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Get Innovative or Get Dead - Steve Miranda


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Get Innovative or Get Dead - Steve Miranda

  1. 1. Get Innovative – Or Get Dead• Steve Miranda– CEO and Founder, Four Forces Consulting, LLC(– Managing Director, Cornell University Center forAdvanced HR Studies (CAHRS)
  2. 2. In keeping with the spirit of George Carlin(and with apologies to the folks at Merriam-Webster)Today’s presentation will focus on the Four “F-Words”Geneti-FicationMetri-FicationCommu-FicationTechno-Fication
  3. 3. The future isalready here.Its just not evenlydistributed yetWilliam Gibson
  4. 4. Athletes and AssessmentPredictive ValidationYour Data vs. The DataWhat gives? Hiring vs Firing
  5. 5. Anti-Innovation: You. Smart. Now.Tools, tools everywhere and not…Big Data is here to stay.Data vs. Insight vs. Wisdom
  6. 6. King Canute is not a good role model“Islendiga” AppLearnings from Hockey Night in CanadaShakespeare was wrong.It’s not on them – It’s on us.Any organization is a “City of Two Tails”
  7. 7. A team of Agent Smiths or the Dirty Dozen?Integration: Compatibility or Conflict?Your biggest bet: Secular or Cyclical?The next frontier: Re-Recruitment
  8. 8. Is Recruiter Productivitythe Most ImportantQuest We Can Take On?
  9. 9. Penzias AxiomArno PenziasLucent Technologies Nobel LaureateThose who standbetween a technologycenter and a customerwill ultimately losetheir jobs.
  10. 10. Get Innovative – Or Get DeadSteve Miranda– CEO and Founder, Four ForcesConsulting, LLC(– Managing Director, Cornell University Centerfor Advanced HR Studies (CAHRS)