work with—  We don’t like to write to much on a mobile device—  Fast, we don’t have time no more…
  7. 7. TEXT—  start with promoting: send #job to 4141—  Reply with vacancies
  8. 8. Mobile web—  Check us out on
  9. 9. If you like apps—  Make sure your app is more than a rss feed of your jobsite
  10. 10. picture  by  @wilg  
  11. 11. Mobile Recruitmentapplications
  12. 12. QR codes—  Combine Offline with Online
  13. 13. NFC— in-recent-job-postings-28129101/—  … LOCATION BASED
  14. 14. Your jobs in their pocket
  15. 15. Augmented Reality—  Engage your AR visitors, get them to play with your brand, your Employer Brand.—  Try to get them to different places and gain points of interest.—  Let them see what they can make or create or find out for real in Augmented Reality.—  Get them moving towards your jobs.
  16. 16. To show you the jobs you can’tsee
  17. 17. What will be next?
  18. 18. Thank you!