It Ain't Broke - But We Fixed It Anyway


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Presentation from Sourcecon 2011 NYC, presented by Megan Holte

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It Ain't Broke - But We Fixed It Anyway

  1. 1. It wasn’t broke but we fixed it anyway Megan Holte
  2. 2. TCU Stadium
  3. 3. “The price of…maintaining the status quo was too high.”
  4. 4. “If we don’t change direction soon, we’ll end up where we’re going.” 4
  5. 5. Goal 1 External BenchmarkingGoal 2 Job Creation/EvaluationGoal 3 Data AnalysisGoal 4 Task Bucket List/S&P ProcessGoal 5 Technology/Tool Strategy ManagementGoal 6 Communications Sourcing & Pipeline Re-alignment
  6. 6. Goal 1Best practices:•  Role clarity/defined responsibilities•  Single point of contact intake•  Regional/functional alignment•  Pay for performance•  Constant evaluation•  Define “what are we solving for”/“what we are not”•  Systems in place to measure all activity/outputChallenges:•  Biggest obstacle was an unwillingness to innovate•  Afraid to change External Benchmarking
  7. 7. Goal 2• Two roles within S&P, focused on volume hiring and niche pipeline development and geographic alignment •  Lead gen/functional/market/regional/tool expertise (Sourcing and Market Research Specialist) •  Niche relationship and pipeline building with functional and assessment expertise (Talent Acquisition Sourcer)•  All new job descriptions •  Everyone had to reapply •  Interviews and a presentation on market research •  Final interview with clients Job Creation/Evaluation
  8. 8. Goal 3•  Identify historically difficult positions/functions/geographies to staff across the US•  Clarify difficulty/need: •  Volume •  Niche skill •  Geography•  Identify successful sources for each “need”•  Data drives skill need and position alignment•  Define areas S&P will not focus •  We can’t be all things to all people Data Analysis
  9. 9. Goal 4•  Identify all tasks specific to the Staffing process from A to Z•  Clearly define recruiter/sourcer responsibilities for each task when S&P is engaged•  Sourcing template•  Creation of process for S&P intake/hand-offs Task Bucket List/S&P Process
  10. 10. Goal 5•  Tools Team - combined S&P/Line Staffing team to assess, select, implement, integrate, train and measure all technology investments•  Re-launch of ADP’s Careers Site and internal myCareer portal Technology/Tool Strategy Management
  11. 11. Goal 6•  Establish internal staffing and internal ADP client communication detailing our talent acquisition strategy and ever-changing developments in the talent market•  Honest, open, consistent two way communication at all levels and across the Diversity, Inclusion & Staffing organization•  Embrace our new corporate Vision and Mission •  Bring it to the market with our employment brand •  Be brand ambassadors internally and externally Communications
  12. 12. Partnerships Attract top Candidate quality talent experience Communication Pipelining SUCCESS CreativeTraining/execution Talent sourcing Communities Sourcer Objectives
  13. 13. New TCU Stadium
  14. 14. •  Time to find•  Hires/Source of hire•  Recruiter surveys•  Diversity•  Weekly submittals•  Social media effectiveness•  CRM usage•  Strategic staffing alignment•  Critical success Metrics 14
  15. 15. TCU Win
  16. 16. Team Photo
  17. 17. “Recruiting will be more challenging and those recruiters who like to “fill positions” will find themselves looking for other kinds of work. Recruiters will need to be proactive, great influencers, technically savvy, and adaptable to emerging work trends.” “Recruiters can influence, drive change, and educate their organizations. The great recruiters are already doing this andmaking a big difference in the lives of thousands of unemployed and underemployed people. “ You are not alone
  18. 18. Questions?