Lou's Rules for Taming Hiring Managers and Hiring Great People


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Presentation from the ERE Expo Spring 2012, presented by Lou Adler.

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Lou's Rules for Taming Hiring Managers and Hiring Great People

  1. 1. Performance-based Hiring Empowering Companies to Hire Great People Taming Hiring Managers and Hire More Top PeopleBased  on  Lou  Adler sHire  With  Your  Head  (John  Wiley  &  Sons,  2007)(©2012.    All  Rights  Reserved.    The  Adler  Group,  Inc.www.adlerconcepts.com   1Rev    0212  
  2. 2. Agenda Spiral of •  Talent Scarcity vs. Surplus Strategy Doom •  Job-hunting needs of top performers Banish Job •  Convert jobs into careers Descriptions •  Convincing hiring managers •  All candidates are seen Taming HMs •  Control the assessment •  Sell the next step, not the job Recruiting •  100% acceptance
  3. 3. Staffing Spiral of Doom Catch-22 Talent Surplus Fill Seats vs. Assumption: excess Talent Scarcity supply of talent To Attract the 17% Needy Active Candidates Maximize Quality •  Post job descriptions of Hire •  Target those looking for 83% Passive and Best Actives lateral transfers •  Find as many as possible •  Weed out the weakTo Attract & Hire the Best •  Screen on skills, $$•  Target the top-half of the top half•  Convert job descriptions into careers •  Eliminate high-potentials•  Focus on impact, opportunity, and challenge •  Work with disengaged•  Compelling advertising, customized by job managers•  Conduct exploratory conversations •  Assess, Vote, Select•  Full engagement of hiring managers using various processes•  2-question performance-based interview •  Close on compensation•  Use Hiring Formula for Success to assess•  Close on career move, not compensation
  4. 4. The Fundamentals No Job Descriptions Clear Career Move Targeted Messaging Emphasize Networking over Posting Add an Exploratory Phase Be a Better Interviewer than the Hiring Manager Close on Career Move, not $$ Recruiter, Hiring Manager Partnership
  5. 5. Job-hunting & the Fully-employed Lateral Job Any Job 17% Active 83% Passive Good Job Super Move Which group are you targeting with Better Job your job Are you using a descriptions? talent Career Move surplus or talent scarcity model?2011 LinkedIn Survey of 4,550fully-employed professionals
  6. 6. The Value of Your Connectedness 1st Degree Targeted Compelling Everyone Else Narrow Casting Highest ROE 2nd Degree 1st Degree 2nd Degree Referrals ERP/HM Warm Calls ME! Sweet Spot High ROE Groups Nodes 3rd Degree Connections High Volume Pushed Postings Broad Casting 3rd Degree+ Low ROEROE: Return on Effort Think In-Out vs. Out-In
  7. 7. Job-hunting & the Fully-employed Can’t Use Same Process Same Jobs Same Postings And you can’t do it alone!
  8. 8. Upgrade department from top to bottom to Lead cross-functional drive online sales by team to launch SOA +25% Yr/Yr creative marketing program EVP: take over a critical, high-visibility, global program with all the Implement metrics- resources needed to make driven performance a huge business impact! system Work on project team to create global Assess and rebuild the platform for digitalteam (6+) to support rapid marketing implementation program Build and achieve the plan: own budget, operating plans, and manage external resources
  9. 9. Partnering with Hiring Managers Partnering with Hiring Managers Preparing Performance Profiles Convert HAVING to DOING•  Benchmark people already doing the What does the person do with the skills job. Talk to some of your recent hires. listed?•  Don’t go in with a blank sheet, have a What does on-the-job success look like? rough template prepared instead. How will you measure it?•  The hiring manager needs to “own” What’s the deliverable for this? the performance profile. During the What do the best people do differently? interview the manager will naturally ask for examples of comparable What’s the deal-breaker – the absolute work. must be able to do?•  Get everyone on the hiring team to agree to the performance objectives What’s the EVP: Why would a top, fully- and their priority. employed person who’s not looking, want this job without a big hit comp-•  Assign different interviewers a few of wise? the performance objectives to evaluate. Would you at least see a person who could do all of this, but the mix of skills was a little less, or different?
  10. 10. Talent Scarcity Advertising Job Description Past & Day 1: Skills Focus Lead with the Lateral Move EVP – the Future Emphasize Year Performance Profile One – the DOING Year One: Task Focus Stretch Move Minimize the Past – the Skills EVP - Beyond Year One Impact & Growth Focus Write a Career Move compelling story
  11. 11. AGM?FormatFuturePresentPastSkills?EVP?
  12. 12. Defend Your Candidate w/Evidence •  Facts and details, not feelings and emotions •  Achiever Pattern •  Anticipate the problem to minimize it •  Map to the performance profile •  Add 30-minute “controlled” exploratory meeting
  13. 13. Interview and Assessment Formula for Hiring Success = Talent x Motivation2 plus Team Skills (EQ) plus Problem-solving Skills Organizational and Cultural Fit•  Wait 30 Minutes – Measure 1st impression at the end•  Review profile/resume for the Achiever Pattern•  Ask Most Significant Accomplishment question for all tasks•  Ask Problem-solving question for a few big projects•  Debrief formally using the 1-5 ranking process
  14. 14. 100% Rule & Presenting Candidates•  All candidate’s seen •  Ask hiring manager to•  Exploratory phone review the write-up first screen first is best •  Say this is reason you’re presenting the person•  Presentation Package •  Ask manager to spend –  Performance Profile first 10-15 minutes to –  Resume with notes review accomplishments –  Half-page write-up of two major job-related •  It’s manager’s decision if accomplishments candidate gets invited in for formal interview. –  Scorecard with evidence to support your •  Minimizes impact of first assessment impressions!
  15. 15. Recruiting Rule #1 Sell the next step, not the job! No – Maybe – Yes
  16. 16. Recruiting is a Team Sport•  Hiring manager is critical part of decision•  Get concessions throughout including final close•  Use “higher” authority as part of close process•  Test all offers•  Team: Explore – Discuss – Close
  17. 17. Pacing, Closing and Concessions •  Don’t wait to close •  Use “career gaps” to get a small concession at every step •  By the time you’re ready to make an offer, you’re done •  Don’t make an offer until it’s 100% accepted •  Example: salary too high, but …
  18. 18. Recruiters are the Quarterbacks Key Requirements 1. Partner w/hiring manager 2. Know the job 3. Convert job into career in real time 4. Bridge the Gap and gain concessions at every step 5. Assess and defend 6. Don’t make an offer until you’re 100% sure!
  19. 19. Summary and Next Steps info@adlerconcepts.comq Lead the process, don’t follow it.q Target the 83% passive candidate pool with a Scarcity of Talent modelq Increase your connectednessq Systematize the hiring manager See where you are on partnership the Spiral of Doom and how to get outq Start with a great job and great advertising Contact us: info@adlerconcepts.comq Use the Hiring Formula for Success to defend your candidateq Close at the beginning and every step in-between