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How To Get Clients That Pay $250K - Mike Gionta


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Most recruiters live placement to placement. The lucky ones have clients that produce two or three placements per year. What if you got that many from each one, EVERY MONTH? Mike Gionta, recruiter, owner, coach and trainer, explains how to really differentiate your firm from the others, and how to get clients to work with you exclusively and on YOUR terms!

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How To Get Clients That Pay $250K - Mike Gionta

  1. 1. Strategies that get Clients that Produce$250,000 + On an Annual Basis and Over$2,000,000 in Lifetime Revenues!ByMichael
  2. 2. Mistakes Recruiters Make thatPREVENT Acquiring ClientsWe Often Look & Sound AlikeOur Focus Tends to Be on “Quality ofCandidate” (the commodity)Overuse “Screened & Reference Checked”Give SIGNIFICANTLY more Statementsthan Questions Asked©
  3. 3. Mistakes (continued)We Quote Fees in Round #’sLittle Focus on OUR SERVICETry to Close for Multiple Positions and/orRetainers on FIRST Call.Revert to Our Comfort Zone WhenChallenged.©
  4. 4. What Your Prospect isREALLY Thinking! Recruiters are all the same! More Recruiters = GREATER Access to Candidates Our Fees are a Hiring “Tax” They are paying $20,000 for an emailed resume… that’sit! They are better at managing the hiring process thanrecruiters are!©
  5. 5. Steps to Take to LandGREAT Accounts1) Find a Frustrated Prospect– Positions Open More than 60-90 days– Who says “I’m NOT seeing any good people”– Offers turned down2) Diagnose the Problem, reason forFrustration©
  6. 6. Steps to Take to LandGREAT Accounts3) Change the Way, The “Look and Feel” ofthe process of taking a Search.4) Challenge Their Assumptions! (by askinggreat questions!)©
  7. 7. Steps to Take to LandGREAT Accounts5) Sell the PROCESS!- Create Certainty in Their Mind6) DO NOT Work their Way if it’s “messedup!”- Walk Away, but tell them why!©
  8. 8. Steps to Take to LandGREAT Accounts7) Use References Strategically8) Use Reporting Tools- Differentiation- Show Progress-CYA!©
  9. 9. Steps to Take to LandGREAT Accounts9) Measure & Know Key Metrics- Assignment date to start date- Assignment date to date of 1stInterview- Fill Rates on Retainers and/or Exclusives10) Provide Post Search Analysis to Client©
  10. 10. Summary What can you do today to position yourselfdifferently? How will you change your prospects perceptionsof our business? Study the 10 Steps, Begin implementing NOW Expect Resistance!!!©
  11. 11. Offers For over $682 Worth of FREE Training mailed toyou Do you have questions about growingrevenues, getting clients and removing the “ups &downs” of the business? to schedule acomplimentary business strategy session withme.