leveraging social media to win war for talent ere webinar 5 30-13


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leveraging social media to win war for talent ere webinar 5 30-13

  1. 1. Leveraging Social Media toWin the War for TalentMay 30, 2013
  2. 2. IntroductionBrett Underhill• Director, Recruiting Programs, Prudential Financial• Oversee digital employment recruitment branding andmarketing strategy• Member of LinkedIn Expert Advisors, LinkedIn 100 andConference Board research working group, Enhancing TalentAcquisition through Social Media• Avid amateurtri-athlete & foodie2
  3. 3. IntroductionJenny DeVaughn• Senior Director, Center of ExpertiseEmployment Branding and Social Media• Consistently ranked as one of the top 10 most connectedwomen on LinkedIn with 28,000+ first level connections• Former Social Media Manager at Waste Management, aglobal Fortune 500 company• NASCAR fan3
  4. 4. Social MediaTop Sites for Recruitment(Source: Social Recruitment Survey, Jobvite, 2012)4
  5. 5. Social Media StrategyCreate Efficient Processes and Desired Outcomes5
  6. 6. Lesson #1Gain buy-in and supportfrom multiple stakeholders6
  7. 7. Gain buy-in and support from multiple stakeholders• Create a comprehensive business case for social mediabased on your talent acquisition goals• Gain executive sponsorship• Demonstrate mitigated risk and standard operatingescalation procedures• Include influential Communications, Legal, IT, andMarketing leaders• Build bridges now to share budgets and resources later7
  8. 8. Lesson #2Meet as a social media councilto discuss initiatives with keydecision makers8
  9. 9. Social Media Council• Ideally, meet face-to-face for the first meeting• Choose respected internal brand ambassadors• Discuss company-wide and department goals• Focus on pilots and options to vent concerns• Create manageable department/platform workstreamsto report back to the social media council9
  10. 10. Lesson #3Decide which platformssupport yourrecruitment goals10
  11. 11. Decide which platforms support your recruitmentgoals• Research where your ideal candidates spend their timeonline and your competition’s level of engagement• Determine options within each social media network:recruiting resources, time, budget, KPI, and metrics• Discover what platforms could complement each otheror used for branding vs. recruiting/sourcing• Share reasons for not using other social media sites tobuild credibility• Get permission to be innovative and try platforms thatmay be inactivated in the future11
  12. 12. 2012 Randstad Sourceright Source of HireNorth America – Social Media and Direct Sourcing418%350%309%196%12
  13. 13. Lesson #4Go mobile13
  14. 14. Go mobile• Mobile is social, so this will only elevate youremployment brand presence• Prioritize mobile options for career website• Integrate text options for candidates and recruiters• Understand limitations of mobile, including QR codes• Recognize impact of mobile search and job aggregators14
  15. 15. Mobile LimitationsQR code on a billboard15
  16. 16. Apply for a Job Directly in TwitterLead Generation Feature16
  17. 17. Lesson #5Focus on the recruiter’sindividual social mediacontribution17
  18. 18. Focus on the recruiter’s individual social mediacontribution• Set individual metrics and team goals• Review activity and desired analytics on a regular basisas a team to increase competition• Schedule monthly sessions to share bestpractices, challenges, data trends, and success stories• Add targets as a follow-up to any recruiter training• Decrease investments into platforms that are notproducing desired hires and metrics18
  19. 19. LinkedIn ProfileRecruiter with Prudential Financial19
  20. 20. Lesson #6Each job description impactsyour Employee ValueProposition (EVP)20
  21. 21. Each job description impacts your Employee ValueProposition (EVP)• Begin with each job requisition• Support the enterprise employment brand• Interview high-performing employees to create a uniqueEmployee Value Proposition (EVP)• Research where qualified candidates spend their time online• Create sharable collateral to maximize emotional impact ofEVP and desired results in social media• Update recruitment marketing job templates to reflectvalues and embed videos
  22. 22. YouTube ChannelPrudential Careers22
  23. 23. Lesson #7Encourage employees todiscuss their professionalhighlights in social media23
  24. 24. Encourage employees to discuss their professionalhighlights social media• Employee feedback is a direct reflection of your company’sbenefits, culture, and opportunities to improve• Educate employees on how to use social media as a part ofprofessional development and referrals• Set up accountability metrics for individual social mediaresponsibilities• Take an impactful employee story and build a strong onlinecampaign• Reflect a diversity of thought and levels of leadership• Give incentives to employees to share preferred content insocial media
  25. 25. Individual Twitter Account@The_AlexBrown with @WMCareers25
  26. 26. Questions?Stay in touchJenny DeVaughnRandstad SourcerightSenior Director, Employment Branding and Social MediaJenny.DeVaughn@RandstadSourceright.comhttp://www.linkedin.com/in/jennydevaughnwww.randstadsourceright.comBrett UnderhillPrudential FinancialDirector, Recruiting Programs, Staffing | Human Resourcesbrett.underhill@prudential.comwww.linkedin.com/pub/brett-underhill/5/9a3/b03http://jobs.prudential.com