How Scottsdale Healthcare Hires Better Talent Faster with Video Interviewing


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ERE Webinar from 4/20/11 presented by Jody Henderson.

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How Scottsdale Healthcare Hires Better Talent Faster with Video Interviewing

  1. 1. How Scosdale Healthcare  Hires Beer Talent Faster with   Video Interviewing  April 20 , 2011  th Page 1 
  2. 2. Jody Henderson, PHRRecruitment CoordinatorScottsdale Healthcare Page 2 
  3. 3. About Sco0sdale Healthcare  •  Operates three facilities, representing over 830 beds •  6,500 employees •  Among its two medical centers, the system houses a certified Chest Pain Center, American College of Surgeons-verified Level I Trauma Center, a JCAHO- accredited Primary Stroke Center and a Level III neonatal intensive care unit •  Magnet recognition has been awarded to both Shea Medical Center and Osborn Medical Center. Will be going through re-accreditation this year and will include Thompson Peak, our newest hospital •  Provides outpatient surgery, home health services, community health education and outreach services, and clinical research services.  Page 3 
  4. 4. Sco0sdale Healthcare Hiring Process •  On-line application process through ATS•  Sr. Recruiters review entry-level through executive•  Sr. Recruiters interview in-person and by phone•  Hiring Managers interview in-person at one of our three campus•  Out-of-state executive level candidates are flown in town and usually require panel interviews. Page 4 
  5. 5. Traditional = Complex Video Interview = SimpleCandidates Hiring Team Candidates Hiring Team RELATIONSHIPS ? Notes Notes COST Notes Notes Notes Notes TIME ? LOCATIONS Notes Notes Notes Notes Notes Notes LOGISTICS ? QUALITY CONSISTENCY Notes Notes Notes Notes Notes BRAND Notes Page 5 
  6. 6. Process Flow of Video Interviewing  Coordinate Interview Decide Evaluate Anytime / Anywhere Anytime / Anywhere Report Report Recruiter CandidateRecruiter Report Manager Candidate Report Executive Page 6 
  7. 7. QuesDons & Discovery •  What could we change in our process to improve time to fill for high- level positions?•  What could we do to decrease travel and hotel costs for out-of-state candidates?•  In person interviews with recruiter and manager are time consuming.•  How can we save time and money while reducing our carbon footprint?•  We decided to start with a pilot group to determine benefit of video interviews. Page 7 
  8. 8. Ready, Set….Video!!!  •  In May of 2010 we decided to pilot video interviews with our internal New Graduate RN’s  30 current employee’s graduating  Limited number of openings between 3 campuses  Set up on-site video capabilities  Completed video interviews  Shared applicants with hiring managers as positions became available Page 8 
  9. 9. Outcome of New Grad Pilot  •  In two weeks, we had completed one‐way recorded interviews of  all internal RN new grads. •  Were able to present all candidates to hiring managers much  faster than if we had scheduled in‐person interviews  •  Hiring Managers were able to log in and view candidates from  anywhere, anyKme •  Hiring Managers selected 3 candidates/per posiKon to interview •  Candidates not selected  •  Feedback from hiring managers – very posiKve •  Saving Kme for candidate and managers  Page 9 
  10. 10. Executive ExecuDve Pilot  •  One more pilot for Director-level positions  How did candidates respond?  How did our executives/physicians respond?•  Executive Director  Filled in just under 120 days•  Director of Ambulatory Services  Filled in 90 days  5 top candidates, 3 were out-of-state candidates  Saved airfare and hotel expenses for out-of-state candidates Page 10 
  11. 11. Two‐Way Recorded Interviews  •  Hard‐to‐fill PosiKons   Surgical Oncology NP  •  Posted on 2/22/11  •  Qualified out‐of‐state applicant applied on 3/4/11  •  Video interview with manager on 3/11/11  •  In‐person panel interviews on 3/21/11  •  Job offered and accepted on 3/22/11  •  30 days to fill this job!!  Page 11 
  12. 12. Two‐Way Recorded Interviews  •  Out‐of‐state candidate   OR Manager – Hard to fill  •  Spoke to candidate by phone and determined basic qualificaDons  •  Would have scheduled in person interview, but candidate had vacaDon  planned  •  Scheduled a video interview to take place while candidate on vacaDon  (again….anyDme, anywhere!)  •  Outcome   Saved Dme and money  •  Able to make final decision soon  •  Avoided costs of flight and hotel accommodaDons  •  Avoided adding Dme to our managers schedules  Page 12 
  13. 13. Two‐Way Recorded Interviews  •  Staff RN   ICU / CVICU   Oncology •  Saved Kme, avoided delays in waiKng for candidates to take Kme  off of work to fly •  Saved candidates money •  Reduced carbon footprint  Page 13 
  14. 14.  Benefits of Video Interviewing Branding Logistics Support EMPLOYMENT" BRAND + CANDIDATE NEEDS WEB BRANDED CAM? EXPERIENCE Candidate + + Recruiter RECRUITMENT" MESSAGING + + CUSTOM" + PACKAGING Manager + Candidate EMPLOYMENT VIDEO INVITATION" EMAIL Executive Page 14 
  15. 15. How We Use HireVue Today  •  Internal New Grads – on going 2 x’s/year •  Live one‐way for Managers, Directors and ExecuKves •  Live two‐way for staff posiKons   RN’s   NP’s •  HR “Tool Box”   3 cameras we will take out to our managers office to get them  set up for their video interviews  Page 15 
  16. 16. More informaDon •  Jody Henderson, PHR 480-323-4503 Page 16