ERE Webinar: Behind The Curtain - The Creative Excellence Awards


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An Insider Look at Employee Communications Trends for Recruitment, Onboarding, and Retention. What The Winners Reveal.

For over 35 years recruitment ad agencies and corporate recruiting departments from around the world have entered their best creative advertising campaigns to celebrate the best and most successful recruiting and employee communications campaigns at the CEAs.

What do the submissions tell us about the trends?

In this first-of-its kind webinar, you'll not only learn some of the latest trends in recruitment marketing, advertising, and internal communication -- but we'll also announce the winners of the annual Creative Excellence Awards.

Rather than just seeing a company name, you'll get to see the materials each company submitted that won it the award.

Come hear what's happening with:

Employer Branding
Recruitment Marketing
Internal Communications
Interactive Media
Social Media
With competition for top talent on the rise, successful employee communications can put you steps ahead of the competition. Don’t miss this event, co-hosted by ERE's Todd Raphael as well as Jody Ordioni, employer branding thought leader and president of Brandemix.

You'll be able to ask your burning questions. Or, submit them in advance to make sure we get to them: email

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  • Todd Need Your contact info
  • The CEAs are an award program designed to recognize outstanding achievement in recruitment advertising and marketing. Each year recruitment ad agencies and corporate recruiting departments from around the world enter their best creative advertising campaigns to be judged by marketing and human resource professionals. Any recruitment ad published between June 1, 2012 and May 31, 2013 that fits the category/subcategory criteria. Each entry is judged by a panel of the finest creative and professional talent from across the country. Each judge independently scores an entry based upon specific criteria for the category. The automated entry system tallies and averages the scores to select the winner in each category. Judges do not know who submitted the entries they are judging.
  • December 2013 U.S. Labor Department
  • 16% were led to their current or recent job using online social networks – up from 11% in 2010. Which social networks did they use?
  • 1,000 ballpark. Now, it’s more like $60-70.
  • 37% of job-seekers are most likely to use their mobile device to apply for jobs. 60% search for jobs.
  • tried to simplify the application process for mobile job candidates. While the mobile application asks for the same information as the desktop one—both versions take 30 to 35 minutes to complete—more than 30 fields were altered to provide dropdown menus rather than free-text boxes, and calendars were added that automatically populate queries in the correct format."With the hiring volume we have, it's much easier when someone comes into a restaurant and can apply right there on a phone instead of filling out a paper application," said Nicholas Statler, director of employment strategy at McDonald's. It also cuts down on the time managers spend on new applicants since the managers no longer need to input all the information into a computer.When the restaurant chain launched its first mobile career site in 2008, three million people visited it and 24,000 people used it to submit applications, said Mr. Statler. By 2012, those figures had jumped to 30 million visits and two million applications. Now, it brings in a little over 10% of total applications.
  • – I love showing the hiring process – onboarding
  • ERE Webinar: Behind The Curtain - The Creative Excellence Awards

    1. 1. 1
    2. 2. Follow Jody Follow Todd 3
    3. 3. ABOUT THE CEAs
    4. 4. Social Jobvite 2012 Social Job Seeker Survey 9
    5. 5. Social Jobvite 2012 Social Job Seeker Survey 10
    6. 6. Social Jobvite 2012 Social Job Seeker Survey 11
    7. 7. Why Go Social Between Facebook, Twitter, mobile recruiting, text messages, and QR codes, UPS used social media to hire almost 3,000 people in 2011, bringing their cost-per-hire down from $1,000 to $60-$70. ERE 12
    8. 8. Social Changes “I hate Facebook. It's just so boring.” Teen panelist at Ignition 2013 (now an Instagram user) “I used to scroll down Facebook and read every single status. Now I just love Vine.” Teen panelist at Ignition 2013 13
    9. 9. Mobile • 38 Million Facebook users visit only on their mobile device • Mobile is 20% of all ecommerce traffic and 11% of e-commerce sales • Smart phones, tablets, phablets • The digital day is 18/7 14
    10. 10. Mobile 70% of job-seekers have searched for a job on a mobile device. 32% have applied to a job on a mobile device. 72% want to receive career opportunity information on their mobile device. Simply Hired 2013 Mobile Recruiting Outlook 15
    11. 11. Mobile Glassdoor Mobile Job Search Survey, 2013 16
    12. 12. Mobile In 2008, McDonald’s mobile recruiting site had 3 million visits and 24,000 applications. In 2012, they had 30 million visits and 2 million applications- about 10% of the total number of applications. Wall Street Journal: How Your Smartphone Could Get You a Job 17
    13. 13. Why Go Mobile? DESKTOP vs. MOBILE SEARCH Volume 18
    14. 14. Media: Digital ¼ of ad spend Google, NAA, PIB 19
    15. 15. Media: YouTube is bigger than AMC • ITunes and Netflix dwarf AMC News Reports, Company Filings 20
    16. 16. THE AWARDS
    17. 17. Award Observations • Augmented reality • Website redesigns on the rise • People are front and center • Multi-media integration • Copy is still a second-class citizen • Research and creative • Transparency • Global 22
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    29. 29. Brandemix Capabilities BRANDING Brand Research Research Analysis Brand Architecture Brand Positioning • • • • Value Proposition Brand Activation Identity Design Brand Standard ADVERTISING, MARKETING & PR • • • • Market Research Strategy Development Creative Development Message Testing • • • • Ad Campaign Development Media Planning, Buying & Placement Media Relations Event Marketing & Management CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS • • • • • • Benefit Communications Corporate Identity/Naming Change Management Corporate Social Responsibility E-Learning Internal Communications • • • • • Investor Relations Presentations Training Materials Training Videos Wellness Programs DIGITAL & INTERACTIVE • • • • • App Development Augmented Reality Content Management Systems E-commerce Interactive Communications • • • • • Mobile Marketing SEO/SEM/PPC Sweepstakes Videos Website Development SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING • • • • Content Management Fan Page Design Videos Contests • • • Analytics Reputation Management Training EMPLOYER BRANDING • • • • • Employer Brand Research Employer Research Analysis Employer Brand Architecture Employer Brand Positioning Employer Value Proposition • • • • Employer Brand Activation Employee Engagement Onboarding Programs Career Sites RECRUITMENT ADVERTISING 34 • • • • • • • College Recruiting Diversity Recruitment Employee Referral Programs • • Recruitment Videos Media Planning & Placement