Hiring Wisdom: Uncommon Common Sense


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Hiring great employees is one of the most important, yet most difficult, tasks all business owners and hiring managers face. While it is tough enough to get great people to apply, it is even tougher to determine if the people you interview will actually turnout to be great on the job. This session will give you the tools, tips, and techniques that will help to take the guesswork out of hiring the winners (not the whiners). Topics include:

• Why half of all hourly employees quit or are fired within their first six months and how to prevent this kind of costly employee turnover

• Hiring tools that save hours of your time

• How to get applicants to tell you the truth – and nothing but the truth

• The questions you cannot ask and how to get the information you need anyway

• Why everything you do in the hiring process is a test and why you need evaluate each step as a test

• If you could ask only one interview question, what it should be and why

• The importance of reference checks and how to get an applicant’s references to tell you everything you need to know

• Why you need to tell successful applicants why you hired them AND, more importantly, why you’d fire them

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Hiring Wisdom: Uncommon Common Sense

  1. 1. HIRING WISDOM: Uncommon Common Sense Presented by MEL KLEIMAN Certified Speaking Professional & President
  2. 2. Common Sense Knowledge – Common Sense = NONSENSE Knowledge + Common Sense = WISDOM
  3. 3. The Smartest Person in the Room May Not Be… It’s about simple things that work:  Draw lines on the bucket  Lower the water  Don’t get in the short line or change the way the line works
  4. 4. Ask Yourself…  Do we need to be doing this job at all?  Why are we doing this job this way?  Can we do this job differently?
  5. 5. Before You Recruit Anyone Ask…  Why should anyone want to work for our organization?  Why is it always a good idea to take a shopping list to the grocery store?
  6. 6. Practical Recruiting Ideas  The #1 source of proven, great employees  Whenever you get a referral, ask…  Why most referral programs fail  Why do we make it so difficult for the best candidates to get into our hiring system?
  7. 7. Practical Selection Ideas  Why do we tell applicants what we want to hear them say?  Why do we allow applicants to control the interview?  Why do we ask each applicant different questions when what we are looking for is different answers?  The only 3 things we need to know
  8. 8. Practical Engagement and Retention Ideas  You only have one chance to make a positive 1st impression  What we need to find out from and tell new hires on their very first day  What will the new hire be asked by friends and family? What does the answer need to be?  PR = ROI
  9. 9. Continue the Learning… Email lhamel@melkleiman.com to:  Sign up for our monthly Hiring Hints email and subscribe to Mel’s blog  Request a complimentary copy of our special report: How to Use Craigslist to Recruit the Best  Get Mel’s special offer book deal  Get help in developing a Five Firsts program  Find out more about attitude testing  Find out more about a presentation on effective interviewing  Let us know of any other groups who would benefit from one of Mel’s presentations  Let us know any other way we might be helpful
  10. 10. About Mel Kleiman & Humetrics  Author of 5 books including the bestselling Hire Tough, Manage Easy  Pragmatic businessman  Consultant and speaker  Specializes in frontline workers and the people who manage them by providing employment assessments, consulting services, training programs, and speaking presentations (713) 771-4401 mkleiman@humetrics.com www.Humetrics.com