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The age of the traditional post-and-wait method of recruiting is dying…if not dead. Have you noticed your candidate pools shrinking and the quality of those pools decreasing? In this webinar, we will delve deeper into the concept of “Employment Branding,” and how to use all of today’s technology, specifically social media, to attract the best talent and strengthen your employment brand. A great employment brand must be built and supported by everyone in your organization; and if done properly this will have candidates coming to you vs. you having to turn over every cold stone to find them! We will discuss how an “Employer of Choice” presents themselves in every way – from online image to candidate contact and dialogue. Even if you are a small company with limited resources, we will discuss how to use that to your advantage!

Specifically, we will introduce the 6 main social media channels and how to utilize each one to your advantage. We’ll spend time discussing your company’s online image, your own personal online image, and your company’s career page and blog. We’ll touch on what your job postings are saying about your employment brand, and how to take advantage of SEO to get your branded postings on the biggest sites for free!

This session is guaranteed to be valuable to anyone in attendance!

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Employment Branding

  1. 1. Employment BrandingJennifer Millmanwww.jennifermillman.comJm
  2. 2. JENNIFER MILLMANTalent Acquisition Manager, VologyConsultantwww.linkedin.com/in/jennifermillman/jmillman@vology.comwww.jennifermillman.comJm
  3. 3. What is Employment Branding?• Employment brand = a company’s reputation as anemployer in every aspect of the employment experience.• Employment branding = all of a company’s efforts tocommunicate their image to existing and prospectiveemployees.• Great employment branding can find and filter talent sothe most ideal candidates are coming to you!• Companies leverage the stickiness of content marketingand the reach of social media to circulate brandmessaging.3Jm
  4. 4. Why Care About Social Media?• Builds and strengthens your employment brand.• Passive candidates don’t post resumes to boards.• Cost savings.• Best Practice.• Average person spends 15 hours/month on social media.• You can recruit this way from anywhere.• Efficient way to reach a wide, quality audience.• Your candidates WANT to find you here – they arelooking for you!4Jm
  5. 5. 5"If you want to befound, stand wherethe seeker seeks.”-Sidney LanierJm
  6. 6. The Big Six 6Jm
  7. 7. Social Media & Your Company• Build & Strengthen your Employment Brand!• For the first time HR is in a position to DRIVE EXTERNALBUSINESS in a REAL way!• Join forces with your Marketing Department.• Strengthening your Employment Brand will alsostrengthen your company’s brand!7Jm
  8. 8. 1 BILLION UsersJm
  9. 9. Jm• Your fans and their networksbuild your brand – for FREE!• Research shows this is by farthe most effective way tobuild and strengthen abrand!• 79% of people are morelikely to purchase from youonce they become yourfans.• 74% of your fans are likelyto refer yourproduct/service to theirfriends.• People are 400% more likelyto buy when they receive areferral from a friend!
  10. 10. Jm
  11. 11. Jm
  12. 12. Facebook AnalyticsJm
  13. 13. Jm
  14. 14. Jm• Organic = number of people who saw post on their news feed or your page They do not have to be fans to see it.• Viral = number of people who saw the post because one of their friends commentedon it, liked it or shared it.
  15. 15. JmDEFINITIONS• Engaged Users: the number of unique people whoclicked on your post.• People Talking About This: the number of people whohave created a story about this through liking,commenting, sharing.• Virality: the percentage of people who have created astory about the post out of the total number of engagedusers.
  16. 16. Jm• The #1 reason fans hide posts from pages in their newsfeed is that the posts are too frequent.• The #2 reason is that the posts are off-topic.
  17. 17. Jm
  18. 18. Jm
  19. 19. Jm
  20. 20. JmLinkedIn is theworld’s largest pool ofprofessional talent.200M Users
  21. 21. Linked In• Average number of views per job = 470.• 30% of views came from passive candidates.• Pfizer hires 40% of its candidates from LI.• Accenture plans to hire 40% of their 50,000 hires using LIand Twitter. Referrals make up the majority of the rest.• Amazon uses LinkedIn for all non-entry-level jobs.Jm
  22. 22. 525M UsersJm• Google+ is a…….. “Social Layer.” Melting pot of all social we already use• Launched in June 2011. Google’s 4th attempt at social.• Large population of “Techies.” Open source – code & customize.• Circles – organize your contacts by friends, family, college, work,church, gamers, etc.• Sparks – brings content to you based on your interests Videos, articles, photos, etc.• Hangouts – virtual rooms to video chat within your circles• Huddles – group messaging• Instant upload – upload files and photos into private albums• Calendar share
  23. 23. Jm• 1 Billion Users• 4B hours/month• 2nd largest search engine Google #1• 72 hours uploaded/minute• 70% of traffic non-U.S.• 53 Countries/61 languages• 1 Trillion views in 2011• 45% over 35
  24. 24. Jm
  25. 25. Jm
  26. 26. Jm• Small bursts of information called“tweets.”• Let your followers know what you’reup to, and share interesting/relevantinformation.• Follow people you admire and wantto model.• Follow your competition.• Check out your potential newcandidates.• Was fastest growing (now Pinterest)• 500M users, 200M active
  27. 27. Jm
  28. 28. Jm• Now the 3rd most popular social network.• Share photos on virtual bulletin boards.• Refers more traffic than G+ & LI combined.• Fastest growing social network.• 68% women, 32% men. Ages 26-54.• Slant toward creativity, retail marketingand social media.• Can get very specific with target audience.
  29. 29. Jm
  30. 30. Jm
  31. 31. Jm
  32. 32. Jm
  33. 33. JmSocial Media Strategy –Things to Consider• Visibility – are you findable?• Differentiation – what makes you unique?• Consistency – are you the same across all sites?• Authenticity – most important. Be who you are.• Engage• Always bring your camera!
  34. 34. 34“So sure, start with a slogan.But dont bother wasting anytime on it if youre merelygoing for catchy. Aim for trueinstead.”-Seth Godin
  35. 35. Jm
  36. 36. Jm• Share your expertise.• Provide useful, relevant info.• Great content gets shared.• Timely.
  37. 37. JmSocial Media and YOU!• Build & Strengthen your PERSONAL Brand!• Drive more traffic to your company’s pages.• Strengthening YOUR brand will strengthen yourcompany’s Employment Brand which will alsostrengthen your company’s overall brand!• A strong personal brand will give you more access tothe best passive candidates.
  38. 38. JmSocial Media and YOU! –TO DO’s• Same tactics apply: visibility, differentiation, consistency, engagement• Google yourself.• Strengthen your Linked In profile.• Polish your Facebook profile.• Engage!
  40. 40. JmYOUR LINKEDIN PROFILE• A photograph is a MUST!!• Consider hiring aprofessional.• Good investment.• Profiles without photos areIGNORED.• Poor photographs = notgood.
  41. 41. Jm
  42. 42. Jm
  43. 43. Jm
  44. 44. Jm
  45. 45. Jm
  46. 46. Jm
  47. 47. JmLinked In Groups• 1.2M Groups on Linked In• Send messages to any group member – Free!• Easier to laser-focus search for passives• Send invitation to connect• Can join 50 groups at a time• Join groups relevant to your industry, your job openings,etc.
  48. 48. JmFollow Companies onLinkedIn• Follow Companies• Follow Universities• Follow News• Follow Industries• Follow your Competition Employment Market/Industry
  49. 49. JmIt All Starts with YOU!• Be ACTIVE on Linked In• Post regular updates• Comment in groups, pages, and on status updates• Join groups, follow companies, universities and news pages. Post PSA’s, questions and comments• Post jobs• Do all of this FREQUENTLY.• Connect!• Pay it forward.
  50. 50. JmPolishing Your FacebookProfile• Add a professional element to FB.• Add your Linked In profile link to your Facebook Contactpage.• Profile picture and cover page – consistent with imageyou want to portray.• Keep employment and college information current inthe About section.
  51. 51. JmYour Company’s CareerPage• Single most important channel for job seekers. 80% using your career page. Major factor in your Employment Brand!• Job seekers want to find you quickly, easily.• Job seekers want: Customized job opportunities. Email alerts. To track their application status. To know if they are no longer being considered.
  52. 52. JmTop Online TalentCommunication Companies1. Accenture2. General Motors3. Ernst & Young4. Intel5. Roche6. United Health Group7. Bertelsmann8. General Mills9. Microsoft10. GeicoRanks employers’• Career Website• Online application system• Facebook Careers Page• Linked In Careers Page• Twitter Careers account• Careers Blog• Mobile Careers page• Mobile Careers app
  53. 53. Jm
  54. 54. Jm
  55. 55. Jm
  56. 56. Jm
  57. 57. Jm
  58. 58. Jm
  59. 59. JmIdeas for Blog Posts• New hire highlight with picture and bio.• Employee testimonial.• Tips for entry level sales interviews.• How to make a statement with your resume.• What it’s like to work here. (We wear jeans everyday!)• Positive press – Guess who was just voted best place towork in Vegas? Us! Here’s why:• Tips on making a career change.• Q&A session with executive.• Real life success stories about career paths.• Charity events and community involvement.
  60. 60. JmEmployee Referral Program• If you don’t have one, create one!• Most powerful recruiting tool.• #1 Source of Hire 46% - Top companies 30-35% Average.• Even more effective with Social Media• Average $1,000 Some as high as $7,500+ Doesn’t have to be cash!• Strengthen your Employment Brand!
  61. 61. JmEmployee Referral Program• #1 Source of hiring volume, quality, and speed• Highest on-the-job performance of any source.• Retention rate DOUBLE that of job board hires in the first 2years.• Referrals have 1:3 hiring ratio at top firms, 1:10 at averagefirms 1:20 other sources• #1 source for Diversity hires• 350% less likely to be terminated• Ramp-up to productivity time much lower• Fewer legal issues• Employment branding, PR, Product Branding
  62. 62. JmWriting a Compelling JobPosting: “Marketing” the Job• Do NOT use your company’s job descriptions as your jobpostings.• “Market” the opportunity. Use info from recruiting kickoff meeting. Write to attract the right candidate.• Title. Doesn’t have to be official “internal” title. Say what it is. Use Title field to market more.• Old-school postings are a turn-off to A-Players and do nothingfor your brand.
  63. 63. Jm
  64. 64. Jm
  65. 65. JmSEO: Optimize Your JobPostings• Candidates doing Google searches for jobs. Indeed, SimplyHired – data mining sites• Indeed #1 source of hire by a mile March 2012 study: 200,000 postings, 9 million applicants,100,000 hires, 10,000 Indeed placements. CB was next at under 6,000. Monster 2,000, Agencies & Craigs 1,800 each, LinkedIn1,000)• Make job titles SEO friendly so sites pick them up.
  66. 66. JmCosts• You can create a more effective function without changingyour current budget by shifting those dollars (and time) tosocial media.• If you plan to invest, consider your career site, referralprogram, and Linked In. Videos $1K per minute. Full careers page/website $10K to $60K. LinkedIn Recruiter starts around $13K/year Recruiter account & 3 rotating posts $400/post on LI (same as CB)• Start small, plan big.• In the end, social media strategy is lower cost, higher quality,visible results.
  67. 67. JmWhere Do I Find the Time?• Focus on 1-2 social networks to start.• Make use of mobile apps. Grocery store, airport, dr. office.• Calendar 15 minutes/day and commit to it. Consistency is key.• Develop a task team and keep accountable.• Setup messages to come to your email account. Don’t leave anyone hanging.• Twitter and FB – automatic postings.• Remember – Content is king.
  68. 68. JmWHAT NEXT?• Internal Audit• External Audit• Task force• Roadmap &ExecutionStart with quick winsBlogReferral bonus planSocial MediaStrategy/Focus• Focus on StrengthsEMPLOYMENT BRAND ALREADY EXISTS• Leadership• Mission, Vision, Values• Reputation• Culture• People philosophies• Innovation• Compensation & Benefits• Recruiting processes• Politics• Work/Life Balance• Marketing• Advertising• Social Media pages• Website• Careers Website• Application process• Customer- and Candidate-facing employees• Glassdoor• Etc.
  69. 69. 69“If you are not abrand, you are acommodity.”– Philip KotlerJm
  70. 70. QUESTIONS? Jennifer MillmanTalent Acquisition Manager, VologyConsultantwww.linkedin.com/in/jennifermillman/jmillman@vology.comwww.jennifermillman.comJm