Mission Possible: How to Create a Comprehensive Social Media Recruitment Marketing Strategy


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Session from the ERE Expo Spring 2011, presented by Stacy Van Meter

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Mission Possible: How to Create a Comprehensive Social Media Recruitment Marketing Strategy

  1. 1. Turning Candidates into Customers …and employees into evangelistsTwitter - @Deluxejobs @sjvconsult
  2. 2. (mis)PerceptionWhy Deluxe?
  3. 3. The New DeluxeDeluxe is Transforming
  4. 4. Shifting Talent Needs Deluxe’s Most in-Demand Positions in 2010 Search Marketing ManagerE-marketing Delivery Specialist Marketing Database AnalystTechnology Solutions Analyst Interactive Designer Director of Analytics and Insight Virtual Desktop Technology Engineer Ecommerce Director Experience Strategist Manager Technology Solutions and Support Web Campaign Product ManagerWhy Deluxe?
  5. 5. Social Recruiting at Deluxe Corp
  6. 6. Technology Transformation
  7. 7. PRE WEB WEB 1.0 WEB 2.0Recruiting Transformation
  8. 8. Web 3.0 Semantic Web EngagementMobility Me-onomy Attention EconomyWeb 4.0 Digital LifestreamRecommendations Web Squared…the next transformation
  9. 9. Deluxe Talent Community
  10. 10. •  Change in the type of talent •  Shift to market-driven economy •  Generational shift (Millennial and Gen C) •  Rapid pace of innovation •  Employer brand management in the digital age •  Gain credibility with the talent we are trying to attract •  Your customers expect it!Why Transform your Recruiting Model?
  11. 11. •  Become a recruiting organization •  Source and hire the best candidates (high quality) •  Enhance the candidate experience •  Promote the culture •  Allocate spend more appropriately •  Increase employee retention/engagement •  Help drive brand awarenessSetting Goals
  12. 12. How To: Sample Web Campaign The search for Product Marketing ManagersSocial Media Recruiting
  13. 13. Web Campaign
  14. 14. Web Campaign
  15. 15. Web Campaign
  16. 16. Web Campaign
  17. 17. Microsite/Videos
  18. 18. Title Location Created ID Views AppliesDirector, Product Management - Web Services Job Shoreview, MN, US 9/20/2010 5344BR 616 145Senior Product Manager - Email Marketing Job Shoreview, MN, US 9/21/2010 5347BR 462 34Senior Product Manager - Social Media MarketingSolutions Job Shoreview, MN, US 9/28/2010 5359BR 487 64Product Director, Campaign Solutions Job Shoreview, MN, US 10/11/201 5380BR 112 15Key findings Director of Product Management – Web:Not a single applicant came from the major job boardsTop sites driving qualified applicants (LinkedIn; emarketingsilo $179; newmediahire $99;marketingprofs $199)At one month into the campaign, we drove a total of 1,677 impressions - driving awareness andbuzz about our openings. We had a total conversion of 176 individuals – 10.5%Results
  19. 19. TURN CANDIDATES INTO CUSTOMERS Awareness Consideration Conversion New Hire Net Promoters Training Referrals Ambassadors Culture Keepers TURN EMPLOYEES INTO EVANGELISTSTalent Community Strategy
  20. 20. Result: A Significant Online Footprint
  21. 21. Blog
  22. 22. Facebook
  23. 23. •  Our Talent Community grew from 3,500 members to 134,000 in just one year •  Half of our positions each month from October 2010- January 2011 were filled with candidates from the Talent Community •  13% of our community members wait 30 days or more before applying for a positionResults
  24. 24. 94.8% satisfaction with application, interview and hiring processFacebook LinkedIn YouTube Twitter Blog• 11% average • 5% average • 32% average • 12% average • 2,410 visitsincrease in fans increase in increase in views increase inper month followers per per month followers per • 881 visits in month month November• 1,900 page • 1,500 total videoviews in • 1,410 page views in • 445 totalNovember views in November followers November• 415 total fans • 1,765 total followers Results
  25. 25. Im not generally inclined to pursue opportunities with companies I havent heard of. Your social media recruiting presence gave me exactly what I needed to change my mind. It gave me a sense for the personality of the organization, showed me the company is committed to doing business in todays socially enabled environment, and provided enough details about the particular position and its context to allow me to pursue it with confidence. Great job.Results
  26. 26. Innovation
  27. 27. The power to define and control a brand is shifting from corporations and institutions to individuals and communitiesDifferentiate Your Brand
  28. 28. The Winner is the Customer
  29. 29. HR Marketing Sales Brand CSR IT ProductDemand A Seat At The Table
  30. 30. Requires a Strategic Approach – Dedicate Resources Execute & Measure It (social media) is not a fad You do not control your brand Patience Not just another ‘push’ channel – done right, social media has the ability to revolutionize your businessAdopt A New Strategy: Recruiting is Social