How to Teach a Recruiter to Bill $1,010,349.50 in One Year


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Presentation from the Fordyce Forum 2011, presented by Bob Marshall

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How to Teach a Recruiter to Bill $1,010,349.50 in One Year

  1. 1. “How to Teach a Recruiter to Bill $1,010,349.50 In One Year Bob Marshall TBMG Intl. Atlanta, GA www.TheMarshallPlan.orgCopyright 2011 TBMG International
  2. 2. You Were Born This WayCopyright 2011 TBMG International
  3. 3. The David Thaler StoryCopyright 2011 TBMG International
  4. 4. Paul Hawkinson The Fordyce LetterCopyright 2011 TBMG International
  5. 5. Paul Hawkinson AdviceCopyright 2011 TBMG International
  6. 6. David Thaler The ReferralCopyright 2011 TBMG International
  7. 7. The AnalysisCopyright 2011 TBMG International
  8. 8. Intelligence Creativity Corporate Maturity Tenacity Balanced ‘X’ FactorsCopyright 2011 TBMG International
  9. 9. The three main differences between superstars and average producersCopyright 2011 TBMG International
  10. 10. Shaping your battlefield – defining and delimiting your marketplace The Law of 1500 The 4% RuleCopyright 2011 TBMG International
  11. 11. Monitoring your daily numbers and knowing your ratios The 100 Point Sheet The RatiosCopyright 2011 TBMG International
  12. 12. Why Marketing is King The MPC The FAB Multi-tasking Creative DestructionCopyright 2011 TBMG International
  13. 13. This is a process, not a series of events Avoid the rollercoaster rideCopyright 2011 TBMG International
  14. 14. Planning for FocusCopyright 2011 TBMG International
  15. 15. Qualifying the JO They know that out of 15 JOs: *0-1 will be Search Assignment quality *4-5 will be Matching quality *and 10, or ⅔rds, will be Can’t Helps The 6-point Qualifier JO Robocruiter’s JO qualifying questionsCopyright 2011 TBMG International
  16. 16. “Never Mistake Activity for Achievement” — John WoodenCopyright 2011 TBMG International
  17. 17. The Theory of Threes The Power of Competition and the Fear of LossCopyright 2011 TBMG International
  18. 18. Knowledge Deficiencies versus Execution Deficiencies “It is the actions we take that become our habits” To change yourself you have to change your behaviorsCopyright 2011 TBMG International
  19. 19. Wisdom of the Superstars…Copyright 2011 TBMG International
  20. 20. from RobocruiterCopyright 2011 TBMG International
  21. 21. *His rationale behind making a commitment: If there is no commitment, then the AE will not feel entitled to ask for, nor receive, the information that they must get, from both the Client and the Candidate, in order to be successful.Copyright 2011 TBMG International
  22. 22. His definition of the Total Account Executive: “The Total Account Executive is one who uses everything he has available to him; emotionally, mentally, physically and psychologically toward reaching the goal of a peak performer. It includes, but is not limited to, his attitude, his commitment, his discipline and intensity on his desk, his knowledge and application of the basics of our industry, his planning, his follow through and his willingness to grow and advance in our industry and his willingness to see himself, and feel himself, as a professional in this business.”Copyright 2011 TBMG International
  23. 23. * “I have arranged…”Copyright 2011 TBMG International
  24. 24. from Andrew Jenkins – President of Morgan McNeal LimitedCopyright 2011 TBMG International
  25. 25. * CoachabilityCopyright 2011 TBMG International
  26. 26. His email response to my question, “To what do you attribute your success?”Copyright 2011 TBMG International
  27. 27. * Learning from you obviously, remembering the basics. I fight myself all the time to remember this: Even though I might have 4-6 deals pending at any given time (which could be £300K or more in fees), and even though I am well-known in the market place (which is one of the joys of being in the business for 20 years), I don’t want to get lazy and complacent. So I still set myself a target to get new clients each month. For me the MPC calls still works. Last year 50% of my total billing came from people who I didn’t know 6 months before.Copyright 2011 TBMG International
  28. 28. Relationships are the next key. I am a big believer that relationships matter. I regularly call in favours from people that I have known for a long time. Last year I made 2 placements from clients who recommended people to me. I also always do a stock check of the clients that I know well but have not hired from me lately. I always want to know, Why?? In the nicest possible way, I only talk to these people to make money; some just like to talk with me. Recently I had a client who hired a candidate, who I knew, from another recruiter. I asked him why hadn’t he used me, the answer horrified me, He said that it was too small-fry for me; that I only work the big hitters. That was a £35,000 ($56,700) fee that I missed. I try and position myself as a consultant, (not a salesman). This can have the problems as mentioned above, but on the other hand, most of my clients will share their ideas with me, not just recruitment but strategically, and they listen to my views and opinions. The BIG advantage with this tack is that when it comes to a decision time, I am involved too, great when they want advise on if to hire, how much they should be paid etc., etc. I am part of their team.Copyright 2011 TBMG International
  29. 29. *And finally, I have never forgotten what you told me all those years ago that this is not a job—it is a way of life. If you live it, you’ll have some real successes. If you play 9-5 you will make a living, but only a living. *I hope that gives you an idea of the animal YOU created. The one thing that I have never heard from any trainer, other than you, is that having ethics, strong moral business ethics, not only helps you sleep at night, but it keeps you in business over the long haul. We both know the manager of a large recruitment firm who failed and that was his biggest down fall in London. He was here at the beginning of a boom in recruitment, he hired some bright people who wanted success, but not only did he want to cheat clients, but also the people who worked for him, He only lasted 4 years in London, where if he had shown some decent business ethics and morals, he would still be making money to this very day. Hope all is well, keep me posted. Kind regards, Andrew JenkinsCopyright 2011 TBMG International
  30. 30. Lou Little and the man in the standsCopyright 2011 TBMG International
  31. 31. The Bear & the Two Bear HuntersCopyright 2011 TBMG International
  32. 32. Thank YouEmail: Training Brilliant People!